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Othervoices1 title

I don't hear any voices...

The plans of both Megatron and the Vok are coming to a head as one of the two moons transforms.

"Other Voices" Part 1 is the first part of the two-part "Other Voices" Season One Finale-Saga, is the twenty-fifth/penultimate episode of first season of Beast Wars: Transformers, is the twenty-fifth episode of the Beast Wars: Transformers series and is overall the twenty-fifth episode of the Beast Era of the Transformers series. It is overall the one hundredth-twenty-third episode of the G1 Era of Transformers.


In a flash of light, a power anomaly emerges from a wormhole above the planet and descends to the surface. The Vok have arrived.

Rhinox detects the arrival and alerts Optimus, who hopes the truce is still holding. He flies off to meet Airazor and Rattrap at the landing site located in Grid Trion.

Tarantulas is programming his stolen Transwarp cell, when Blackarachnia pays him another visit. She tells him she can get them inside the Maximal base to steal a stasis pod. Megatron monitors the entire discussion between the two spiders and sends Waspinator to the location the Vok are anticipated to arrive at.

Rattrap and Airazor reach the site, which is a large circular plaza of stone, pulsing with energy and containing a stable energon crystal. When Airazor tries to scan it, it zaps her, blasts Rattrap away, and engulfs the entire site inside an organic dome-like structure with Airazor inside

Airazor awakens inside the "nutty Vok bungalow", where a garbled Vok voice speaks to her. She assures the Vok she means them no harm, but they have no such compunctions and painfully scan her until she converts to beast mode. After the scan ends, they are left with one word of information: "Cybertron".

Outside, Waspinator arrives to "secure the area", but Rattrap drives him off with a vigorous bout of fisticuffs.

Primal arrives and surveys the situation. Rattrap's efforts to use a laser to cut through the dome structure are ineffective. Megatron then arrives with Terrorsaur and Scorponok. He mocks Optimus for thinking that simple laser could get through the structure, commenting that the Vok can "create energon itself." He then has Scorponok fire a "toxic sting" that eats through the structure. Primal and Rattrap venture inside; Rattrap drags the semi-conscious Airazor out, while Primal stays to confront the Vok. A series of whip-like metal tentacles ensnare him and lift him up into an agonizing scanning grid.

Tarantulas and Blackarachnia have made their way to the Maximal base, where Blackarachnia activates a device that creates a small opening in the shields. The spiders move in, unaware that they are being followed by Inferno, who notes that they're up to no good and develops his own entry by digging a tunnel below ground.

Rattrap pulls Airazor out through Scorponok's opening just before it self-seals, to find himself facing Predacon guns. The truce is over.


Another hologramic head?!?


This my friend is what happens if you watch too much Anime that involves tentacles....

When Primal's scan ends, one of the Vok told the others that it is complete; Optimus is the specimen they have analyzed before. Primal asks to the Vok who he is, and to answer his question, by addressing him, the Vok merge and take the form of the head of the Figure of Authority, Unicron, which is what they chose from Primal's data tracks, since they have no physical form Optimus can comprehend. He tells him that it is too late, he and his enemies have already contaminated their project, the harm has done; that which does not become part of the One shall become void. Primal pleads for a chance to let him and his enemies fix whatever damage was done, but the leader of the Vok proclaims to him that he and the Vok are not interested; the experiment will be sterilized. Primal exclaims to him not to do that, there are living creatures on this planet; even he, with all his power, has no right, but the Vok Leader is dismissive, citing to him that he and the Vok have no choice and there is more great danger than Primal knows. The conversation ends with the Vok Leader announcing the beginning of a termination sequence.

The Vok begin to pulse a construct with building energy by detonating themselves. The distraction proves enough for Rattrap and Airazor to overpower the Predacons. With renewed urgency, Primal breaks his bonds and flies right through the dome; the Maximals beat a hasty retreat -- as the dome bursts open, spewing a directed geyser of energy into the sky. The energy activates hidden systems on the second moon, burning away its earthen surface to reveal an endless grid of weapon-like emplacements that being powering up. The moon itself begins to change its shape, and the Vok energies cause the orbiting stasis pods to tumble out of orbit.

Rhinox observes all this at the Maximal base, taking measures to track what's happening even as the sensors begin to fritz out. Thus engaged, he doesn't see the spiders coming up behind him until it's too late. Dinobot is likewise gunned down in short order. Staring at Rhinox's displays, Blackarachnia wonders what they're looking at, to which Tarantulas replies: "The beginning...of the end."

Featured characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Maximals Predacons


[Rattrap has just brutalized Waspinator]
"I swear, I can't take you anywhere!"
"Hey, e-heh, just keeping the peace."

Optimus Primal and Rattrap

"We can't leave Optimus in there!"
"Hey, ours is not to reason why, but to blow dis joint before we die!"

Airazor and Rattrap

"Aah, would I could have that sound to lull me to sleep each night..."

Megatron enjoying the soothing lullaby of Optimus Primal's agonized screams

"Scan complete. This is the specimen we've analyzed before."
"Who...are you? UNICRON!?"
"We have no physical form you could comprehend. We chose this figure of authority from your data tracks."
"If you've scanned me, you know we did not come to this planet by choice!"
"Yet you are here."
"We mean no harm -- to you or this planet!"
"It is too late. You and your enemies have already contaminated the project. The harm has been done. That, which does not become part of the One... shall become void."
"No - wait! We can fix whatever damage was done."
"We are not interested. The experiment will be sterilized."
"You can't do that! There are living creatures here! You, with all you power -- even you have no right!"
"We have no choice. There is more danger than you know. Begin termination sequence."

Optimus Primal tries - and fails - to bargain with the Vok Leader.


  • This is the first of several episodes centered on the Vok, all with "Other V*"-styled titles: "Other Voices", "Other Visits", "Other Victories".
  • The two units who Megatron brings with him to the alien site are Scorponok and Terrorsaur. A rather fitting role for the two of them as they'd be destroyed in a few hours.
  • Bob Forward has said this was originally meant to be a 4-parter, but the plans were changed at the last minute - "Apparently anything more than a two-parter is too hard to schedule". [1]
  • After Waspinator is defeated by Rattrap, he has exactly the voice you'd expect from someone who's been kicked in the nards.
  • "Scan complete, this is the specimen we analyzed before." - The Vok previously analyzed Optimus in "Chain of Command".
  • The Vok in the form of Unicron's head is solely a visual reference, and is not meant to suggest any connection between them and Unicron himself.
  • The Unicron hologram's statement "That which does not become part of the one - shall become void" may be a reference to Unicron's quote from Transformers Universe: "That which does not become a part of me shall become one with the great void". It might also be a twisted reference to a certain Autobot mantra, which wouldn't be the first or last time someone missed the point of the saying.
  • This is perhaps the only episode of the series without an appearance from or reference to Cheetor (He was absent from "Spider's Game" but was mentioned at the end of the episode).
  • At the beginning of the episode, Tarantulus has a series of purple bars and a series of red bars on a computer screen. In Cybertronix, they are labeled "bass" and "treble."