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Sure is nice in the lifeless void.

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The aliens send their powerful new emissary Tigerhawk to Earth to stop the continued disruption of the time stream.


Oh yeah, we still have these two guys.

Somewhere in the vast universe, two entities are discussing the experiment on "Nexus Earth". Though the project was "sterilized", there remains a threat. The entities then reveal Tigatron and Airazor, then merge their bodies together, creating a new Transformer. The aliens inhabit the body and depart in a ball of energy, while two sparks follow.

Believe it or not, you may have better luck on Quintessa. Yesss...

At the Predacon base, the Predacons are holding a "trial" for Quickstrike. Waspinator is the "defense", Dinobot 2 and Rampage are the jury, Inferno is taking the minutes, and Megatron is the judge, not to mention the fact that he's all dressed up for the occasion. Quickstrike begs for mercy, saying he doesn't know what Tarantulas' intentions for destroying the Ark were, but offers to hunt him down for Megatron. Suddenly, the sensors detect an energy surge on a ballistic approach for the base. Tarantulas and Rhinox both detect the surge as well and recognize that it can only be one thing.

The aliens are back.

Flying Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The Predacon's automated defenses are ineffective against the anomaly, and Megatron orders the Predacons to abandon the base. Making contact, the energy ball destroys the Predacon base instantly. Optimus Primal heads for the base, fearing that the spark of the original Megatron may have been destroyed, and sends Cheetor to assist.

I see dead people...

From the ashes of the Pred base, the alien Transformer appears and introduces himself as Tigerhawk, emissary of the Vok. He dispatches the other Predacons with ease, then sentences Megatron to death for his interference with the timestream. The two battle, but Tigerhawk is victorious. During the fight, Cheetor is incapacitated by Tarantulas. As Tigerhawk prepares the killing blow, Optimus arrives. Tigerhawk greets him in a friendly manner, but asks him not to interfere. Optimus tries to explain Megatron's situation, but is entombed in the earth for his efforts. However, Tigerhawk is attacked by Tarantulas' spider drones, which allows Tarantulas to drag him to his lair. Meanwhile, Cheetor is visited by the sparks of Tigatron and Airazor, who guide him to Tarantulas' lair.

The most hardcore death of Beast Wars.

At the lair, Tigerhawk revives and claims to know Tarantulas. The mad scientist states that he intends to use Tigerhawk to destroy the Maximals while he detonates the Ark. He also reveals why he wants to destroy it: Tarantulas and the Tripredacus Council are not descendants of the Autobots and the Decepticons, but have "other origins." This would allow them to control Cybertron and conquer the universe. As Tarantulas activates the deprogramming device, the two Vok entities emerge from Tigerhawk and enter Tarantulas. The device then shoots a bolt of energy at Tarantulas, which throws him into a nearby Energon crystal. The crystal detonates, destroying Tarantulas and the two aliens in a freakish yet totally hardcore manner. Cheetor manages to drag Tigerhawk out, but is knocked unconscious when the lair explodes.

Optimus locates Cheetor and Tigerhawk as the sparks of Tigatron and Airazor merge and enter the latter. Welcoming their old friends and new friend back, the Maximals depart for Megatron watches on.


"Ooooo, Waspinator like defense! A little more defense and maybe Waspinator not get blown up all the time!"

—- Waspinator

"*gulp "Looks like this is my last round-up."

—- Quickstrike commenting on Predacon "justice".

"Aheh-ahem! Two-Head throw Megatron in lava pit. Megatron angry. Think Two-Head traitor. Want to slag Two-Head. Waspinator down with that!"

—- Waspinator's "defense".

"Predacons, your verdict?"
[Rampage and Dinobot 2 point their guns at Quickstrike.]

—- Megatron

"Blast Megatron! He's ruined my plans and those of the Tripredacus Council as well!"

-- Tarantulas is very steamed about his plans to overthrow Megatron's leadership that had gone awry.

"I applaud your good intentions. But we are through being lenient with traitors!"

-— Megatron, apparently no longer tolerant of treachery.

"You're insane!"
"So they say. Brrrrar!"

Tarantulas proves Tigerhawk's assertion


Original airdate: March 5, 1999

Written by: Larry DiTillio

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Maximals Predacons Others


  • Megatron is for some reason much harder on Quickstrike's single act of treachery compared to Terrorsaur, Tarantulus, and (the former) Blackarachnia's multiple acts of treachery. Perhaps this is referenced by Megatron saying "We are through being lenient with traitors!"
    • It should be noted that in past instances the war relied heavily on Predacon numbers to keep up with the Maximals; with his new power, Megatron may feel that weaker Predacons like Quickstrike are surplus to requirements.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • After Waspinator is crying "What should we do, What should we do?", he immediately disappears of the screen.

Continuity errors

  • Despite being said to have "different origins" than being Decepticon descendants, in The Agenda the Tripredacus Council specifically refer to the Decepticons as being their ancestors while talking in private to themselves. Bit of a glaring retcon there. (We could be charitable and assume they meant the Decepticon-born Cybertronian Empire.)
  • The Maximal symbol is prominent on Tigerhawk's chest throughout the episode, even when Tigerhawk is still possessed by the Vok.

Transformers references

Real-world references

  • As the Vok approach Tarantulas, he attempts to ward them off by forming a crucifix with his fingers, a sacred item often used to ward off vampires in folklore.
  • Megatron wears a barrister's wig like those worn by British attorneys and judges during Quickstrike's court martial.


  • "Other Victories" was originally going to be a two-part episode, further developing the story of the Vok, the origins of Tigerhawk, Tarantulas and the Tripredacus Council, but was later changed.[citation needed]
  • The gun that Dinobot II points at Quickstrike during his trial is actually one of Rampage's guns.
  • Tarantulas screams like a little girl before he dies.
  • How could the Vok know of Megatron's constant tampering with the time stream and yet NOT know that destroying him, along with Original Megatron's spark would make things worse? Who knows... they're bipolar.
  • Why didn't Tarantulas just wait for Tigerhawk to finish Megatron before taking him out? He wanted both of them dead anyway. Would have saved him a lot of trouble.
  • How much Megatron wants to kill Quickstrike is proven again when the best Quickstrike could get for a defense attorney is Waspinator.

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