Orchanoch is a Maximal from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Somewhere... beyond the sea...

Orcanoch's orca mode is perfect for seeking out underwater energon sources, if he can keep Arachnid from stealing his internal secrets.


Orcanoch was released as part of the Microverse line, Hasbro’s miniatures line meant to compete with Galoob’s “Micro Machines” (before Hasbro’s purchase of Galoob). It transforms from an orca into a multi-level tower base. Its pectoral fins pull out to reveal a separate one-robot mini-sub. The orca head is removed (and presumably set aside) to reveal a control tower with spring-loaded missile launcher.
It also comes with two micro-figures, Optimus Primal and Tarantulas.


  • Orchanoch's box-art shows a presumed Maximal that cannot be identified as an existing toy or character. It kind of sort of looks like a cross between Armordillo and Snapper, but isn't either of them.

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