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The Autobots struggle to stop Unicron's planet-destroying rampage.

Japanese title:


Megatron laughs madly while Autobots and Decepticons alike panic as Unicron returns to life. The Autobots attack, aiming for the monster's eyes, but he swats them aside and begins destroying Blizzard Planet with energies from his chest. On Unicron's surface, Optimus Supreme tries to push Unicron away from the planet on his own, and the Autobots move to help.

On the mysterious world, Arcee reports Unicron's attack to the others. Kicker and Misha go help, but Ironhide remains behind in the pouring rain, talking to Scorponok, who doesn't seem to remember much about anything. Ironhide tells Scorponok that Megatron destroyed his master, Alpha Q, but Scorponok remembers that he now serves Megatron and attacks.

Omega tells Prime that in the void of space, the normal laws of physics don't apply, and that he does have the power to stop Unicron.

Starscream saves Mirage from being dragged back into Unicron. Within, Unicron and Megatron argue and struggle for control of the Decepticons. Summoned by his master, Scorponok abandons the fight with Ironhide.

Unicron has absorbed most of Blizzard Planet, but Prime continues struggling against him. Then the energy blast stops, Unicron rears back, and in a single blast, he vaporizes what remains of Blizzard Planet. As the remnants are absorbed, the Autobots struggle not to be consumed as well. Kicker prepares to round up all the damaged Autobots.

On Earth, Kicker's family wonder how he's doing. Rad arrives and informs Dr. Jones that there's a problem—something is happening in the core.

The Miranda 2 follows Unicron toward Circuit Planet. Aboard, most of the Autobots are healing in the infirmary.

Rad and Dr. Jones note that Optimus needs them to send all their remaining energon. Suddenly Primus speaks, bidding his Cybertron warriors to arise. An energy pulse bursts forth from Cybertron.

Omega and Optimus go to stop Unicron on their own, over the others' protests. Attacking solo, their combined form causes some damage, but mostly serves to incite Unicron to fire back. The Miranda 2 arrives in time to shield Prime. The other Autobots join the attack, and Prime and Omega together manage to inflict considerable damage.

Unicron glows and powers up, opens fire on the Autobots, then blasts Circuit Planet with his energy beams, destroying it. His men rendered inoperative, Optimus attacks again with Omega Supreme, with Unicron paying particular attention to him. As defeat seems imminent, Primus's energy pulse arrives from Cybertron, repowering and recoloring all the Autobots.

His limbs expanded to planet size, Optimus Supreme reaches out from the light and hurls Unicron away. The two titans face off in space.


Original airdate:

Written by: ???

Featured characters

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"If my will is strong enough, the Autobots will prevail!"

Optimus Prime has a keen insight into Japanese story mechanics

"We must do what we can. We have no other option!"

Dr. Jones refuses to do things he can't do.

"Come on, Hot Shot! It's time to turn Unicron into a hunk of Swiss cheese!"
"Forget cheese, Ironhide! Let's make sure we do what we came to do!"

Ironhide to Hot Shot, who really doesn't understand metaphors at all.

"Listen up men, Omega Supreme and I are heading out. The rest of you will standby onboard the Miranda 2."
"Sorry Sir, but all of us aare deploying with you."
"No, I gave an order and I expect you to follow it!"
"But Sir...."
"Maybe you didn´t hear me...."
Optimus walks towards him and punches Ironhide to the ground while everyone is watching
"Anyone else??"
Optimus Prime and Ironhide have a little discussion.

"Unbelievable. Unicron should have been destroyed. I will not allow him to win!! I shall never give up! Even to my last breath! This ends here, Unicron!"

Optimus Prime rambles on in typical Energon fashion.


Optimus Supreme screaming for almost 5 minutes straight as he grows to Unicron's size.


Lost in translation

  • The entire opening sequence is missing from the dub. It's just silent shots of Kicker, Ironhide, and Misha standing in the dark, in the rain, illuminated only by Ironhide's spotlights, gathered around a flower, in memory of Alpha Q. The omission makes it very confusing when the action cuts back to them later in the episode.
  • Omega's ridiculous claim that "the laws of physics don't apply" is... slightly less ridiculous in Super Link, since he says that size does not matter in this reality. Just mentioning that they're in a different reality, as they have been since passing through the rift, also helps. A little.
  • In Super Link, Snowcat and Demolishor let Mirage get pulled back into Unicron by tentacles after realizing that saving him isn't very Decepticon-like. The dub omits the gag entirely.
  • The ridiculous "If my will is strong" quote isn't entirely a dub fabrication; in fact, it's basically a simplified version of a long rant from Omega Supreme.
  • Kicker suggests that Misha and Arcee "abandon ship". It's a mangled translation of Misha saying that they need to keep the ship away from Blizzard Planet's death throes.
  • Yet again, Primus is omitted from the dub, replaced by "the core". Primus urges Rad and Dr. Jones to send the Autobots all of his power; the humans protest that this will kill him, but Primus points out that if they don't do it, the result will be the same. (In the next scene, Primus suddenly speaks.)
  • Prime's monologue in the repair chambers: dub addition. The original features silence over the stark editing, explaining the severity of Prime's orders and concern for the others' safety in a following scene.
  • All non-Optimus characters' lines after Unicron destroys Circuit Planet: dub additions. Notably absurd ones include Ironhide's "Did Optimus create all this?" and Kicker's "I think we made it, Optimus!"

Pain Count

  • "Uh?": 4
  • Stock footage: 1
  • "Time to": 2
  • "We must"/"We've gotta": 4
  • "Listen up, men": 1

Animation and/or technical glitches

E37 icannotunseeit

Hey look, it's Barry Bonds!

  • The image at right was produced.
  • While strafing Unicron, Optimus's face is squished to half its normal height within his helmet.

Continuity errors

  • Scorponok was last seen getting blown out of Unicron into space, and Ironhide, Misha and Kicker were with the other Autobots on the Miranda 2. How'd they get... wherever it is they are?
  • While fighting Unicron, Optimus Supreme drops down and lands on one knee... in space. He then jumps up, pushing off of the same nonexistent plane he landed on.


  • At one point, Hot Shot loses his gun, as it's knocked away by a piece of debris. Almost immediately, he powerlinks with Roadblock, allowing him to continue firing. It's a clever use of the powerlinx gimmick, something all too rare in the show.


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