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The Optimus Prime clone is a Decepticon drone from the Generation One continuity family.

A clone of Optimus Prime that's not black or white could destroy the universe as we know it.

In order to infiltrate the Autobots, Megatron created a remote-control Optimus Prime clone also known as the Prime Double in the Decepticon base. Utterly mindless, it is a direct mouthpiece for whoever wears its control helmet. Its physical resemblance is accurate in the most minute of details; even Teletraan I's scans cannot distinguish it from the real Optimus Prime.


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Peter Cullen

As part of an overly complicated plan to lure the Autobots into a crevasse filled with corlonium crystals, Megatron decided to create a clone of Optimus Prime. To get the data, Laserbeak caused Optimus Prime to jumble over a cliff and lose consciousness, then took holographic photographs of the fallen Autobot.

The clone was created, and was sent to the Autobots. The clone led them back to their base, where he played in awkward moments such as misnaming several Autobots and being unable to use Teletraan I. The real Optimus arrived, which made the clone implore the Autobots to shoot the "impostor". Ironhide stopped them from attacking and tests—sharpshooting and a race—were used to determine the real deal. Neither really worked.

Fooled by false readings, the Autobots postponed the deliberations and went to the crevasses to stop what they thought was an imminent explosion. There, they were confronted by a Starscream clone, which the Prime clone destroyed. This convinced the Autobots that the clone was the true Prime. But before the clone could lead them to the crevasse, Windcharger arrived and informed the Autobots that he had spied on the Decepticons with Spike Witwicky and heard of their plans concerning the Prime clone and the crevasse. The bad news was that Spike had been kidnapped by Megatron. The clone made the mistake of suggesting they ignore Spike's plight and enter the crevasse. Ironhide found this to be a sentiment unfitting the real Prime and the Autobots shot the clone, ending his short existence. A Prime Problem

Binaltech toy bios

Dr. Arkeville would later create his own Optimus Prime clone, though his was intended to have its own mind and lead the Decepticons.[1] It is unknown if Arkeville knew about Megatron's clone.


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