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"For in my spark, I know that this is not the end... but merely a new beginning. Simply put... another transformation."
―Optimus Prime [src]
"The center of the storm is always still, and it's easiest to find a solution from there."
―Optimus Prime [src]

Optimus Prime is the main character of Transformers: Prime and the official leader of the Autobots during the war on Cybertron, as well as the leader of Team Prime. Before the Great War, Optimus Prime was originally known as Orion Pax; a young data clerk who worked in Iacon, under the wing of Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion was a mentor to Orion Pax and believed in Orion to become the next Prime. Orion Pax was chosen by the High Council and became "Optimus Prime," upon being entrusted with the Matrix of Leadership by Primus himself. Years of war against his old friend/rival, Megatron, have brought Optimus and his team to Earth. On Earth, Optimus fights with his team to survive and to end the brutal war against their enemies, once and for all. During their fight against the Decepticons on the planet, Optimus and the other Autobots were subject to many disadvantages, managing to pull through every time in their various missions in order to stop Megatron's exploitation of Earth's vast Energon resources.

Eventually, Optimus then used the Omega Lock to restore Cybertron where he and his team worked to rebuild the planet. Optimus Prime made Bumblebee warrior before he went on a journey with Wheeljack to retrieve the AllSpark, the source of Cybertronian life only to return to a planet attacked by Unicron and his minions, though Optimus was able to defeat the chaos bringer once and for all by trapping him, the AllSpark and the Matrix within Prime's own spark, but sacrificed himself to restore Cybertron's life. Before leaving, Optimus told his team, that they have acted like true Primes even without the Matrix. He asked them to keep fighting the noblest of fights, which Bumblebee responded by telling Optimus that they will keep the peace in his name. Optimus smiles at them and flies into the core. Team Prime (with Ratchet) sadly watch their leader leave into the core. Optimus enters inside and opens the Matrix of Leadership. As he enters the core, light shines on him as he closed his eyes. Suddenly millions of Sparks fly from the core into the sky. One red spark shined out (which seemed to be Optimus' spark) among them. It was revealed in Transformers Robots In Disguise episode Pilot (Part 2) that Optimus Prime was able to maintain his physical form to help Bumblebee and his team in defeating Underbite. However, Optimus does not know if he is alive and states that the universe has a plan for him. Optimus was training with the other Primes in the Realm of the Primes, who were testing him in a preparation for a new mission on Earth. In one of these tests, Micronus Prime served as Optimus's mentor. After the events in Battlegrounds, Part 1 and in Battlegrounds, Part 2, Optimus is alive and well.


So what, it's just me without a name?

Optimus Prime was created as the last of the Thirteen Primes, the first generation of Transformers, each created directly by Primus as a band of unique warriors to combat and defeat Unicron. Upon his creation, Optimus united the Thirteen by his greeting All are one. While all of the other members of the Thirteen each possessed unique abilities and artifacts, Optimus wielded no special powers or weapons. It was only through his vision and courage that allowed the Thirteen to finally defeat Unicron. Furthermore, the plan concocted by the Primes involved Optimus using his Spark, which was very similar to Primus' own, to render Unicron comatose, with the other Primes attacking the Chaos Bringer as a distraction. Optimus emerged mostly unharmed from the final conflict that split the Thirteen. However, upon activation of the Well of All Sparks, Optimus chose to enter it and be reborn as one of the lesser Transformers, in order to know them and their needs better. He did so, and was recreated as the simple Orion Pax. Orion Pax, as he was first called, emerged as one of the first bipedal Transformers from the Well of AllSparks. Alpha Trion immediately realized there was something special about him and made sure to keep him close and suspecting who he was.

So...uh, how do I get down?

During the Golden Age of Cybertron, Orion Pax originally operated as a young data clerk located in the Iacon Hall of Records where he was tutored by his mentor Alpha Trion. During his time Orion frequently studied about Cybertron's past upon where he grew increasingly concerned about the plague of corruption and inequality. Around this time he also met and befriended Ratchet whom became a close friend and later a trusted confidant.

Orion & Megatronus.png

Orion became greatly inspired by the wisdom of a gladiator named Megatronus upon when first corresponding with each other, the two discussed their ideas together, Megatronus became the equivalent of a mentor towards Orion and in the process the pair became close friends (almost as close as brothers.)

No Violence.png

However, when the pair presented their ideas towards the High Council, they discovered their ideologies were vastly different from each other, where Megatron attempted to arrogantly overthrow the High Council with force and demanded the title of Prime; Orion however disbelieved in violence as a means of achieving justice - his speech was warmly touched by the High Council whom personally recommend to Orion that he should be named the next Prime. This event caused Megatron to cut of all ties with Orion and the council where in the process he formed his own cult of followers he named 'Decepticons' and initiated 'The Great War' between him and The Autobots .


As a result, Megatron's infection of Cybertron's core, fuelled by Dark Energon - Orion journeyed into the centre of the planet upon where he discovered the existence of his creator Primus where due to his valiant efforts he was presented the Matrix of Leadership and thus was officially named 'Optimus Prime' and became the valiant leader of the Autobots.==

Throughout the Great War, Optimus led his group against Megatron forces where together they endured in a centuries-old skirmish and engaged in several battles most notably the 'Battle of Technahar' where he encountered Skyquake whom had been sent on behalf of Megatron to assassinate him however Optimus managed to survive this encounter. During the war he met and befriended several allies including Ultra Magnus whom he personally trained and served as his commanding officer; as well as the young scout Bumble Bee and the Wrecker Bulkhead whom later became members of his elite group 'Team Prime'.

By the near conclusion of the war where Megatron forces had become superior, Optimus elected to launch the Allspark into deep space which eventually reached Theta Scorpieye in order to prevent Megatron from gaining possession of the artifact. Eventually when Cybertron ultimately became uninhabitable, Optimus alongside several of his comrades evacuated the planet and boarded The Ark in search for a new planet; the crew journeyed through thousands of years until they eventually reached Earth.

Upon their arrival Optimus and his team came into contact with the United States government where they were granted an formerly abandoned missile silo as a base which they reconstructed into Autobot Outpost Omega One and were assigned Wiliam Fowler as their personal liaison. At some point later Optimus transmitted a secret message across the galaxy advising any remaining Autobot refugees to travel to Earth and to join them - this message was later discovered by Arcee and Cliffjumper whom managed to journeyed to Earth via Space Bridge and joined Team Prime.

Season 1

Human encounter and the return of Megatron

Cliffjumper came under attack by Vehicons after getting a signal of a large amount of energon. Arcee reported the attack to Optimus, who assembled the Autobots and told them to return to base and prepare to GroundBridge. Optimus went with the others to the sight where Cliffjumper was attacked and with the finding of his horn and his life signal going out, the Autobots were able to confirm that he had died. The team held a memorial service for their dead teammate. Optimus told the group that they were the only Autobots that remained on Earth and that they owed it to themselves and the memory of their fallen comrade to survive. A disillusioned Arcee left the Autobots and went alone to continue protecting humans. Ratchet told Optimus that protecting human kind would only result in more casualties. Optimus told him that his opinion was noted as they looked on. Arcee and Bumblebee were soon spotted by two humans while fighting off Vehicons. After becoming aware of this through their mentioning of it at the base, Optimus instructed Arcee and Bumblebee to retrieve the two. Along the way, they were spotted by a third human, a girl named Miko Nakadai. The two took her back to the base as well. after they arrived, Optimus explained to the three that the Autobots were robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron.

He explained that the Decepticons were on Earth with them because their planet was uninhabitable and stated that if Megatron returned then he feared for the worse. Agent Fowler came, which Optimus told the humans to hide so that he doesn't get them out. When Cliffjumper's signal came back online, Optimus went with his team while Ratchet remained at the base with the humans. In a Decepticon mine, they fought Vehicons and killed several of them. In their desperate attempt to find Cliffjumper, they were too late and escaped the mine before it blew up. They groundbridged back to base, where Miko asked if she could come next time. Arcee was close to yelling at her, but Jack took Miko away. Optimus asked Arcee what she saw and she told him that Cliffjumper was experimented on by the Decepticons. Arcee faints near the floor, which caused the team to try to help her. She said she was fine, but Ratchet had to check her. He examined her and found a strange colored liquid on her hand. Ratchet scrapped it off her hand and told her to take a decontaminate bath to avoid any strange things. Optimus assigned Bumblebee with Raf, Bulkhead with Miko and Jack with Arcee to accompany them to their homes.

Optimus saved Ratchet from a device that was possessed by Dark Energon. As the humans and Autobots came to the base, Optimus prepared to roll out with Ratchet. Optimus puts Arcee in charge and she questions him on where he's going. Optimus said he was going with Ratchet to investigate and they went off. After a long walk, Optimus and Ratchet found Megatron. Megatron used a dark energon shard to revive a small army of zombie Cybertronians. Optimus and Ratchet fought them head on. They almost fell at their mercy, until Optimus used his strength to kill a bunch of them and helped out Ratchet. Optimus was close to getting at Megatron, but failed as he climbed to the top. He helped Ratchet and Ratchet questioned Megatron's intentions. They returned to base for repairs, which Optimus helped Ratchet with his arm. Optimus found out that the humans went on a wild chase to get Agent Fowler back and Bulkhead told Optimus it won't happen again. Miko protested and showed Optimus a picture of a Vehicon, which she thought was a Decepticon plan. Optimus explains that if Megatron uses Dark Energon to revive Cybertron's dead, the zombie army will come to Earth and destroy it.

Optimus assembled his team and they prepared to fight against the oncoming threat. They killed Vehicons and Optimus fought against Megatron. Optimus and Megatron fought each other, fiercely. Optimus almost had the upper hand, but Megatron had him in his grasps. Megatron was close to making the killing blow, until Starscream interrupted him from doing so. Optimus gets the upper hand and shoots Megatron across the bridge. Optimus escapes with his team back to base. Arcee was damaged, but she is still standing. Optimus makes a speech on how they will vanquished any foe that comes in their way and that they will stand for their home.

Skyquake encounter

Optimus with Starscream and Skyquake.

Optimus was feeling unhappy about their recent victory. Optimus tells Ratchet that he had hoped to change Megatron's mind. Ratchet said it wasn't by Optimus' hands but by Megatron's own twisted arrogance, which didn't help Optimus in the situation. Suddenly an explosion in the base ended their conversation and Optimus went with Ratchet to investigate. It was Raf's volcano. Raf was working on it with Bumblebee, Miko was working on her project with Bulkhead and Jack was working on his project with Arcee. Ratchet thinks their making a mess, but Optimus said it was a good way for the Autobots to learn more about Earth.

Bumblebee and Raf were talking about Bee's status in the Autobot ranks. Optimus laid his hand on Bumblebee's shoulder and told Raf that Bee has much to experience. An energon surge gets detected on the base's sensors, which Optimus proceeds to head out with Ratchet. Ratchet made an excuse of helping the children with their science projects. Optimus takes Bumblebee instead and they leave the base, via ground bridge to the location. Optimus told Bee to hold his position and wait for Optimus' command. Optimus meets up with Skyquake and Starscream. Optimus talks to Starscream about peace between the Autobots and Decepticons. Starscream said he would be willing to call a truce if Optimus bowed down to him, but Skyquake knocked Starscream off. Optimus tries to reason with Skyquake about siding with the Autobots, despite Skyquake charging at him. They fight for a short time until Bumblebee came in and shot at Skyquake. Optimus notes that Skyquake has not acquired a vehicle mode. They retreated from Skyquake's rapid shooting and Skyquake managed to scan Agent Fowler's jet when Optimus knocked him to the ground. As Bumblebee jumped on Skyquake's jet mode from a cliff, Optimus asks Fowler for help. Agent Fowler helps Bee and Skyquake went crashing down on the ground, which killed him in the process. Optimus said if Skyquake decided to not follow Megatron's command, they wouldn't bury him on that day. Back at the base, Optimus commended Bumblebee on his performance. Despite Ratchet helping the kids with their projects, they didn't receive any good credit. As Ratchet walked away, Bee beeps and Optimus states he's correct that their human friends would have been wise to stray from Ratchet's path.

Frozen with Arcee

Optimus with Arcee talking to Ratchet.

When Bulkhead and Bumblebee came back from finding something strange in the Arctic, Optimus questioned Ratchet on what is was that they found. Ratchet said he didn't find anything and said that the pod can't be opened while it's frozen solid. Optimus goes with Arcee to find any clue that could explain the origin of their Arctic find. Ratchet tells them that once their core temperatures have reached the blue zone, system failures are likely to happen. The kids arrived in the base with Bulkhead and Bumblebee. Miko came out and asked Ratchet if they missed them. Ratchet asked why they the humans were not in school, which Miko replied that it was Saturday. Jack asked Arcee what was happening and Arcee told him that it was her turn for Arctic exploration duty. Raf wanted to tag along but Optimus told him that he would invite Raf, but the temperatures are much too extreme even for them to handle. Before leaving with Arcee, Optimus promised to bring Raf a snowball when he returned from the Arctic.

After some time searching, the temperature sensors Ratchet had given them went off. Optimus asked Arcee about her status and she told him that they should go back to base. Optimus tried to signal Ratchet, only to find out that the comm-link was down. Optimus and Arcee walked through the Arctic to get a signal. Arcee fell down on the snowy ground, which Optimus helped her up. Arcee suggested that they take a long drive to Miami, but Optimus said they can't risk giving off too much energy and suggests they seek shelter. The pair sought shelter and started talking in order to stay alive. Arcee suggested that they play a game called "who screwed things up back at base." Optimus thinks it was a simple malfunction, which Arcee replied could have been caused by Bulkhead. She said Bulkhead could have tripped over a power cable and relates on how the Autobots arrived on Earth where Bulkhead tripped over a bunch of power cables, causing him to do some dance in the process. Optimus said Bulkhead may be large, but his inner strength is without bounds. As the pair began to freeze, Arcee explained how they would die in the arctic than at the hands of the Decepticons. Optimus explains that it may not be the finish they planned and that they might become one with the AllSpark. Optimus' speech was cut short as Arcee reached out her left hand to hold Optimus' left hand.

Optimus and Arcee holding hands.

They held hands and Arcee said it was an honor to serve with Optimus. A Ground Bridge opened up with Bulkhead coming through with a bunch of Scraplets behind him. He tells Optimus and Arcee to get down as the Scraplets came at them. Optimus protected Arcee as the Scraplets swiftly froze and harmlessly bounces off them. Bulkhead said he would invite them in but the base was a mess. Back at the base, the children were helping Ratchet with Bumblebee and Bulkhead's status. Optimus told Ratchet that he should get some rest from saving their lives, which Ratchet replied it wasn't all his doing as he looked at the humans. Ratchet said they were fortunate that this all happened on a Saturday and Optimus said that their human friends may be small but they are strong. Miko screams at a harmless spider she saw and runs away. Optimus, Ratchet, Jack, Raf and Bulkhead watched her as she ran. Bulkhead questioned if she screamed like a girl, which she did.

Wheeljack encounter

Optimus was there when Team Prime received a call from Bulkhead's old friend Wheeljack. When Wheeljack came in the base, he was welcomed by Optimus. As the team celebrated, Optimus went for a drive as Arcee tells Jack that Primes don't party. Optimus came back when the Wheeljack that came was a Decepticon called Makeshift. Optimus told the real Wheeljack that he was welcomed to come back to Earth whenever he wished.

M.E.C.H. encounter

Optimus was walking with Arcee around the base when they received a call from Agent Fowler. He needed help from the Autobots in getting the Dynamic Nuclear Generation System back to his base. Optimus said if they send the device through the Ground Bridge, it could cause great harm. Agent Fowler questioned on what better ideas Optimus had in mind. Optimus went with Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Arcee in helping Agent Fowler getting the device while they use their vehicles modes only, to avoid detection from other humans. Agent Fowler rode in Optimus' truck mode and was hoping to drive, but Optimus said he has the driving under control. Agent Fowler said it was gonna be a long drive and Optimus told the Autobots to roll out in their vehicle modes as well.

As the Autobots drove with the device, Agent Fowler made a small conversation with Optimus about evil existing on Earth before the Autobot team arrived. When Agent Fowler suggested that Optimus listens to some music, a small team of crazy humans come on the seen. One of them said to pull over and Agent Fowler was able to dispatch one that came aboard the truck. Optimus told his team to remain in vehicle mode and they headed down further with these people. After traveling through a tunnel, the team was able to put the device in a passing train while M.E.C.H. was behind. The Decepticon troops came on seen and Optimus informed Agent Fowler that it's necessary to transform on sight. The team transforms into their robot modes and attacked the Vehicons. When Agent Fowler informed Optimus that M.E.C.H knew about their plan, Optimus was knocked out by a tree that a Vehicon was holding. Optimus flew off the cliff and fell unconscious. After some time, Optimus was able to regain conscious and drove off to save Jack and Miko from crashing inside the train. They were able to secure the device from M.E.C.H soldiers and the soldiers left with their leader, Silas. Arcee questioned on where was Optimus and Agent Fowler says Optimus has a train to catch. Optimus was able to drive alongside the train and held the front of the train with all his might. The train was able to stop from going over the damaged tracks that M.E.C.H. had blew up. Silas left in his copter and Ratchet comm-links Optimus to ask if he and the children were intact. Optimus tells him that they were okay and about another team of evil Decepticons, in human skin.

New Decepticons

The Decepticons Knock Out and Breakdown arrived on Earth after being summoned by Starscream to tend to the wounded Megatron. Breakdown made his presence known when he attacked Bulkhead and Miko as they searched for the Harvester. After viewing an image of the Harvester, Optimus confirmed the artifact's identity and explained to the humans that the device was capable of draining energon from any source. After Raf questioned if Greek Gods knew Autobots, Optimus told him that the ancients used art of different eras to conceal messages. Optimus told them that the illustration most likely was used to convey where the location of the Harvester was. Optimus confirmed to Jack that the Harvester would be a dangerous weapon when used by the Decepticons. After the Autobots believed that the Harvester had been destroyed, Rafael showed them an image search result of the Harvester in a museum. When Arcee asked him if the Harvester depicted in the image search was the real one, Optimus told them to contact Agent Fowler. Upon learning that Agent Fowler was unavailable, Optimus told the others that without his direct aid, they would have confiscate the Harvester on their own. With their human allies expressing distaste in stealing it, Optimus told them that while he did not wish to violate human law, he knew that once the Decepticons learned of the Harvester's location, they would not hesitate to obtain it by any means necessary. Optimus told them that they would need to act covertly, prompting Jack to tell him that their size and the defenses around the museum would hinder their success.

However, Miko offered herself and the others to aid the Autobots in their recovery of it. While Bulkhead told her that he did not believe that was such a good idea, Optimus stated that it may be their best option and added that the longer they debated, the more time they gave the Decepticons. Optimus arrived at the museum with the other Autobots and after securing his position, was approached by Knock Out. Though he tried to maintain his cover, Breakdown shot a missile at the kids as they tried to get the Harvester. However, Optimus was soon defeated when Knock Out attacked him with his staff. As Optimus laid After being electrocuted, Knock Out lunged at him. Optimus was able to knock him out before collapsing himself. After Bulkhead was able to defeat the Decepticons by himself and destroy the Harvester, Optimus, Arcee and Bumblebee arrived to defend him after he collapsed.

Speed Metal

Optimus asked Raf and Miko about the other's disappearance. They told him that they did not know, but Optimus gave them a doubted look. Optimus rescued Vince from Knock Out and told his Autobots that explanations will come from each of them after they get Vince to safety.

Sick Mind

Optimus became sick with Cybonic plague after he and Ratchet came in contact with deceased Cybertronians with the plague in a crashed ship. Optimus was severally sick and was kept under care by Ratchet and Bulkhead while Bumblebee and Arcee seek the Decepticon ship for a cure. Eventually, Optimus was cured thanks to Bumblebee who boldly went inside Megatron's head for the cure. Optimus told the others to reserve the applause for Ratchet and Bumblebee.

Out of His Head

Optimus was fully recovered after the events in Sick Mind. He was there to stop Starscream from melting the Arctic. He went with Bulkhead and Arcee on this mission. He referred to the "N run on poly-hex" before they stopped Starscream. However, Megatron returns and stops Starscream from shooting a missile at Optimus. Optimus was there to see Bumblebee fully recover from Megatron's invasion of his head.


Optimus tagged along with Ratchet, Bulkhead and Bumblebee to stop Starscream while Arcee Groundbridges them. After a freak accident with the two Groundbridges, Optimus was there to help out when Jack, Miko and Raf was trapped in an a weird dimension. He was glad when they returned safe from harm.

Operation: Breakdown

Optimus told Bulkhead that he was foolish to engage Breakdown alone. When Breakdown was captured by M.E.C.H., Optimus tagged with Arcee, Bumblebee and Ratchet to rescue Breakdown, excluding Bulkhead out of the rescue mission. They evaded a trap set by M.E.C.H that nearly blew them up. Optimus was impressed with Bulkhead after he came to rescue Breakdown.


Optimus made a cameo near to the end of this episode.


Optimus went with Arcee, Bulkhead and Bumblebee to investigate a Decepticon signal. They found Airachnid, who was running away as Arcee chased after her. Optimus saved Arcee from Airachnid as she held Arcee in a headlock position. Optimus told Arcee that she knew better than to engage the enemy alone and told her revenge will not bring back those that they have lost, after hearing Arcee's need to avenge Tailgate. Optimus was most surprised when Starscream wanted to join the Autobots. He even agreed with Arcee about Starscream telling the truth, despite Bulkhead's worries. Optimus puts Arcee in charge of watching Starscream, even after Arcee wanted to come along with them to fight Airachnid. During the fight, Optimus and Bulkhead were frozen by Airachnid. Luckily Bumblebee destroyed the device when he punched Airachnid. Back at the base, Optimus and Bulkhead were free from their frozen state. Optimus tried to give Arcee some words of wisdom by stating "Wisdom can not be granted Arcee. It must be earned, sometimes at a cost."

Synthetic Energon

Ratchet began to experiment with Synthetic Energon. In the meantime, the other Autobots learned that more energon was on the move. Optimus concluded that recent activity suggested that the Decepticons had been desperately looking for new energon deposits. Before being able to roll out with the others, Ratchet stressed to Optimus that if one of them came back wounded before lamenting that their energon deposits were nearly depleted. Optimus told him that he understood before departing with the others. Their attempt to retrieve some energon resulted in a chase, with the Autobots following Knock Out and Breakdown and burned fuel while doing so. Excluding Arcee, the Autobots were left behind when a multitude of missiles fired and caused them to lose chase after boulders hit by the missiles came down and blocked their path. Optimus told Arcee to fall back, reasoning that she was outnumbered. Optimus told Ratchet to lock on to her and prepare an emergency GroundBridge. However, Arcee still would not return and chose to continue driving before being shot down. Ratchet came to her aid and took out the Vehicons. While Breakdown and Knock Out prepared to attack Ratchet, Optimus and the others arrived and shot at the two.

Optimus returned to the base with the other Autobots and upon being told of the Synthetic Energon's influence, questioned Ratchet's choice to use it on himself. Arcee defended him and expressed her belief that all the Autobots should try the energon. After the Autobots detected another signal, Optimus told the Autobots to roll out before Bulkhead suggested that the Autobots bring in Ratchet, referring to him as their secret weapon. Optimus told him that the mission was very unlikely to require medical expertise. Ratchet however, told him that he never knew if it would require additional fire power. Optimus and the other Autobots went to the coordinate and soon fought against several Vehicons. While he and the others fought, Ratchet tried to harm a lone Vehicon in exchange for information on where Megatron was. As Ratchet prepared to finish the Vehicon off, Optimus stopped him and questioned what he was doing. Optimus tried to relay to him that the Autobots were not supposed to harm anyone unless all other resources, but Ratchet had other thoughts and quickly scolded him for having the ideals to not retaliate against Megatron and instead to chase after his crumbs. Optimus told his longtime ally that he would not condone any human casualties, prompting Ratchet to tell him that he seemed to have no trouble endangering theirs and brought up the recent death of Cliffjumper. Optimus told him that he was afraid that his use of Synthetic energon had affected his judgment. After confining him to base, Ratchet began to go through the GroundBridge to base, but instead pushed Bulkhead out of the way and began to drive away. Ratchet soon made his way to the Decepticons and despite being able to defeat Breakdown rather easily, he fell at the hands of Megatron and realized that he had been a fool as his signal appeared to the Autobots. Optimus rushed with the rest of the Autobots to save him. Encountering enemy fire, Optimus participated in attacking the Vehicons. As they finished with the Vehicons, the Autobots arrived just in time to retrieve their fallen ally. Returning to base, Ratchet stressed that he did not mean to hurt anyone, prompting Optimus to say that he just wanted to help them before telling him that he did nearly loss them a dear friend. Optimus told him that he also had succeeded in getting the Autobots a much needed source of energon.

The Battle

During this time, an planetary alignment was coming. An ancient prophecy revealed that a world forged from chaos and that the weak shall perish in the shadow of a rising darkness. Optimus began his belief of those who believe the prophecy speaks to them alone. Optimus' team began talking about how Optimus was like Jack before he became a Prime. Agent Fowler called them about Decepticons stealing components to build a second space bridge. Optimus, Bulkhead and Arcee went to fend them off for a while until Megatron arrived. Megatron taunts on Optimus as Bumblebee comes in with Raf, who was badly hurt. Bulkhead restrained Bumblebee from attacking Megatron. Optimus ordered Ratchet to groundbridge Bumblebee and Raf to base, with Arcee aiding him. Bulkhead and Optimus snuck aboard the Nemesis to get back a component. Optimus ordered Bulkhead to go to base when they got the device, stating that he has something to do. He tells Bulkhead about the conflict between Autobots and Decepticons, then vows to destroy Megatron once and for all. As the planetary alignment gets closer and closer, Optimus storms the warship to find Megatron. Optimus used one of the Vehicon's comm link to call Megatron, to face the Autobot. Soon Optimus joins Megatron at a volcano site and they battle. As the battle gets more intense, Optimus was close to killing Megatron with his sword, but Megatron catches his sword with unusual strength. Megatron overpowers Optimus and moves in to kill him, just like his vision showed him doing.

Unicron discovery

Optimus was rescued from Megatron by Bulkhead, Ratchet and Arcee. They return to base with Optimus. They discovered that Dark Energon is on Earth. Miko thought they were talking about "Unicorns" but they were really talking about the blood of Unicron. June was taking Raf to the hospital, but Optimus explained to her that he will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their human friends, the safety of all humans. June tried to get Miko to come, but failed as Miko remained. Jack remained and told his mom he apologizes for disobeying. June takes Raf and leaves the base. Meanwhile, the Autobots try to piece together the occurrence of the planetary alignment. Bumblebee returns to base with Raf and June, who he saved from a tornado. Jack made up with his mom and they discover that the weather has been going crazy all over the globe. Agent Fowler comes in and they figured out a strange heart beat inside the Earth's core. It was Unicron's heart, beating with his blood Dark Energon. Optimus explains the tale of Primus and Unicron. Unicron was cast out by the thirteen Original Primes and his body formed into Earth. He awakens due to the planetary alignment's pull. Later Optimus explores the location of a quake and its metals. Ratchet warns Optimus of Unicron's spark activity. Suddenly Unicron appears as a large stone. He attacks Optimus and Optimus asked him to spare humankind. Unicron ominously considered them parasites and strikes at Optimus with lightning. Optimus blasts Unicron and Unicron crumbles to the ground. This, however, was not a victory. As more of Unicron's manifestations burst out of the ground, they gathered around Optimus.

The truce

Optimus attacks and destroys Unicron's manifestations but they were able to overpower him. Arcee, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead come to rescue Optimus. Soon they encountered one of Unicron's largest manifestations. They were overpowered and Unicron was about to kill Optimus, only to be shot several times in the back of the head before crumbling to pieces. Megatron revealed himself to be the one who fired those shots. Megatron helps Optimus up and calls for a temporary truce until Unicron is destroyed. Optimus accepts and realizes that they will have to groundbridge inside the Earth's core to get to Unicorn's spark. Despite Ratchet's arguments, they decide to use the Matrix on Unicron's spark. This means that they had to groundbridge with Megatron coming inside the base. Another manifestation was forming. Optimus calls for a groundbridge while Megatron stays behind to distract Unicron's manifestations. They deployed their guns when Megatron stepped through the groundbridge. While everything was setting up, Optimus meets up with Jack privately. Optimus entrusts Jack with a key card that controls the groundbridge operations until Optimus returns. Jack promised Optimus to keep the card safe. The team leaves with Megatron to the Core. Arcee wonders how long it will be before Unicron realized that they were inside him. Megatron tells her that Unicron already knows. As they walk further into Unicron, a giant Optic sensor watches overhead.

Memory lost

As they continue towards Unicron's spark, Megatron is seized, again, by a vision with Earth exploding. He tells them that Unicron grows more and more stronger. Arcee and Optimus question their trust in the Decepticon leader, but followed him further into Unicron. Suddenly strange robotic creatures observe them from above. As they continue to Unicron's spark, Bulkhead was starting to feel dizzy with the dark energon. Arcee and Bumblebee help Bulkhead get across without falling over. Megatron comes to a halt and realized that Unicron is preparing to expel them. Suddenly a huge number of anti-bodies fly right at them. They engage them and fought them one by one. During the fight, Bulkhead becomes dizzy and grabs hold of the platform's edge. Bumblebee caught Bulkhead before he could fall to his demise. Optimus and Megatron fought back to back as they kill the anti-bodies, displaying the effects of teamwork. Bumblebee tried to hold onto Bulkhead, even with Bulkhead telling Bumblebee to let go. Optimus catches Bulkhead when Bumblebee lost his grip and pulls up his comrade. Arcee catches a ride on one of the drones and catches up with them as they run towards Unicron's spark chamber. During a fight near Unicron's spark chamber, Megatron was seeing another vision. Unicron tries to force him to kill Optimus. Megatron saves Optimus from a drone instead of being under Unicron's control. Megatron fools Unicron's system into opening the chamber's door. He travels in it while Optimus orders his team to hold off their attackers as long as they can and follows Megatron. The passage leads to Unicron's spark chamber. Optimus prepares to use the Matrix, but a strike from Unicron's spark made Optimus fall to the floor. Megatron struggles from the strike but Unicron orders Megatron to kill Optimus. He forced Megatron to open his blade and walk towards Optimus. Megatron tries to hold back Unicron's strike, which he declared that no one commands him around. This was the worst mistake as Unicron provokes pain on Megatron. Unicron gains control over Megatron's body. Optimus calls upon the Matrix of Leadership. Unicron possesses Megatron's body with a purple flame over him. Unicorn tells Optimus that Earth will fall into Chaos, but Optimus cuts him off and lets out the Matrix's energy. The energy strikes at Unicron's spark, which a powerful wave hits Megatron to the ground. When the energy was drained, Optimus fell to his knees and onto the ground. Unicron's spark vanished as he screamed in pain.

Megatron awakens and watches Optimus laying down. He questioned himself on "teamwork" and pulls out his blade. Optimus gazes upon Megatron and addresses him as "Megatronus". Optimus asks where they were. Megatron was shocked and surprised at this. He retracts his blade and helps Optimus to his feet. Arcee, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead come in to ask Optimus if he was alright. Optimus questions on why did they call him "Optimus". He did not recognize them. Suddenly a groundbridge opens up and Megatron tells Optimus that they were enemies. Megatron provides cover and Optimus runs toward the groundbridge. Optimus turns and blankly sees Bumblebee's devastated gaze at him before disappearing through the bridge. Megatron follows and leaves the Autobots alone in the empty chamber. They went back to base to tell the others that Optimus is alive, but he didn't know them or his own name. Ratchet told them that Optimus not only lost the Matrix's energy, but he also lost his own memories. Back on the Nemesis, Megatron returns with Optimus. Breakdown moves to attack the Autobot, but Megatron halts him. Megatron tells them that was no way of treating a "long lost comrade." Megatron declares that "Orion Pax" is one of them.

Season 2

As Orion Pax

Knock Out removed Orion's Autobot symbols and placed Decepticon ones in their place. Orion was then given a tour of the Nemesis space cruiser by Megatronus, now Megatron and told a twisted version of the war. According to Megatron, his old friend Ratchet had waged war on Cybertron and rendered it lifeless. Orion was shocked that Ratchet was capable of such horrors and vowed to do his part in stopping him. He then asked Megatron why they were called "Decepticons". Megatron answered that the name was originally a scare tactic but was adopted as a badge of honor. If saying the truth was a deception they were gladly guilty. Orion was put to work decoding Project Iacon which contained coordinates of Earth locations. Orion hoped they were cultural artifacts that were hidden from the war, his greatest fear was that they were WMDs. As he read through the fake war history he found that Starscream was the Decepticon first officer, when he told Megatron, the Decepticon leader claimed Starscream was dead. As Orion worked, he found himself face-to-face with the supposedly dead Starscream. Orion insisted that was a clerk and was confused why he was being called "Optimus Prime". Starscream claimed Optimus was someone he once knew and that Orion looked like him. Before Vehicons came looking for Starscream, the Seeker planted the seed of doubt in Orion. Orion was equally intrigued by the mysterious "Optimus Prime," as a student of history he had never heard of this particular Prime. Megatron later came to check on Orion. When inquired as to why he informed him Starscream was dead, Megatron said Starscream was dead to him and was once a loyal servant. Under the lie of decoding, Orion looked up information on Optimus Prime. When he found an image (actually Ultra Magnus) the text that accompanied it claimed that Optimus Prime was the most corrupt of all the Primes and led the Autobots to conquer Cybertron while Megatron opposed him. Orion was confused as to why Starscream thought he was like Optimus and why Megatron said Ratchet was the Autobot leader. Orion kept digging for data, but was constantly blocked due to Soundwave's encryptions. Having enough, he hacked through them and discovered a second image under the first. It showed him that he was Optimus Prime! This had not gone unnoticed by Megatron who refused to tell Orion any more information on Optimus Prime and his connection to him.

Realizing his old friend was corrupt and that Optimus Prime was Cybertron's defender, Orion deleted all the work he did on Project Iacon. However, all the work had been recorded. Megatron ordered Orion to finish Project Iacon or die and appointed two Vehicons to guard him. Orion tried to appeal to the guards to rebel against Megatron but they decided to just beat him up. One lets slip that Orion was the former Autobot leader. As they continued to beat, Orion begged them to stop and suddenly transformed his arms into blasters. Shocked that he was armed, the guards brought out their guns, only for Orion to shoot back. When he opened his optics both Vehicons were dead and Orion was shocked that he had stopped them so easily. Realizing that somehow he was Optimus Prime and truly an Autobot, he escaped the Nemesis and went to confront Megatron at the Space Bridge. Orion made it clear to his old friend that even if he did not remember much, he knew he was a Prime and that Megatron had been lying to him. He charged at the tyrant with his blades, only to be stopped easily. Megatron prepared to execute him only for Arcee to tackle the warlord. Jack Darby then emerged from the Space Bridge, holding the Key to Vector Sigma. Orion asked if he was truly worthy of Prime-hood, which Jack Darby confirmed. Hesitating briefly, Orion accepted and the Key began to refill his Matrix. By the time Megatron reached him, he was Optimus Prime again, with no memory of his time as Orion Pax. Optimus soundly beat Megatron and returned to base with the other Autobots. Upon seeing the Decepticon badge on his shoulder, Ratchet informed him that they had their darkest hour, but Orion Pax had never stopped being an Autobot, assuring Optimus that deep down he knew he was good and couldn’t hide true self weather he had his memory or not.

Operation: Bumblebee

Optimus went with Ratchet to stop Megatron from taking an ancient Cybertronian relic, the Spark Extractor. Bumblebee showed up during the battle and managed to get the relic back from Megatron. Back at the base, Optimus informed his team about these kinds of relics, despite Arcee asking Optimus if it was the only coordinates Optimus had supplied to Megatron as Optimus could not recall what happened when he had amnesia and was aboard the Nemesis with Megatron and the other Decepticons. When M.E.C.H stole Bumblebee's T-Cog, Optimus promised Bee that they will do what ever it takes to make him whole again.

Optimus commanded Bumblebee to stay at the base while they find a way to get his missing bio mechanism back. Optimus talked with Ratchet about performing a transplant with Ratchet as the donor. When a relic's signal was on, Optimus went with Bulkhead and Arcee to get the relic, while Ratchet remained in stasis when the transplant was stopped. Optimus and Arcee were nearly pushed off the cliff by Knock Out but they were saved when Bulkhead knocked Breakdown onto Knock Out. Megatron came on site and took the relic with Knock Out and Breakdown escaping with him. Optimus, Bulkhead and Arcee came to see Bumblebee, who was carrying his destroyed T-Cog. Thankfully, Ratchet was able to repair his T-Cog and Optimus observed with the other Autobots as Bumblebee was successfully able to transform again.

Loose Cannons

Optimus and the Autobots were contacted by Agent Fowler about some robot fight outside of Jasper. When those robots turned out to be Wheeljack and an unknown Decepticon that resemble Skyquake, Optimus went with Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee to rescue Wheeljack from the Decepticon named Dreadwing. Optimus told Wheeljack that he would do well to follow his command. Later, Optimus helped Wheeljack out of a rock pile and they went to rescue Bulkhead. They made a little conversation on the way, where Optimus mentioned how Wheeljack and Bulkhead have quite a history but he preferred to work alone. Wheeljack told him that the Wreckers scattered a long time ago and alone is usually a lot less complicated. They found Bulkhead strapped to a bomb on a crate on the docks. While Optimus engaged Dreadwing, Wheeljack doubted Optimus and Bulkhead told Wheeljack that Optimus does not run away from a fight. Eventually, Wheeljack realized that Optimus and Bulkhead were right about Dreadwing defusing the bomb on Bulkhead. Optimus trapped Dreadwing with a crane on the docks, which Dreadwing had no choice but to defuse the bomb. Dreading managed to blow up the docks before escaping. Back at the base, Optimus welcomed Wheeljack to the team after Wheeljack apologized to Optimus and they both reconciled.


After obtaining information on Airachnid's whereabouts from Starscream, Optimus led a mission to an abandoned energon mine in South America, where they found Megatron fighting an Insecticon under Airachnid's control. When the fight was finished, the Autobots surrounded the exhausted Megatron. Megatron asked Optimus if he had planned to bring Megatron alive or terminate the latter right on the spot. Optimus pulled out his gun on Megatron but was prevented from finishing Megatron off by the arrival of Dreadwing and several vehicons. Outnumbered and surrounded, Dreadwing offered to allow the Autobots to live if they left Megatron go. Though Dreadwing kept his word, Megatron ordered the Vehicons to attack while he and Dreadwing escaped, but luckily the Autobots trashed them and went to Arcee's aid after Optimus comm her on her stasis, which she was left trapped in Airachnid's web.

Nemesis Prime

Agent Fowler was attacked by a vehicle with a very similar appearance to Optimus. After returning to the Autobot base, Optimus received suspicion from the other Autobots and questioned if something was wrong after they continued to stare at him. Arcee told Optimus that they had been wondering where he had been. Optimus told her and the others that he had been outside of their communication range and tried to reveal that he had been in a subterranean energon deposit as he pulled out the energon before the Autobots began to prepare their blasters. After the Autobots recalled their weapons, Agent Fowler explained to Optimus that he was attacked that night by a vehicle that bore a striking resemblance to him. After Fowler got off the phone from a report of an attack on the military base by Optimus Prime, the latter and the other Autobots responded to the attack and watched as the impostor retreated before the military came towards them and attacked the four instead, believing that their attacking Optimus Prime and the real Optimus Prime were one and the same and that he had brought reinforcements. After they were attacked, Optimus advised the other Autobots to return to base, stating that they must not inflict human casualties as they began to run away and into the GroundBridge sent by Ratchet for transportation to the Autobot base. Returning to the Autobot base with the others, he discovered from Fowler that the military were under strict protocol to destroy all robots on sight. Despite their human allies' protests, Optimus told them that the command changed nothing and that the impostor clearly poses a great threat to humanity. With Ratchet, he was able to deduce that MECH had been responsible for the attacks and recalled that they had recently obtained Starscream's T-Cog. After Agent Fowler asked where they would start looking for MECH and related that their base could be anywhere, Optimus told him that while MECH may have learned much about their biology, they still had not learned of their science, having his words finished by Ratchet. Agent Fowler questioned Optimus on how he and the others would be able to run around with the military gunning for them. However, Optimus told him that he and the others would maintain vehicular cover until necessary. During his mission to locate the MECH base, Optimus would soon find himself alone when he attempted to contact Bumblebee with no response then separated from his team. The other Autobots had all been attacked and defeated against MECH's creation. When encountering the impostor, Optimus told him that the deception ended there before the robot charged at him. Despite his best efforts, Prime began to fall at the hands of the robot. This was due to its controller, Silas, having been able to incorporate his own moves into fighting Prime. His chances of winning were saved when Agent Fowler distracted Silas from his control center long enough for Optimus to launch a series of counterattacks that ended with Nemesis Prime breaking through the roof of where Silas and the controls were. Fowler had Optimus leave the area before the military arrived. Back at the base, Ratchet healed Optimus's side and Fowler told them they couldn't find any trace of Silas.


After Agent Fowler had tried to convince General Bryce that the body that they have in storage is a clone and Optimus is alive and is still on their side, Fowler called Optimus to come over and reveal to Bryce that he was fine. Optimus came and asked Agent Fowler if he had encountered MECH agents. Agent Fowler didn't and told Optimus that General Bryce wanted to know if he was alright. Optimus assured General Bryce that he was fine and asked how General Bryce was doing. General Bryce said he was fine and an awkward silence began for a few seconds. General Bryce readily understood that Optimus Prime was indeed alive and well, and firmly on the military's side. He then dismissed Fowler.

Human aid

After a failed mission to stop the Insecticons in Armada, in which they captured Airachnid, Optimus lead his team to attack the crashed Nemesis hoping to use the Spark Extractor to end the war. Megatron had used Dark Energon to repair the ship and Optimus was put into stasis by the sentient warship. Optimus and the others were only freed when the sentient ship went offline again thanks to their human allies.

Iacon relic hunt and new Autobot

With four Iacon coordinates, Optimus sent Arcee and Bumblebee to New York, Ratchet and Wheeljack to the West Coast and Bulkhead to the Central American mountains while he went to Antarctica. Here he encountered Dreadwing who had taken Starscream prisoner. After Optimus defeated Dreadwing and the Vehicons, Starscream asked to be released so that they could team up and find the relic. Optimus simply took him prisoner and ordered him to lead him to the relic. Starscream tried to talk his way into Optimus' favor but was unsuccessful. When they arrived at the base, Optimus refused to enter until Agent Fowler had evacuated the humans. He and Starscream then entered the base only to be met by Dreadwing. As he and Optimus clashed, Starscream claimed the relic for himself, which turned out to be the Apex Armor. Forging a temporary alliance, Optimus and Dreadwing managed to defeat Starscream and went their separate ways. Upon returning to base, Optimus found Bulkhead near-death and the Iacon database ready to decode. He began to work on it but was making slow progress due to having to use human technology. Optimus then met Smokescreen who greatly admired him and later officially promoted him after he had secured the Apex Armor from Starscream. After the Autobots dealt with Project Damocles, Smokescreen found the Star Saber. Without a Prime, the Decepticons could not move and were cutting up the mountain it was in to hide it. Optimus later arrived to claim it and demonstrated its power by cutting the mountain in half and using a wave of its power to destroy part of the Nemesis' engines. Losing his temper with Smokescreen he told him that he would not tolerate disregard for anyone's safety like Smokescreen had done. The sword then began to glow and Optimus said he was receiving a message from Alpha Trion. Optimus, was actually listening to a recorded message by Alpha Trion who told him why there were so many Cybertronian weapons on Earth, and about the Omega Keys and Lock. Per Alpha's request Optimus kept the Lock's existence's a secret for the time. Optimus sent Arcee and Smokescreen to get the first Omega Key. Arcee returned saying Megatron had killed Smokescreen with power equal to the Star Saber's. Optimus went to confront him and found him sporting Liege Maximo's arm and the Dark Star Saber. While the two swords seemed equal at launching energy waves, Megatron's proved stronger. Optimus was spared death by the same way Smokescreen was spared: the Phase Shifter. Optimus kept the Star Saber's hilt and went to work decoding relics. After the missions for keys #2 and 3 failed, Arcee began to chew out Smokescreen for placing his ego in front of the team's needs despite Optimus saying she had made her point. This caused Smokescreen to run off, Optimus said he needed space and was shocked that the final entry was Smokesceen whom he failed to rescue from Soundwave shortly after. Optimus theorized that Alpha Trion was launching the final Omega Key into space as the Decepticons stormed Iacon and out of desperation placed the key in Smokescreen. He further theorized that Alpha Trion had knocked out Smokescreen so that the young bot would not know the significance of what he was holding. Smokescreen later escaped and brought back both of the Decepticons' Omega Keys, only for all three keys to be lost to a trap set by Starscream.

Battle for the Omega Keys

Dreadwing contacted the Autobots to a remote location where he gave them the Forge of Solus Prime and told them that Starscream had indeed joined the Decepticons again. Optimus attempted to offer Dreadwing a chance to join them, but Dreadwing declined his offer as he left from their sight. With the Forge, Optimus upgraded the Ground Bridge into a Space Bridge and rebuilt the Star Saber. Besting Megatron in battle, Optimus and the Autobots escaped with the Omega Keys as they found the Omega Lock only for the humans to be presented as hostages. The Autobots surrendered and exchanged their keys to get their human allies. After the Decepticons used the Omega Lock to restore a building on Cybertron, it left Optimus and the others in deep gaze. When Miko asked about the Omega Lock benefiting Earth like it will for Cybertron, Optimus told her that it would Cyber-form the Earth, which could destroy all life on Earth. When Megatron began Cyber-forming Earth, Optimus looked on as his human allies were in despair as he managed to escape from being held back by the Vehicons, grabbed the Star Saber, used it to destroy some Vehicons and slice off Megatron's new arm. Then he made his way to the Omega Lock's controls where he dodge several blasts from Knock Out, Soundwave, and a missile from Starscream. As he jumped on Starscream's face, Optimus sliced the Omega Lock's controls, thus destroying the Omega Lock. Returning to base, the Autobots were contacted by Agent Fowler where they soon found a second Darkmount outside of the base created by the Lock. They also fought off hordes of Insecticons, which Optimus was using the Saber against. When they retreated inside the base while Agent Fowler and Wheeljack tried to defend it, Optimus ordered all of the Autobots to scatter to different locations via Ground bridge while he stayed behind, preparing to both destroy the Space Bridge and fight off the entire Decepticon army alone if he had to. However, Optimus incorrectly assumed Megatron's goal. Megatron did not intend to take the Autobot base he meant to destroy it, having had enough of Optimus' meddling in his plans. As Optimus destroyed the controls to the Ground Bridge, the entire base came down on him, separating him from the Star Saber and severely injuring him underneath the rubble.

Beast Hunters


After taking a direct hit by the collapsing base, Optimus was severely injured and was soon to be discovered by the Decepticons before being saved by Smokescreen, who took him to an underground cavern. As Optimus moaned, Smokescreen told him that he was safe now and to reserve his energy. As Smokescreen prepared to embark for Ratchet, Optimus told Smokescreen not to and verbalized his belief that there was no hope. Though Smokescreen was confused by his wording, he began to stare at his unresponsive leader.

At some point after Smokescreen returned to the cave from trying to salvage things from the destroyed base, Optimus asked about the Forge of Solus Prime and Smokescreen reasoned that if Optimus had the Forge, he could fix himself up. However, when Smokescreen successfully retrieved it, Optimus informed him that the Forge had a limited amount of power and that it should be used to repair the Omega Lock. Optimus then stated that it was time for a new leader, and that he believed Smokescreen was him.

While Smokescreen was hesitating to be the next prime, Optimus told assured him that the decision of the next Prime is made by the Matrix. Similar to his last encounter, Smoke hears the injured Prime asking who stands before him and in his mind his former mentor, Alpha Trion tries to convince Optimus to join with the AllSpark. He hesitates as he says that he is not afraid to join the AllSpark, but he fears who the Matrix of Leadership chooses. However, his lights went out. Consequently, his spark chamber opens and reveals a glowing Matrix of Leadership. Not willing to let Optimus die, Smokescreen places the obtained Forge into his hand and a surge of light brightens the cavern.

New Body and Infiltration

After being repaired, Prime wasted no time in finding the Autobots, who had invaded, and been captured at Darkmount. Optimus was not immediately recognized by Starscream and Megatron as he flew down and threw some punches at Megatron through his throne. After destroying some vehicons with his new gun, Optimus got reacquainted with Ultra Magnus, who was impressed at his leaders' new look and prepared to fight the Decepticons. With his return confirmed, the Autobots and humans began to fight off the Decepticons. Though Megatron tried to attack him, Optimus dusted him off and instead managed to land several hits on him before tossing him into the core of Darkmount's fusion cannons, wounding him severely. After retreating with the Autobots, Miko was impressed by his new form and referred to him as Optimus 2.0, deeming him "rad" after he and the rest of the Autobots were thanked by William Fowler for their assistance in stopping the Decepticons.

Predacon remains

After taking refuge at the military by next to Fowler's office, he scanned an experimental, all-terain, expeditionary, fighting vehicle designed by M.A.S.K.. Before scanning, He had thanked Fowler for the new vehicle mode and told him it would most certainly do. He would soon head off to investigate an Insecticon excavation, where he ordered the creatures to abandon it before charging at them after they refused to do so. As the Insecticons launched at him, Optimus retaliated by sending a herd of missiles their way and managed to hit two of them before the remaining Insecticons attacked him with blasters of their own. After running one over in vehicle mode, he transformed and proceeded to hit one in the chest with his fist. After dragging it through the roof of the tunnel, he allowed it to hit the ground before charging at it and proceeding to shoot the Insecticon in the chest, killing it instantly and allowing him to continue in his quest to stop the remaining Insecticon from proceeding with his finding. After the Insecticon departed, Optimus returned to the military with his findings, the ancient remains of a Predacon. While the Autobots discussed the remain, Optimus stated that it stood to reason that Shockwave had cloned the Predacon from previously finding another Predacon remain. In addition to this theory, Optimus and the other Autobots concluded that Shockwave also had what he required to reaffirm their then-recent finding, prompting Optimus to tell them that they would need to become Beast Hunters. Later, Optimus overviewed Ratchet while he was examining Synthetic Energon. After allowing Ratchet to continue his work, Agent Fowler told Optimus that satellite surveillance picked up two signs of Decepticon activity. Optimus stated that the Autobots would have to divide their resources, ordering Ultra Magnus to lead the Wreckers to a coordinate before the latter asked him what a kilt was, following Fowler's suggestion to wear one. Optimus told him that Agent Fowler could at times be oblique and said that he found it best to nod and mobilize. After Ultra Magnus made it known to Optimus that he knew there were many emotions tied to the Forge of Solus Prime, Optimus said that it was no time to stand on ceremony. Optimus soon departed with Bumblebee and Smokescreen from the base via GroundBridge. After transforming, Optimus told the two that he would search a quadrant for the remain before flying off. During his flight, he tailed Shockwave and fired at him after being attacked by the Decepticon. Despite trying to aid Bumblebee and Smokescreen, Optimus was struck by Laserbeak, whom shocked him, thus preventing him from aiding the two. As he moved in to get the Predacon remain, Soundwave GroundBridged it away from him and into the hands of Megatron.

Omega Lock 2.0

When the Decepticons stopped registering activity, Prime concluded that they had enough fossils to clone the army. He also noticed the rest of the Team seemed off put by Ultra Magnus. He gave his old friend advice that the command style the Elite Guard was used to would not work on Team Prime. When Energon was detected the Autobots Ground Bridged and killed all the Vehicons. Optimus had the Wreckers search the mine. He allowed an enthusiastic Smokescreen to accompany them. As the last of the Energon was transported to base, Smokescreen and Bulkhead exited the mine only for an explosion to happen. Flying in to find Magnus and Wheeljack he saved them from being killed by the Predacon, that had found its robot mode. Outflying it, he transported his men through a Bridge to base just before a burst of fire caught them. He was however, too late to save Magnus' hand and the Forge of Solus Prime. The Decepticons began stealing human technology. Optimus knew this meant they were attempting to building something. After failing to stop one theft, Optimus shot down Soundwave and the team captured him. Optimus tried to interrogate Soundwave, but all Soundwave did was play a remix of Optimus's voice. When Ratchet suggested dissecting Soundwave, the Decepticon erased his drives completely. Optimus later led a team to the Arctic to stop a theft, while leaving Smokescreen and Bulkhead to guard Soundwave. Ratchet told Optimus, Megatron might want to rebuild the Omega Lock. Optimus said they could not allow Megatron to rebuild the Lock as he would cyberform Earth.

Optimus found himself engaging the Predacon so that his team could prevent the theft. Optimus fought well and learned the Predacon's name was Predaking. However, Predaking got the upper hand and prepared to kill him. However, Megatron called him away. When Prime came to, he saw Predaking had made off with the necessary component. Optimus learned Ratchet had been captured by Decepticons. Wheeljack suggested Ratchet was taken for the Synth-En formula. Optimus added that Synthetic Energon could be necessary for the Omega Lock. Optimus followed Chip to try and find the Nemesis and rescue Ratchet. He found himself engaging Starscream's armada who had detected Laserbeak's transponder. After killing the Vehicons, Starscream destroyed Chip. Furious at losing his chance to rescue his friend, Optimus tried to kill Starscream only for the air commander to escape. He later heard Ratchet and the news that the Omega Lock was rebuilt. While the rest GroundBridged, Optimus flew to space to confront Megatron. Optimus discovered that the Dark Star Saber had survived the previous battle as Megatron used it to destroy his jet pack. Optimus made his way to the Omega Lock and tried to shoot Shockwave when the device was ready to launch. Megatron, then found him and threw his to lower part of the Lock for their final battle, kicking Prime's minigun off the Lock in the process. The two engaged with Optimus managing to punch the Dark Star Saber from Megatron. Both leaders then saw Bumblebee was leaping towards them with the Star Saber. Desperate, Megatron shot Bumblebee dead to prevent Optimus from destroying the Lock again. Furious, Optimus decked Megatron and moved to kill him. Megatron used the Dark Star Saber to send Optimus off the Lock and moved to kill him. Optimus was saved by a resurrected Bumblebee who used the Star Saber to kill Megatron. Optimus had the ship move to Cybertron and informed his team Megatron was dead. After restoring Cybertron, Optimus said goodbye to his Earth friends and Ratchet (who was staying to help Unit: E). After one last look at Earth, Optimus walked through the Space Bridge after his team to a Cybertron that would finally accept him as the Prime that would lead them to a new age.

Predacons Rising

Optimus' first act was to promote Bumblebee from scout to warrior in honor of killing Megatron. His next act was to retrieve the AllSpark. Optimus used Ultra Magnus' Ship for the journey and asked Wheeljack to pilot, which Wheeljack wondered when they leave. The two travelled to Theta Scorpieye to search for the AllSpark. Optimus used his jetpack to navigate the asteroids to not risk damaging the ship and their only ride home. Optimus barely escaped being destroyed by a plasma storm while retrieving the AllSpark. While on the return trip, they were informed that Unicron had taken over Megatron's corpse and was trying to destroy Cybertron, but were unable to respond due to damaged communication systems. When Optimus arrived he immediately clashed against Unicron, who was glad for another sparring chance. He tried to draw out Megatron, but Unicron was firmly in control. While his men distracted Unicron he devised a plan to defeat the Chaos Bringer. He emptied the AllSpark from its vessel and inserted it into the Matrix. When Unicron seized the vessel his own Anti-Spark was sucked in. Optimus then witnessed Megatron reject any notions of conquest and fly off to parts unknown. His old friend finally realizing the cruelty of surpressing others to his will, to which surpirsed Optimus. In the aftermath, Prime remarked of his old beliefs of how: "any sentient being has the capacity for change"; even Megatron. Optimus later informed his team, and Knock Out, that the AllSpark was one with the Matrix and thus one with him and to allow Cybertron to live he had to merge with Primus. His last words were for the Autobots to continue exactly what they were doing and that despite that there would be no more Primes, they were all worthy of the title. Optimus flew into the core accepting his fate. His mind survived and gave last words of comfort to the Autobots through the AllSpark's power and the sparks flew for the Autobots to see in their amazement.

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Season 1

During the great war, Optimus led an operation to capture the Decepticon spy Overload.

Before he could join with the Allspark, Optimus was saved from death by the Primes and he was brought to the Realm of the Primes.

A statue of Optimus Prime before it was destroyed.

In the aftermath of Cybertron restoration, a statue of Optimus was built in honour of his memory.

Optimus appearing in a pool in Bumblebee's vision.

Optimus Prime's statue was accidentally destroyed by Sideswipe when Strongarm knocked him into the statue's right leg which caused it to fall and break apart. Before the statue came down, Bumblebee had a vision of Optimus Prime leading him to a message about Earth. It was revealed that Optimus Prime left coordinates to Earth and that he needed Bumblebee to go on Earth for a new mission in another vision.

Optimus smiling at Bumblebee and his team.

When Underbite was about to crush the truck that Denny Clay was trapped in, Optimus Prime was able to manifest himself to physical form where he grabbed onto Underbite, threw him over the cliff and rescued Denny. Bumblebee's team was shocked by this and Bumblebee was surprised to see Optimus alive. However, Optimus told Bumblebee that he does not know whether he is alive or not, nor does he know what the universe has in store for him. Optimus compliments on Bumblebee and his team and gave them a quick speech about facing danger on Earth but he is certain they will accomplish great things. Optimus told Bumblebee to not doubt himself and that he will prevail before disappearing.

Optimus appearing at a wall in Crown City's museum as he talks with Bumblebee.

When Bumblebee expressed difficulty in leading his team he attempted to contact Optimus through a mirror to no avail, and he even tried to adopt Optimus's 'unique command style' which only humoured the team.

Eventually after the Decepticon fugitive Terrashock escaped from his stasis pod, Optimus appeared informing Bumblebee that he was only able to communicate with him when the Primes deemed that he was in dire need. When Bumblebee expressed his doubts, Optimus advised Bumblebee that he was not him before miraculously disappearing before he could finish telling Bumblebee his belief.

Though Bumblebee initially felt deeply gloomy by his leader's words, Russell eased his conscience by stating that Optimus meant that it was a good thing that Bee was not him and that Bee should focus more about his own style of command. This strengthened Bumblebee's self-esteem as he used the way of the cowboys to capture Terrashock.

Optimus with Micronus in the Realm of the Primes.

Optimus Prime began training with the other Primes in the Realm of the Primes, who were testing Optimus through a series of challenges. In one test, Optimus was mentored under Micronus Prime. Optimus was feeling ready and asked Micronus about the Prime Decepticon hunter. Micronus told Optimus it was more than just a sword and then challenged Optimus to climb a hill. While Optimus stated it could not be that easy, Micronus manifested a bunch of humans and a Robot to attack them. Optimus tried to defend the humans from the Robot and his minions despite asking help from Micronus, who did not. When one human remained as the others were destroyed during the fight, Optimus pleaded to Micronus for assistance but Micronus asked Optimus what was the test at the beginning. Optimus realized it was to climb the hill, which he did only to discover an activation lock. He used the Prime Decepticon hunter to destroy the Robot and his minions. Optimus gave the human a smile but the human disappeared. Optimus realized the humans were not real and Micronus congratulated Optimus for completing the test. Micronus also advised Optimus to be prepared for more challenges that await for him on Earth and that there will be distractions.

Optimus in Bumblebee's nightmare.

In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Optimus was in Bumblebee's nightmare. He told Bee that he was disappointed in him for letting a city to burn and that Bee was not fit to be a leader.

Optimus reflecting on a piece of mirror that Bumblebee is holding.

The real Optimus made a brief appearance to Bumblebee in The Trouble with Fixit. Optimus appears on a piece of glass that Bee was holding and informed his scout the evil that is soon approaching to Earth. Optimus told Bumblebee he will need him like never before and he disappeared from the glass.

Optimus and Micronus notice the changes around the Realm of the Primes.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Optimus was continuing his training in the Realm of the Primes where he rescued a hologram human in the middle of a lava lake. Optimus shot down a couple of flying drones and used them as stepping stones to get to the human. Micronus is unimpressed and still feels that Optimus is not ready yet. While Optimus tries to convince Micronus, the environment around the Realm of the Primes becomes dark with lightening in the background. Micronus states it was time and told Optimus that he was still not ready.

Optimus getting upgraded as the Primes share their spark power to send him to Earth and in a new body.

Micronus takes Optimus to the Primes, who felt that Optimus was not ready. However, Optimus was able to persuade them to send him to Earth and upgrading him by using a portion of their sparks for the process. Optimus, now upgraded, defeats Fracture, Airazor, and Divebomb in the scrapyard. Optimus recognizes Denny and Russell, who were surprised, along with Fixit. Russell convinces Optimus to take him and his dad to face the grave evil that Optimus came to face. Eventually, Optimus made his way to the Crown City Colossus where he immediately destroys the arch as Steeljaw tried to prevent him. However, Optimus was too late; Megatronus has already made his way out of the portal and onto the platform of the Crown City Colossus.

Optimus fighting Megatronus.

In Battlegrounds, Part 2, Optimus attempts to hit Megatronus with a blast from his sword but failed as the Decepticon was able to deflect the blast to hit Bumblebee and Drift. Optimus was prevented from going to their aid as Megatronus proceeds to attack him by levitating Optimus into the ground. Megatronus was attempting to use one his built in drills on Optimus until Grimlock intervened. Megatronus slung Grimlock at Drift, which caused Jetstorm and Slipstream to come out in order to protect the Autobots. This gave Optimus the chance to get up and resume combat with Megatronus. While Optimus fights Megatronus, Optimus tells that he has received additional power from the Primes, but Megatronus reveals that he also shares the same firepower greater than the Primes and soon sends Optimus flying into a river with a scratched scar on his chest, which revealed part of his matrix. When Bumblebee went to check on Optimus, the wound on Optimus's chest suddenly closes.

Optimus awakens and soon discovers the staff the Megatronus was holding called a spark fuser. After Megatronus tossed Steeljaw in a distance, Optimus and Bumblebee return to the fight. Megatronus blasts Optimus, which sends Bumblebee flying. After defeating the rest of the Decepticons and combining their Decepticon hunters, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Strongarm used their new upgraded power to blast Megatronus for brief moment. Optimus observed it and resumed battle. With a new plan, Bumblebee comms Optimus to explain a new plan but before they could do anything, Megatronus has already summoned the AllSpark from Cybertron but Optimus soon threw his Decepticon hunter to destroy the spark fuser. The AllSpark and the Anti-Spark both return to their original places and Optimus grabbed his Decepticon hunter. Enraged at this, Megatronus quickly opened fired on the Autobots, mostly aiming at Optimus. While Optimus was keeping Megatronus distracted, Drift, Windblade, and Sideswipe were on top of the Crown City Colossus and began hacking the statue's arm. Megatronus managed to get the better of Optimus but Grimlock intervenes again by punching the Decepticon around. With the aid from Grimlock, Sideswipe, Strongarm, and Bumblebee, Optimus was able to destroy Megatronus's sword and Grimlock knocked the Decepticon on the ground. Grimlock helped Optimus get away from the falling statue's arm. After Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Strongarm unleashed a powerful blast on Megatronus, there was only a crater where Megatronus stood. Optimus told Bumblebee that they will always be there to counter Megatronus if he ever shows up.

Optimus commending his scout

Optimus follows Bumblebee as he states his new battle cry and the other Autobots rev up and roll out. Back in the scrapyard, as Bumblebee tells the other Autobots that they are free to go back to Cybertron, all of the Autobots are in favor of staying on Earth. Bumblebee asked Optimus and Optimus felt that he was no longer needed. However, Bumblebee was able to convince Optimus into staying. Optimus agrees so long as he's Bumblebee's equal than leader, which Bumblebee stated he can work with that.

Season 2

In Overloaded, Part 1, Optimus spent several weeks in the scrapyard, recounting war stories to Strongarm to pass the downtime. The Primes reclaimed the additional power which they had bestowed upon Optimus, leaving him in a severely weakened state. Despite this, Optimus insisted on joining the "Away team" Bumblebee assigned to hunt Decepticons far from the scrapyard. When going on a mission to the Arctic, Optimus's changed biology caused the GroundBridge to explode after he passed through it. Optimus and his team started tracking a Decepticon named Polarclaw who was hiding on a mountain, but Optimus continued to have trouble with mobility (mostly his legs), and was knocked off the patch by a chunk of ice that the Decepticon threw while he attempted to provide his team cover. He was supported from falling off by Drift's Mini-Cons who were having a struggle.

In Overloaded, Part 2, after his rescue by his teammates and Windblade saving them from possibly being majorly damaged by the avalanche they were caught in, Optimus taught the others a trick he'd learned from the Primes, allowing them all to take on the color scheme of a vehicle they scanned. They were impressed and through the mission to hunt Polarclaw that led them to be stuck at the bottom of water, Optimus was also able to come up with a plan that involved Windblade to fly out of the water and force Polarclaw into the water. This enabled them to capture Polarclaw by luring him underwater, where they took the Decepticon to be safely stored away after Optimus punched him unconscious.

In Cover Me, though he was still weakened, Optimus and his team went hunting a Decepticon in the desert. Sideswipe's non-stop chatter left the team to be less than impressed by his conversation. Windblade noticed Optimus was displaying some weakness as she checked on him. Though he informed her that he was alright, two Mini-Cons, Glacius and Swelter appeared and attacked Optimus, thus knocking the Prime down. After the Mini-Cons disappear in a flash of light, Optimus contacts Fixit who is able to identify the Mini-Cons but couldn't find any data on their boss named Razorpaw. With Windblade's concern, Optimus commanded them in moving forward. As they continued on their mission, Optimus detects a signal, which left his team to advise him to hang back as he had seemed weakened. Optimus merely wanted to face the Decepticon with his team as he increasingly insisted. Later, the team splits up which Windblade teams with Optimus. Windblade claims to Optimus that she was clearing the path for him by cutting away some bushes with her sword but one active bush sends the pair to be prepared as Optimus takes out his Decepticon Hunter. Windblade pushes Optimus to the ground and gets attacked by a woodchuck that came from the bush, which sends her off the cliff and into a nearby river. Sideswipe managed to save Windblade from falling off a huge waterfall, though Optimus noticed she was limping as he gives her back her sword. The team find themselves at an abandoned military base where Windblade managed to convince Optimus into accompanying him in exploring outside of the area while Sideswipe and Drift went inside the hangar. Optimus and Windblade hear a noise from the hangar, but are soon interrupted by Razorpaw who was on top of a structure. Windblade pushes Optimus to the side as Razorpaw pounces on her. Windblade throws Optimus aside with her turbines to tackle Razorpaw herself, but when Razorpaw reveals that he is after her, not Optimus. Swelter and Glacius join the battle to occupy Optimus long enough for Razorpaw to drain some of Windblade's energon reserves for himself. Optimus, who has been feigning defeat from Razorpaw's Mini-Cons, allowed Razorpaw to stop draining Windblade's energon and moved to him instead. When Razorpaw and his Mini-Cons begin to argue, Optimus takes the opportunity to level out the three Decepticons, knocking out Razorpaw in a short brawl and smashing Swelter and Glacius between two jeeps. Optimus reveals to Windblade that he became aware that the Decepticons were preying on the weakest, and feigning an injury, since he was already injured proved successful as he wanted to give them a target that appeared weaker than Windblade as he helps Windblade up. The pair are honored to protect each other as they enteredd the hangar and then started freeing Sideswipe and Drift, though Drift says there's no hurry as Sideswipe has finally been forced to shut up.

In Graduation Exercises, while investigating possible interference with one of Windblade's caches, Optimus's team found themselves up against Stockade and his army of Mini-Cons. Optimus and Windblade were temporarily trapped in a bunker, but escaped with Sideswipe's help in time to fight Stockade and his Mini-Cons. Optimus fought Stockade and destroyed his Mini-Cons' huge blaster. Stockade was defeated and though he vowed to return, Optimus replied that it won't be anytime soon. Grimlock arrived via Groundbridge to pick up Drift and Optimus announced it was time to go back to the scrapyard with their new captives.

In Decepticon Island (Part 1), Optimus found himself increasingly questioning Bumblebee's orders and felt under the circumstances that he should take the lead. After a chance encounter reunited them with Ratchet and a failed interrogation with Clampdown, the Autobots got help in the form of the Mini-Con Toolbox. The Autobots used a ruse to infiltrate the crash of the Alchemor, being used as a base by a group of Decepticons but as they entered the ship and came to a room full of enslaved Mini-Cons, their cover was blown which gave Optimus the urge to free the Mini-Cons despite Bumblebee wanting to finish the plan. Their argument prevented the team from continuing further and they were soon surrounded by Decepticons.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), as the Autobots split up, Optimus accompanied Bumblebee and Toolbox to attach a cryo-gas bomb to the ship's ventilation hub. On the way, Optimus and Bumblebee were able to work out their leadership issues. They placed the bomb in the ventilation hub but Steeljaw caught up with them as he powered himself with three Decepticons Hunters much to the dismay from Optimus and Bumblebee. The pair found themselves struggling with the empowered Steeljaw as Optimus attempted to trip Steeljaw and attack him with his sword but ended up being blasted with a force beam by Steeljaw. Optimus provided cover for Bumblebee as he kicked Steeljaw from attacking Bumblebee as the Autobot was setting up the stasis bomb. When the bomb was off, Optimus and Bumblebee vowed to take down Steeljaw even if they must face the cryo-gas too. However, with the help from Fixit, Toolbox, and the other freed Mini-Cons, Optimus and Bumblebee were able to get Steeljaw to let go of the Decepticon Hunter thus allowing Bumblebee to reclaim his weapon and trap Steeljaw in the floor. Optimus, Bumblebee, and all of the Mini-Cons reached the boats with the other Autobots as they all escaped the stasis bomb's activation, which it succeeded in freezing the Decepticons on the ship. Afterwards, Optimus announced he intended to return to Cybertron on the repaired Alchemor and investigate the new government there. He offers any assistance he can provide for Bumblebee, reminded Bee to never doubt himself, and shakes hands with his former scout as Bumblebee has truly proven he possesses leadership.

Season 2 1/2

In Strongarm´s Big Score, the need arose and Bumblebee called Optimus up to inform him about the new threat. Optimus told Bumblebee that he did the right thing calling him and that he'd be there soon

In the ending of Mighty Big Trouble, Optimus eventually showed up at the scrapyard from his ship.

In Mini-Con Madness, Optimus found out from the remaining team members that Bumblebee had been abducted by Starscream along with the team's Mini-Cons. Optimus had the team split up to search and they found the seven Mini-Cons Starscream was hunting. As their leader, Aerobolt, recognized Optimus, the two groups joined forces. Optimus and Aerobolt even attempted to power-up together as Aerolbolt attached himself on Optimus's chest seemingly giving him new armor and power but Optimus could not take it as he had to reject it. He apologized to Aerobolt who understood and realized that both parties must trust each other in order for the power to fully work. The group continue to their way only to come up against a group of Scavengers who managed to get the better of the Optimus's group and they were forced to watch helplessly as Starscream captured the six Mini-Cons.

In Worthy, despite the Mini-Cons being captured by Starscream, Optimus's team was able to overcome the Scavengers and tracked down Starscream's ship with one remaining Mini-Con named Tricerashot. After Starscream captured Tricerashot and merged him along with the other Mini-Cons, Optimus linked with Aerobolt and gained enough power to go toe-to-toe with the super-powered Decepticon. Optimus later loaded the comatose Starscream and associated lackeys onto his ship to take them back with him. Optimus informed Bumblebee that he wasn't on Cybertron when Bumblebee called him nor has he been there since the Primes restored him on Earth. He reveals he was really working with some "old friends" to investigate the current situation on Cybertron and assures that they will come to Bumblebee's aid whenever he needs it before taking off in his ship.

Season 3

In Sphere of Influence, Bumblebee contacted Optimus to see if he knew anything about the odd sphere they'd found. Optimus thought it looked like the Sphere of Doradus, something he believed was a myth.

In Moon Breaker, having gained enough information to know the council were up to something, Optimus returned to Earth to recruit Drift. As Drift was unwilling to leave the Bee Team until the conclusion of their current mission, Optimus opted to join them on a trip to the Moon. He and Fixit separated from the rest of the team to deal with a weapon-laden satellite which had been knock out of its orbit during their space battle with the Stunticons, and the pair were forced to disable its heat shield so it would explode before it hit anything on the ground. They rejoined the rest of the team to find that the Stunticons had been defeated, so Optimus and Drift took the Decepticons with them.

In Collateral Damage, Ratchet's detection of Shadowzone readings again sent Optimus to Earth, this time by space bridge. Optimus and the Bee Team soon discovered that Soundwave was back and planning to try and contact Megatron, using a trans-galactic beacon generator which would also irradiate Earth as a side effect. Optimus ended up tangling with Laserbeak and, with the help of a power-up from Hi-Test, managed to defeat the Mini-Con. He later returned the defeated Soundwave and Laserbeak to Cybertron.

In Sick as a Bot, with more information gathered on the council, Optimus ordered Bulkhead to head to Earth.

In Enemy of My Enemy, intel gathered by Drift pointed Optimus to the conclusion that the council were mind-controlling the population of Earth. He and the team he had gathered traveled to Earth to enlist the help of Bumblebee's team — as Optimus's group were too well known on Cybertron, they would defend Earth while 'Bee's team exposed the council. Optimus and his team soon discovered council forces stealing tech from a warehouse that could be used to build a space bridge receiver, however before they could act on this, a bomb left in the warehouse exploded.

In Freedom Fighters, the team fortunately survived thanks to Ratchet's Triage Shield and tracked the council forces to the Crown City docks. Though they failed to prevent the council forces from opening a space bridge portal, Optimus was able to throw the receiver into the portal, causing a feedback loop that destroyed the space bridge.

Optimus and his team returned to Cybertron where Bumblebee's team had exposed the council as Decepticons. Optimus turned down the opportunity to be leader of the planet, opting to take a break for a while and instead appointing the other members of his team as a provisional council.


When Optimus was originally known as Orion Pax, who was very timid and constantly doubted himself at times. Despite this, Orion proved himself to be a capable leader countless times. When Optimus returned to his original form briefly on Earth, he maintained much of the same idealistic traits as he did before his transformation into a Prime. However, one thing Orion continued to possess was his sense of right and wrong. This led Orion to discover Megatron's plan to use his research for evil and to destroy the peaceful Autobots, who Megatron claimed were evil. Unfortunately, Orion's senses of goodness and honor also made him easily manipulated, as seen by his dedication toward assisting Megatron beforehand. Above all, Orion knew his place was with the Autobots and not with the Decepticons.

As Optimus Prime, he is a very stern and serious leader, not taking jokes, and as Bulkhead described, never crying out or losing his cool. But when Optimus does lose his cool, it is due to the Decepticons who irritate him the most. This was shown when Starscream had stolen the three Omega Keys from the Autobot base, which left Optimus to rage towards the sky when Starscream escaped with the keys. Optimus is shown to not be the party type either, but he would attend little ceremonies. It is currently unknown if Optimus can dance or likes to listen to music like Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Bumblebee can.

Optimus can also be at the same time a very caring bot, making sacrifices to ensure the safety of the team and their human allies, even he would go as far as to sacrifice himself to save them, Earth, and Cybertron. Optimus also has a strong sense of honor and loyalty. However, Optimus has been shown willing enough to leave his code of honor and resort to Decepticon tactics in order to stop Megatron. The tasks of protecting humans and stopping the Decepticons simultaneously should have brought him to his knees, however he did not give up. Optimus would even risk his spark to change a decepticon to side with the Autobots, including Dreadwing and Breakdown.

In Scrapheap, it was revealed that Optimus knows what a snowball is when he promised to get Raf a snowball. Optimus would relate earth customs and other things. When Optimus and Arcee found themselves stranded in the Arctic, they walked to find a signal back to base, where Arcee fell down and Optimus helped her up very gently. This shows Optimus can be a gentleman, or a gentle bot. When Arcee suggested they play a game, Optimus played with her. This shows that Optimus can make the most out of situations and wouldn't hesitate to play games. When Arcee held Optimus's left hand, Optimus held her hand too. This shows that Optimus can be sweet inside and out.

In Loose Cannons, Optimus is seen to drum his fingers on his legs while flying in the Jackhammer with Wheeljack. Optimus also made small talk with the wrecker and related to Wheeljack on outside of duty. This shows Optimus is very sociable and can be a great listener.

Optimus has also proven to be stubborn enough to resist joining the AllSpark (even at Alpha Trion's insistence), to protect humanity. Once Optimus received his upgrade and rejoined the Autobots, he made it a point to be the moral compass of the team and usually was the one to notice whenever someone was having a problem. When Ultra Magnus asked Optimus about a "Kilt", it was revealed that Optimus finds it best to simply nod and mobilize to human things like these. As Ultra Magnus began to realize that the Autobots were not like the Elite Guard or any other group he had took leadership of, Optimus consulted him over his feelings and explained what he believed the Autobots to be a family. Optimus believed in his team to be true Primes even without the Matrix of Leadership. Above all, Optimus is very commendable, bold, caring, stern, and wise.

In Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Optimus retains much of his personality from Transformers: Prime. He served as Bumblebee's spirit guide, who led Bumblebee to Earth where he formed a new team. After some time learning from the other Primes in their Realm, Optimus was still not ready to go to Earth as Micronus and Vector Prime stated. Optimus felt he was prepared and with Megatronus threatening Earth and Cybertron, Optimus's reassurance to the Primes allowed them to place Optimus back on Earth in a new body. After seemingly defeating Megatronus with Bumblbee's team, Optimus opted to leave but he decided to remain on Bumblebee's team, which he wanted to be treated as an equal rather than leader. This would show that Optimus could temporarily resign from his leadership to step aside from leading the Autobots to observe a pupil, like Bumblebee.

Powers and abilities

Optimus Warrior.png

Optimus Prime is universally known as one of the strongest Autobots alive, after being bestowed the Matrix of Leadership, he was granted with immense power. Through the Matrix, Optimus acquired a physiology on parr with that of Megatron, greatly evening the Autobot's odds. While his strength is no joke, it could be argued he did not stand on totally equal ground with his old friend turned enemy, at least not until his upgraded form.

As a veteran soldier and warrior, Optimus is a formidable opponent in battle as he possesses great strength, endurance, and agility. All his combined abilities gives him the equivalency of that of an army as proven by him easily defeating an army of Vehicons, Terracons and Unicron duplicates.

He is a master of hand-to-hand and numerous other forms of combat as he was able to face off against Megatron whom he proved to stand on equal ground against. He is adept at blade combat as proven by fending off against Dreadwing and Megatron. This was also prominently showcased during his match against Predaking. For while the proud Predacon might have slightly superior speed, strength and endurance; once Optimus fought the foe in Robot mode, the latter was totally outmatched. Optimus's quick reflexes and overwhelming punches prevented the Predacon from even hitting him. Upon acquiring the Star Saber he demonstrated to be skilled in swordsmanship as proven in a duel between him and Megatron, his skill is honed to the point where he can deflect gunfire.

He is a skilled tactician, having lead the Autobots in the War both on Cybertron and Earth. He has extensive knowledge and experience in battlefield tactics and strategies which make him an adept leader.

Interestingly, Optimus has shown several times the ability to jump an extremely high height when attempting to destroy the Nemesis as well as in his duel against Megatron.

In terms of weaponry Optimus wields two mount Ion Cannons as well as two Wrist blades.

After being repaired by Forge of Solus Prime's remaining power, Optimus gained a new more stronger and powerful body with a jetpack and armed with an energon minigun. The new body allowed him to officially surpass Megatron in strength and endurance, regarding the Decepticon Leader's later defeat in both battles. He was also able to defeat Insecticons easier. He also has a new energon blaster and rockets in his vehicle form. The only times he was defeated in combat was on three occasions; one: his fight with Predaking, in which the latter placed a powerful kick that made the Autobot leader unconscious and dazed, two: when Megatron used a cheap blow of the Dark Star Saber, hitting Prime in the chest during their last confrontation and finally: his brief duel with the resurrected Megatron, going out after a simple hit of Unicron's Dark Energon-infused hammer. After Bumblebee killed Megatron with the Star Saber, Optimus reclaimed his weapon, though he is not seen using it after that.

After Unicron and Predaking, he is undoubtedly the strongest fighter in the series. This is shown by the fact that he is capable of defeating several Insecticons with little to no effort in both of his bodies. It should be noted that even Megatron struggled to kill even one Insecticon. However, this was before the Insecticons became reduced to target practice for the Autobots, like the Vehicons. Though with Megatron's upgraded body, the odds may be on more qual footing.

In Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Optimus regains more power through his Matrix of Leadership when the Primes used a portion of their sparks to give Optimus a heavily sturdy body to defeat Megatronus. He also has a Prime Decepticon Hunter, which was given to him by the Primes and allows him to combat any force or foe that he comes in contact with.

Behind the Scenes

  • He is voiced by Peter Cullen, who is famously known to have voiced the very same character in The Transformers (also known as G1), the Transformers movie series and their respective video games, as well as the various pieces of the aligned series.

Physical Appearance

Robot Mode

Prime Season 1 and 2

  • Optimus has a gray face with a blue helmet and three antennas on each side, two blue, the others grey, heavily detailed and designed with multiple plates and layers of pieces on top of each other. Optimus has two sphere shaped bases for his antennas, with dark blue coloring around it. He has a red chest with windows from his vehicle mode and a dark grey strip on both of his ribs. He has big shoulders that overlaps his arms. 2 wheels are at the back held by his smokestacks. 4 wheels are at the back of his legs.

Prime Season 3: Beast Hunters

  • Optimus has little similarities to his old form. His upgrade includes his windows in his chest, blue helmet and red color scheme all over his body, with the exception of his legs being gray like his face and hands. His overall appearance aslo became more bulky and beefy. Optimus’ helmet had thicker antennas, his arms had noticeable grills and the upgrade included a jet pack. He also became 1.5 meters taller, passing even Megatron in height.

Robots in Disguise 2015

  • Optimus has a different form but with similarity color schemes such as red and blue. He has Autobot symbols on both of his shoulders and his truck window resembles his chest.

Vehicle Mode

Prime Season 1 and 2

  • Like all of his alternate counterparts, he transforms into a big rig truck. It can attach a trailer to the back blue section. Optimus can go to Maximum Overdrive, which makes him go faster than a normal truck.

Prime Season 3: Beast Hunters

  • With his upgrade, he has an alt mode similar to that of an experimental all-terrain expeditionary fighting vehicle which was designed and built by the finest engineers in the US army division.

Robots in Disguise 2015

  • Optimus retains a truck mode that is colored blue, red and little gray around.





Mini Series (First Five Episodes of Season 1)

Season 1

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Rescue Bots

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Robots in Disguise

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  • The name Optimus is derived from Latin meaning 'the best', 'aristocrat', 'noble'; the name 'Prime' is derived from the Latin name 'Primus' which means 'the first', where as an adjective means 'first in rank, 'chief'. His original name 'Orion' is derived from the Greek baby name meaning 'Rising in the sky' and his surname 'Pax' is a Latin baby name meaning 'peace'.
    • Interestingly He is one of the few Cybertronians to possess a surname.
  • Optimus's design appearance is heavily influenced from previous incarnations, with his colour scheme primarily appears to resemble his Generation One counterpart whears his pyhsical appearance takes inspiration from his Live-Action film counterpart.
    • Additionally his vehicle mode shares elements from both his Generation One and Live-Action film counterparts.
  • As a homage to his past counterparts, Optimus wields dual ion blasters and blades.
  • Optimus is the only Autobot to have disarmed a limb from the Decepticons: He shot Starscream's right arm of him and he cut of Megatron's right arm with the Star Saber.
  • Optimus has demonstrated to possess a reasonable knowledge regarding Earth mythology ranging from history, science, law; he has also personally learned various human customs and idols.
  • Optimus currently stands as the tallest Autobot of the series as well as the third tallest character in the series succeeded by Megatron and Predaking.
  • Optimus' second form appears to heavily resemble his Cybertron counterpart, additionally configured with a jet pack similar to his Unicron Trilogy, Live-Action Film series, Animated counterparts.
  • Optimus is the only Autobot to have received an upgraded second form in the series alongside Megatron.
  • Optimus is the first to fly in robot mode.
  • William Fowler once hinted that Optimus may have an affinity for Nashville music.
  • According to Megatron, Optimus is a fairly unskilled deceptionist.
    • This is proven he struggles to conceive a convincing lie to Jack when he presented the Key to Vector Sigma which he weakly names 'The Key to the groundbridge power supply'.
  • According to both Arcee and Bulkhead's expression 'Primes never party', when Arcee stated that he went for a drive this implies that Optimus appears to enjoy driving as a pass time.
  • Optimus has proven to be the most clean-mouthed Cybertronian as he has never utilsed curse words or contractions in the series to date.
  • It was revealed that Optimus Prime is one of the original Thirteen Primes, the mysterious Thirteenth Prime, who was reincarnated to help guide the new race of Cybertronians to peace. (He succeeded in ways he probably did not imagine) Because of this, Optimus Prime is the oldest main character in the series in a spiritual sense. Despite being one and the same though, his two lives do have some differences;
    • Originally he carried no weapons; now he is heavily armed.
    • Optimus was given special abilities through the Matrix of Leadership while originally he had none.
    • Optimus is now physically stronger than he initially was as Orion Pax.
    • Optimus is much more aggressive and forceful, due to millennia of war.
    • Optimus' past and present selves look different enough that a casual observer would not notice a similarity, but enough that Alpha Trion was able to recognize him as Orion Pax.
  • Like most Autobots and Decepticons, he goes by a few nicknames. His navy comrade, High Tide, calls him O.P. But Sideswipe once called him 'Pops'. Offended, Optimus let him off with a sound warning to call him Optimus, as his only option. But Optimus had no problems when Sideswipe called him O.P. once.
  • Ironically, Optimus have been saved more times by Megatron than latter did for him. Megatron saved Optimus on 5 occasions (both directly and indirectly), while Optimus only helped Megatron at the end of the series, by seperating Unicron's anti-spark from the former Decepticon's body.
  • Optimus came close to kill Megatron three times in the series: 1. after beating him at the battle of One Shall Fall, 2. when an exhausted Megatron was helpess after terminating an Insecticon in Crossfire and finally during the climactic finale in Deadlock .


  • "We must not allow our anger over the loss of Cliffjumper to impair our judgement. As of today, only we five Autobots remain on this earth. We owe it to ourselves... to the memory of Cybertron... to any Autobots in any galaxy seeking safe harbor... to humankind... and we owe it to the memory of our fallen comrade... to survive."
  • "We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron, also known as Autobots." - Optimus referencing the first live action movie.
  • "Arcee, what did you see?"
  • "I have a grave suspicious, Ratchet. Dark Energon."
  • "You will not prevail, Megatron. Not while Energon still flows through my veins."
  • "I hold no illusions of engaging your army Megatron. But I might delay its objective by removing its head."
  • "One shall stand. One shall fall."
  • "Without a means of leaving this world, we Autobots take strength in the bonds we have forged with our three young friends - true warriors. If not in body, then in spirit. My name is Optimus Prime, and I send this message. Though we did not choose to be of Earth, it would seem that we are here to stay. If you approach this planet with hostile intent, know this: We will defend ourselves. We will defend humanity. We will defend... our home."
  • "Indeed Bumblebee. Our human friends would of been wise to stray from Ratchet's path."
  • "But, I will bring you back a snowball."
  • "Bulkhead may be... too large for this world, but his inner strength is without bounds. One should not be measured by size alone."
  • "Arcee, this may not be the finish that we had planned, but if this is indeed the end, if we are to be come one with the Allspark..."
  • "Our human friends may be small, but they are strong."
  • "Likewise soldier."
  • "Special Agent Fowler. To what do we owe..."
  • "Ah-ah, no need, Agent Fowler. I will handle the driving."
  • "Our assailants are not Decepticons. They are humans."
  • "Autobot! Maintain your cover. And apply minimal force. Disarmament only."
  • "Maximum overdrive!"
  • "Raf, Miko, do either of you know where the others have gone?"
  • "Thanks to your medical expertise, old friend."
  • "Ratchet, can we triangulate the geographical position of the cell phone signal?"
  • "Miko, what you've endured has been lesson enough. We are just glad you are all safe."
  • "Sometimes we must rise above ourselves for the greater good."
  • "It's a trap!"
  • "Engaging the enemy on your own was even more foolish this time Bulkhead. But I am honored you saw fit to rescue your rival. You have truly risen above yourself."
  • "You're right to be worried Bulkhead. But I agree with Arcee."
  • "Wisdom cannot be granted Arcee. It must be earned. Sometimes at a cost."
  • "Miko your quick thinking prevented the formula from falling into Decepticon hands."
  • "Ratchet, I question the wisdom of using yourself as a test subject."
  • "Autobots do not inflict harm unless all other options have been exhausted. It is what separates us from the Decepticons."
  • "There is something I must do."
  • "I have been foolish not to see what history has proven over and over again, that Autobots and Decepticons will never mend their ways. If there can be no diplomatic solution to this perpetual conflict, then I must not allow darkness to fall upon this or any planet. Megatron must be destroyed!"
  • "I have come for Megatron and him alone. Stand down and be spared."
  • "Megatron! Today you answer for your crimes against Cybertron and against humanity. One shall stand-"
  • "Do not believe everything you read."
  • "I could not have allowed this to happen otherwise."
  • "June, it deeply grieves me that I have failed. But I will do everything in my power to ensure that no harm comes to our human friends. Or any human ever again."
  • "Before the beginning... there was Primus. And, there was Unicron. One, the incarnation of creation – the other... of destruction. For eons; Primus and Unicron battled, the balance of power shifting between them more times than could be counted. Only by creating the Thirteen – the original Primes who preceded me – was Primus finally able to defeat Unicron, and cast him out. Primus became one with the very core of our planet, creating life through the Well of All Sparks, while Unicron was never to be heard from again... until now."
  • "This fight must be mine alone."
  • "Not while I still function Unicron. The power of the Matrix will light our darkest hour!"
  • "Where are we Megatronus?"
  • "One question Megatron. Why are we called Decepticons?"
  • "You do not suggest that our leader would speak falsehoods?"
  • "Why does history portray me siding with the Autobot aggressors? And why did Starscream call me a Prime? I must know. Who am I?"
  • "That may be true, or yet another deception, but this much I do know: my sympathies lie with the Autobots and you are not one of us."
  • "Are you certain I am worthy?"
  • "Megatron!! Begone!!!!"
  • "A transplant. But that would require a donor."
  • "You and Bulkhead share quite a history and yet you prefer to work alone."
  • "Without the resources we possessed on Cybertron, we lack ready means of capturing and imprisoning our enemies. Nonetheless. I do not intend the termination of ANY defensless lifeform."
  • "Is something wrong?"
  • "I am fine General Bryce. How are you?"
  • "You are stronger for the choice you made."
  • "This is one race... that we absolutely cannot afford to lose."
  • "You will lead me there regardless."
  • "The current temperatures are not extreme enough to affect our biology. You'll be fine."
  • "Yet you cannot fly!"
  • "I bore Skyquake no malice. And I regret the role I played in his demise. So I will appeal to you as I did to your twin. Turn your back against the Decepticon cause and help me end this war. For his sake and all who have fallen."
  • "Be on your guard Bulkhead."
  • "Go where you are needed Agent Fowler. There is nothing more you can do for Bulkhead at this time."
  • "She needs time."
  • "Slow, but steady old friend."
  • "Smokescreen, what was your assignment inside the halls?"
  • "Do you know of Alpha Trion's fate, after the fall of Iacon?"
  • "This is our opportunity. Autobots! Storm the command center."
  • "While Ratchet and Arcee are correct, I believe we are all equally responsible for this incident."
  • "Our recent efforts have been so intensively focused on averting crises, that we have overlooked simple matters such as teaching Smokescreen how to best function on this planet. It is an oversight that must be corrected."
  • "Perhaps the best way for you to learn about the human world is from a human."
  • "I am but a soldier Megatron, and you are a prisoner of your own twisted delusions."
  • "Autobots! Maintain positions!" (Slow motion)
  • "Then I appeal to you again. Join us and help end this conflict once and for all."
  • "With the Forge of Solus Prime. We have a means of reaching Cybertron."
  • "According to Alpha Trion, the Omega Lock is a conduit to the very Allspark itself."
  • "-And if we refuse."
  • "You have what you want Megatron. This conflict is between Autobots and Decepticons. Allow me to return the humans to Earth."
  • "No, it will cyberform your planet in favor of it's new Matrix. Destroying all indigenous life in the process."
  • "What was necessary. There was no time for another prolong battle not with Earth in imminent danger."
  • "The base is lost. Agent Fowler and Wheeljack can only buy us time to escape. Bumblebee and Rafael you will depart first."
  • "We must disperse to avoid capture until we can regroup and launch a counterattack. Survival is our only priority now."
  • "I will ensure that the Decepticons cannot follow."
  • "Neither did I old friend."
  • "How did I get here?"
  • "No... No hope."
  • "The Forge... of Solus... Prime."
  • "That is not the reason.... I had you retrieve the relic."
  • "The Power of the Forge is not unlimited... It's energy has already begun to... ebb."
  • "Whatever power remains... must be used... to rebuild the Omega Lock... to restore Cybertron."
  • "The fate of all our kind... is more vital... than that of any one of us, including... me."
  • "There will be... a new Prime."
  • "The time for a new leader is upon us. In my spark....I believe that leader stands before me right now..."
  • "Smokescreen. The choice is neither yours or mine to make... when it is time... the Matrix of Leadership will present itself to one... whose spark is worthy..."
  • "Who... stands before me?"
  • "Is it truly you... Alpha Trion?"
  • "I do not fear joining the Allspark, but for the fate of the Matrix of Leadership."
  • "Commander." (after being restored by the Forge)
  • "Autobots. We must become Beast Hunters."
  • "Ultra Magnus. Something has been troubling you."
  • "Your service is most welcome old friend. But this is not the Elite Guard."
  • "And we must adapt to that change. The members of Team Prime are not cogs in a machine. They have grown into something greater than an army. They have become..."
  • "Stealth team transport our cargo back to base. Wreckers reconnoiter the mine."
  • "A human concept. One I have learned since coming to Earth: Family."
  • "I will engage the Predacon!"
  • "Stand down Predacon!"
  • "If Megatron truly is rebuilding the Omega Lock, as Ratchet summarized, Synthetic Energon might be a necessary component."
  • "Whatever the outcome, know that Ratchet would be most proud of your contribution."
  • "Loud and clear old friend!"
  • "Autobots! Lock onto those coordinates. And storm the warship!"
  • "Copy Ratchet! We will rendezvous at the objective. Arcee lead stealth team to secure the Omega Lock. Ultra Magnus, you and the Wreckers storm the bridge. Prevent the Decepticons from targeting the device if stealth team is delayed."
  • "I do not intend to pass up a second chance of restoring Cybertron."
  • "Noooooo!!!!"
  • "It would seem that the old field medic made good after all."
  • "Optimus Prime to all units. Megatron is no more!!!"
  • "Ultra Magnus. Set course for Cybertron!!"
  • "With our home planet capable of supporting life. We have much rebuilding to do. Alas, we will miss our home away from home and the family we made here."
  • Megatron has saved Optmus' life five times ironically both intentional and unintentional, while optimus has only tried to murder him.
  • "Until we meet again old friend."
  • "We have endured bitter hardship and countless battles. But along last our home planet has been restored. We would not be standing on Cybertron soil were it not for the valiant efforts of those assemble here and our absent commerades. Ratchet, who remains on Earth to safeguard our human friends and Cliffjumper who made the ultimate sacrifice. But on this day at the dawn of a new era we bestow a special honor one earned by Bumblebee through his bravery and devotion to the cause of peace. Long before he rid this universe of the scourge of the Decepticon warmonger." (Predacons Rising)
  • "It is best that you remain here Wheeljack."
  • "I am too close to turn back."
  • "Wheeljack! Set a course for Cybertron."
  • "Bumblebee, this is Optimus Prime. Proceed."
  • "Wheeljack! Ensure that the lightspeed drive is fully operational."
  • "We must keep the AllSpark from Unicron's reach."
  • "Not as I stand before you Unicron."
  • "Megatron! You and I once united to save a world from Unicron. We must do so again!"
  • "By the only means available to us. Under these most dire of circumstances. The fate of our species upon this...or any world, depends upon it."
  • "As a being comprised of pure energy, Unicron's anti-spark was vulnerable to this reliquary of the Primes."
  • "In order to protect the Allspark and secure Unicron's defeat it was necessary for me to empty the vessel's contents... (Bumblebee: Into where?) the Matrix of Leadership."
  • "As such my own spark can no longer be separated from the multitude of others within me."
  • "To not return the Allspark to the Well would be to prevent future generations of new life from existing on Cybertron. My quest must be completed."
  • "Because the Matrix must now be relinquished with the Allspark, it cannot be restored, or passed down to another. But while this may very well mark the end of the age of Primes, Leadership can be earned with or without the Matrix. And in my view, you have each acted as a Prime."
  • "As even Megatron has demonstrated on this day. Every sentient being has the capacity for change."
  • "I ask only this of you fellow Autobots....Keep Fighting the noblist of fights."
  • "Above all do not lament my absence. For in my spark I know that this is not the end. But merely a new beginning... simply put... another transformation."


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