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The name or term Optimus Prime refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Optimus Prime (disambiguation).

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Optimus Prime, once named Orion Pax and later Optimus, was second-in-command to Sentinel Zeta Prime but thrust by the High Council of Elders into the Prime Rank against his will after Megatron kills Zeta, thus becoming Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime is the heroic leader of the Autobots. He is both brave and compassionate, inspiring greatness in those who follow him. Optimus has a strong sense of justice and righteousness and has dedicated himself to the protection of all sentient life; he will battle his foes with unyielding resolve to uphold his belief. Even the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, begrudgingly admits his respect for Optimus.

He has a heroic, dependable, and honorable personality.

"Autobots do not inflict harm unless all other options have been exhausted. It is what separates us from the Decepticons."
―Optimus on the differences between the two sides.

"I have come for Megatron, and him alone. Stand down and be spared."
―A very angry Optimus warns some Eradicons to stay the pit out of his way.


Exodus novel[]

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Exiles novel[]

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Prime cartoon[]

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Orion Pax was a history clerk in Iacon, and he became more worried about the present society as he learned more about Cybertron’s past. He formed a close friendship with a gladiator named Megatronus, and the two aspired to change Cybertron for the better. However, Megatronus’s ideas were harsh and when Orion spoke with the High Council, they saw the integrity of his spark and intentions, and decided to name him the next Prime. Once Megatronus, now Megatron, corrupted Cybertron’s core, Orion journeyed there and was presented by Primus’s spirit the Matrix of Leadership and became Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots opposing the Decepticons. One Shall Rise, Part 3 Sometime during the battle of Technar, Skyquake was ordered to assasinate him, but failed. Masters and Students

On modern day Earth, Optimus and his team forged an alliance with the U.S. government, continuing their battle with the Decepticons.


After three years of apparent Decepticon absence they returned, killing Cliffjumper. After giving a speech about how they must not give up and protect the humans, Optimus learned from Arcee and Bumblebee that two young humans had witnessed their battle against a pair of Decepticon troops, he decided that they had better protect them should the Decepticons decide to target them. After Jack, Raf, and a third human, Miko, arrived at their base, Optimus introduced himself and explained their war with them, and admitted his fear that Megatron might soon return. Darkness Rising, Part 1

Once Optimus was done telling his tale, Agent Fowler, their liaison to the outside world, arrived to berate the Autobots for the earlier fight. Optimus assured him they had the situation under control, and pleaded for him to not involve the human military for fear of human casualties. Then Cliffjumper’s life signal came back on, so Optimus led Team Prime to a Decepticon mine where the signal was located at in an attempt to find their fallen comrade. When they arrived via the Ground Bridge, they engaged the Decepticon forces as Arcee searched. However they were forced to flee back to base when Starscream activated a bomb that ignited the Energon. Arcee explained that the Decepticons had done something to Cliffjumper with a strange substance. Optimus then assigned the humans guardians for their own safety. Darkness Rising, Part 2

Optimus arrived in time to prevent a tool brought to life by the strange substance from dismantling Ratchet. Optimus feared he knew what the substance was, Dark Energon, and decided to investigate the site of an ancient battle, leaving Arcee in charge. After Ground bridging to the site, Optimus and Ratchet encountered Megatron, and the Decepticon leader used a shard of Dark Energon to bring to life an army of the undead. Darkness Rising, Part 3 Optimus and Ratchet fought against Megatron’s newly formed minions, almost being overwhelmed before they destroyed all of the Terrorcons, however Megatron let on that this wasn’t his main plan. Upon returning to base, Optimus reprimanded Bulkhead for taking the children with him into battle, and then told Ratchet that he believed Megatron intended to reawaken the corpses from the darkened Cybertron and bring them through a Space bridge. Darkness Rising, Part 4

Taking the risk of Ground bridging to the Decepticon Space bridge, Optimus lead the Autobots to prevent Megatron from following through with his plans. As they fought off the Vehicons trying to hold them off, the Decepticons locked onto Cybertron’s position and Megatron used his Dark Energon to reawaken Cybertron’s dead. Left with no other option, Optimus suggested destroying the Space bridge, and fought off Megatron as the other Autobots set about sabotaging the bridge. Soon the bridge began falling apart, and Optimus and the others escaped back to base before it blew up. Optimus then proceeded to send out a message announcing Earth as the Autobots new home. Darkness Rising, Part 5

Later, Optimus equipped with the weapon called the Star Saber, he battled Megatron and has a new member of his team and has now lost a arm as showed on the episode our darkest hour. Darkest Hour.

It is shown in the latest series of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters trailers that Optimus has survived,but is weak and badly damaged. He mentions in one of them that it was time, "for a new prime." On march 19, in a special 1-hour episode, it has been revealed that Optimus has chosen the new leader fit for leading the Autobots: The one who was standing before him at that moment: The new recruit, or Smokescreen. The episode also reveals that Ultra Magnus joins the fight(he is a little cocky, as he pretty much insulted the humans every single time he sees "the life forms", and complained how they were so lacking authority), and the Predacon Predaking is released, with its first target as Wheeljack. The episode also has a view of Magnus' gun safe aboard his ship. As the autobots look at the total badass inside, Magnus gives them one final order: "take your pick."


Tranformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime

In Rebellion, he hesitates to become "one with the allspark". Before he dies, Smokescreen puts the Forge of Solus Prime in his hand and a blast of energy is released, reviving him. He saves the autobots from execution and Darkmount(the decepticon citadel) is destroyed from Optimus throwing Megatron in the core of the fusion cannon.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising film[]

After the season finale "Deadlock" life is returned to Cybertron. To ensure the restoration of Cybertron, Optimus sacrifices himself to the "Well of All-Sparks"

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Rescue Bots cartoon[]

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English)

Optimus Prime is partnered with Chief Charlie Burns.

Optimus Prime Rescue Bots

He guides the rescue bots to a new planet called Earth. As the rescue bots awaken, Optimus comes out from the shadows and instructs them about living amongst the humans. He also gives the rescue bots an alternate form for each member (although Blades doesn't like to fly, the choice of the helicopter was made for him). Often he appears on the big screen in the rescue bots' headquarters checking up on them. Family of Heroes

Transformers: Go! anime[]

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Optimus Go


War for Cybertron video game[]

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English)

Optimus is a powerful, decorated and renowned military leader of the Autobots, and a close personal friend of the current leader, Zeta Prime. At a certain point, he saves Bumblebee from his Decepticon assailants. Unfortunately, he learns that Zeta Prime has been murdered by Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. In light of this new information, Optimus takes it upon himself to lead the Autobots in all but name against their foes and avenge his friend's death until the Autobot council can announce a successor.

He successfully leads a defense of the Autobot city, Iacon, from the Decepticon onslaught- sending Starscream and the Decepticon forces fleeing. Afterwards, Optimus finds a startling piece of information, it turns out that Bumblebee's report was false; Zeta Prime lives and is being held prisoner by the Decepticons bearing information that will allow the Autobots to triumph in the war against Megatron. Faced with this knowledge, Optimus Prime takes it upon himself to free his friend and leader, despite warnings of the possibility of a trap. Allowing himself to be captured, he and his men initiate a jailbreak in Megatron's Kaon Prison, they fight their way to the heart of the complex, where they find Zeta Prime wired into a machine by Soundwave. They free him of his bindings, and Optimus takes up the solemn duty of carrying a fallen hero to the Autobot High Council.


Optimus assumes temporary command after Zeta Prime is reported dead

Carrying Zeta's ruined husk to the Autobot High Council, mourning the loss of his friend and leader, Optimus beseeches the Council for their wisdom. They reiterate that it is their charge simply to christen the Prime, and it is the charge of the Primes to defend their people. Optimus reminds them their are no more Primes, but the council is undeterred, asking the mighty Optimus why he denies his destiny. They then speak of how long they have watched the Primes fall to their own greed and pride, and comment on how Optimus is superior to all that have come before, for his courage and wisdom has transformed the lives of those around him, and transformed calamity into victory. Though reluctant to accept this position, Optimus, now Optimus Prime, accepts his new title, and duty, they then bestow upon him the quest to cleanse the Core of Cybertron of the Dark Energon Megatron has infected it with.



His first task is to rescue and repair the tortured Omega Supreme, after which he descends into the core. Though he succeeds in stopping the Decepticon machinery corrupting the core, Optimus learns from the Core itself that the damage is too severe. However, it also tells them that the damage can be reversed, however, such a process will take millions of years, and Cybertron must shut down all it's systems. As a final gesture of hope, the Core grants Optimus Prime, the last Prime, the Matrix of Leadership. A piece of the spark of Cybertron, telling him that he now carries Cybertron with him, and through him, it shall endure.

Optimus Prime orders a complete planetary evacuation, however Megatron, angered by Optimus's victories against him and continued defiance and preaching that he is never defied, bombards the surface of Cybertron with a powerful laser beam. The Autobot flyers, Jetfire, Silverbolt, and Air Raid assault the cannon and manage to neutralize it. However, the gun is far more than it seems, as it transforms into a fearsome behemoth: Trypticon. Optimus, Bumblebee, and Ironhide fight the abominable machine and destroy it in an epic battle.

Optimus Prime oversees the evacuation of his people, it now seems that the Transformers will be a race without a homeland for millions of years. Nevertheless, the new Prime vows to forever fight his arch-nemesis, and orders the construction of the Ark, which will bear them to the stars with their brethren.

Rise of the Dark Spark[]

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English)

Fall of Cybertron video game[]

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (English)

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Optimus Prime using Thermo Rocket Cannon.

At a certain point after launching the Ark, Optimus explained to Bumblebee how hard it has been for him, and telling him the space portal would be their best hope. He goes to fight Megatron when the Nemesis boarded. The pulse cannons were out, so Bumblebee was forced to reactivate them on his own. Once Bumblebee got through, Ratchet reported that he couldn't see anything but he knew that Optimus was next to him. Megatron proceeded to shoot Optimus with a Nucleon Shock Cannon but was thwarted by Bumblebee, who gets in the way. The chapter then goes through the producers' names and then moves to Chapter 2.

Optimus then led the fight to destroy the warp cannons shooting at the Ark. As he traversed through the landscape, he felt a presence in his chest emanating from the Matrix of Leadership. Optimus then fell underground. He knew he was getting closer. He found Metroplex, who "heeded the call of the last Prime". He, Optimus, and the newly arrived Warpath wrecked the Decepticons standing in their way and the Warp cannons.

Throughout the remainder of the campaign, he is contacted by numerous individuals such as Jazz, Grimlock and Cliffjumper.

Universe online game[]

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Rise of the Dark Spark video game[]

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Optimus Prime Deluxe toy from Generations

optimus prime fall of cybertron

  • Cybetronian Optimus Prime (2010)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster
This version of Optimus Prime is a voyager class toy in a Deluxe class's body, his transformation is very complicated for his size. He comes with gun that looks a lot like a neutron assuault rifle even though its officialy called an Ion Blaster, it has an auto-morph gimmick that transforms it one ways for vehicle mode and another for humanoid mode. It can be plugged into his fist and his arm in two different ways.
  • Rage Over Cybetron Optimus Prime (2011)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster
A repaint of Cybertronain Optimus Prime with yellow and red highlights.
  • Darkside Optimus Prime (2011)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster
A repaint of Optimus Prime in black and grey.

Prime: First Edition[]

  • San Diego ComicCon Optimus Prime (2011)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Matrix
An early release of a deluxe scaled Optimus Prime figure.
  • Entertainment Pack Optimus Prime (2011)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster
A general release of the Deluxe figure with a similar scaled Megatron, and Jack, Miko and Raf figurines.
  • Optimus Prime (2011)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Blade, Cardbord Stand
In truck mode, Optimus Prime is very show accurate. He has some extra paint applications the SDCC version didn't have, which helps make him more show accurate. He has six rolling wheels. The blaster is made entirely of a soft, rubbery plastic, probably [for safety reasons]]. His head is molded to have his mouth plate, despite the fact that in the show he normally has it down. The actual blade part has been molded on top instead of the bottom.

Prime: Robots in Disguise[]

  • Optimus Prime (Commander, 2012)
    • Accessories:
  • Optimus Prime (2012)
    • Acessories: Extending Blaster, Sword
A new Voyager scaled version of the cartoon character. The blaster weapon is capable of extending out, during which an LED lights up the translucent blue plastic.

Prime: Beast Hunters[]

  • Optimus Prime (Cyberverse Commander, 2013)
  • Optimus Prime (Voyager Class, 2013)
    • Acessories: Blaster, Star Saber
A new Voyager mold with sword similar to the Star Saber and trailer bits that become a jetpack.
  • Optimus Prime (Ultimate Class, 2013)

Rescue Bots[]

  • Optimus Prime (2011)
Optimus Prime transforms into a red, white and blue flat-nose truck.
  • Fire Station Prime (playset, 2011)
This is a large fold-and-carry play set of a Fire station with the face of Optimus Prime at the front, the main garage is in his "Mouth" that various characters can be "driven" through. Side parts fold out to accommodate the Human figures.



Optimus Prime in vehicle mode

  • In Prime, Optimus Prime's name before he was granted the Matrix of Leadership was Orion Pax. This makes him the first non-G1 Optimus Prime to be given the same detailed history and background as his Generation 1 counterpart.
  • He is equipped with an Energon-axe and an Ion blaster and his special abilities are "War Cry", which gives nearby allied players more strength, and Dash, which allows him to dodge or sprint.
  • Had Bulkhead not shown up, Megatron would have killed off Optimus before Unicron entered the plot again like in The Transformers: The Movie.
  • When playing as Optimus Prime in War for Cybertron, if you look closely at his back, you can see part of the Autobot insignia on his back, but only the top portion. Most notably the eye brows.
  • He is rather critical of Bulkhead, blaming him for what Miko does. In "Darkness Rising, Part 4", he blamed him for poor performance in watching after the three kids, Miko, Raf, and Jack, even though he was forced to rescue them due to Miko entering a space bridge following Bulkhead. In fact, it was Arcee who was left in charge in the same episode. In "Operation: Breakdown", Optimus claims that Bulkhead was foolish to go alone taking down on MECH when Miko persuaded him to.
  • Optimus claims that every living sentient being deserves a chance in the episode "Partners". This is unlike his live-action film counterpart in 'Dark of the Moon' where he just killed Megatron despite Megatron's offer of peace.
    • This is probably because Megatron is too dangerous to live, and he had seen enough deaths wrought on Cybertron and Earth to let him go when Megatron probably would have betrayed Optimus by firing his fusion cannon through Optimus's face once Optimus's back was turned.
  • Like his movie-verse counterpart, this Optimus continues to go for the face during battle as seen in the episode "One Shall Fall".
  • This version of Optimus Prime is perhaps one of the most (if not THE most) violent, battle-ready and grizzled ones in the history of the franchise. Though, given the grimness of the setting, it is quite natural.
    • This, however, was toned down in the TV show with Optimus unwilling to kill any of the Decepticon roster, even Megatron, and seeks to redeem them. In "Rock Bottom", Jack and Arcee confirmed this saying Optimus wouldn't kill helpless enemies.
  • For the first time in 24 years, in the episode where the Autobots must transport an advanced nuclear power source, Optimus Prime's trailer was an exact replica (though a bit larger) of the original trailer from his Generation One counterpart.
  • During the time Optimus had regressed to his pre-Prime persona of Orion Pax (due to unleashing the power of the Matrix), Megatron used an image of another Autobot to depict Optimus so that Orion would not see the resemblance and begin to question his identity. The image that is depicted is actually Ultra Magnus.
    • Ultra Magnus would appear later in the show's third season.

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