Optimus Prime is a character from the Transformers Autobots and Transformers Decepticons games.



Arriving late on Earth, Optimus meets up with the other Autobots to give further commands to his troops. Create-A-Bot, the new rookie, is eager to help in the cause, but Optimus tells him to sit back while the grown-ups take care of business. Getting fed up with the bureaucracy, Create-A-Bot finally defies orders and completes a mission against Optimus's council. After nearly getting himself and the other Autobots killed, Create-A-Bot apologizes to Optimus personally. Taking pity on the newcomer, Optimus lets him off with a stern warning, and they move out together to face Megatron. During the fight, Create-A-Bot sacrifices himself to save his commander. Megatron defeated, Optimus commends the young Autobot as a war hero, and sends out an interstellar message to any Cybertronians living among the stars.


Landing on Earth, Optimus quickly joins the other Autobots to attempt to stop the Decepticons. He doesn't actually appear, however, until Megatron himself is released and Starscream escapes with the AllSpark. He steps in to thwart the maniacal leader of the Decepticons, but alas, is struck down, left in the streets while Megatron gives chase to his traitorous second-in-command. You can ironically cheat by jumping on a building and shoot him then.


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  • It is revealed that the Create-A-Bot in the Decepticons version could be saved, begging the question why didn't Prime could not attempt to revive the one in Autobots version.


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