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Since 1984, Generation One Optimus Prime has received the largest number of toys for any single Transformers character, a testament to the character's enduring popularity and status as a hero to many fans.


The Transformers

Autobot Commander Optimus Prime

G1 OptimusPrime toy.jpg

The original Optimus Prime toy was a re-deco of the Diaclone Battle Convoy toy and transforms into a late 1970s red Freightliner FL86 Cab-over-Engine triple-axle semi trailer truck. The truck mode features rubber tires, and the cab is partially constructed of die cast metal. The windscreen section can open to reveal ultimately-unused seats that were originally designed for driver figures part of the Diaclone line. His trailer opens up into his Combat Deck, which features a missile-armed repair drone pod (with seating for one) mounted upon a boom lift arm. Situated in the base of this boom is a spring-loaded launcher that can be used to launch Roller out of the Combat Deck. Roller himself has seating for 4 passengers, and can be equipped to carry Optimus Prime's rifle or a fuel pump. The interior space of the trailer allows storage room for one Autobot car. In robot mode, he is armed with a black laser rifle, that, due to design, cannot be held straight. His fists are separate pieces which must be stored elsewhere in vehicle mode; there are pegs to store them in the trailer.


  • Ion Cannon
  • Left Fist
  • Right Fist
  • Roller
  • 4×Rockets
  • Hose
  • Nozzle
  • Fuel Pump
Optimus was made available as a mail-away toy in the "Digital Doom on the Highway to Destruction" offer in the US in 1986 to coincide with the Transformers movie in 1986. He cost $21.50 and 5 robot points, and came with a special Movie Edition Certificate and a round sticker that read " Movie . Edition . Transformer" with the Autobot symbol in the middle. (This item is considered rare.)
Over 25 years, there have been many, many releases and variants of this mold. See the list here. The cab robot was also used, with a different trailer, as the cab for G1 Ultra Magnus.
This toy's design has directly and indirectly influenced numerous others over the years, including many future versions of Generation One Optimus Prime himself as well as new interpretations of the character for Armada, the live-action movie, and Transformers Animated. Redecos of those toys have in turn spread the toy's iconic look to several other characters and many of their subsequent toys: Ultra Magnus, Scourge, and the various Nemesis Primes. Additionally, a toy that was originally intended to be the original Optimus Prime was eventually retconned to be the new character Optimus Primal, bringing Prime's appearance over to that character (and eventually Primal Prime as well.) In Japan, this began a tradition of Beast Era Convoys emulating Prime's look, spawning still more toys that trace part of their lineage back to this one.

Powermaster Autobot Leader Optimus Prime

My Japanese release has a lot more bling.

  • Optimus Prime (Powermaster, 1988)
    • Accessories: Hi-Q Powermaster unit, 2 Laser Rifles, 2 Twin Particle Beam Cannons, Super Robot head
Powermaster Optimus Prime was the first new toy of the Autobot leader since the original toy's release in 1984. He is an all-new design, utilizing the Powermaster gimmick of requiring the partner figure, who transforms into an engine module, to be inserted into a special area on the main toy before it is able to transform.
Optimus Prime is composed of two parts, his truck cab and his trailer. His new truck cab is reminiscent of the original Optimus Prime truck cab, but is constructed entirely of plastic, lacks vacuum-metalized plastic and has no clear windows. It also transforms differently in that the front of the truck is no longer the robot mode's chest. His chest is now formed out of the truck's cabin rear, styled after his cartoon appearance. He is armed with two long black rifles, based in part upon his cartoon rifle.
Prime's new trailer is essentially a heavily armed version of the original, with two double-barreled heavy laser cannons mounted on two arms with visible fists. The rear has a fold-down ramp to allow the storage of a smaller transformer, or perhaps spare accessories. The trailer can be transformed into a Powermaster battlestation that can allow other Powermaster engine figures to man the heavy laser cannons.
The main selling point of the toy is the ability of the truck cab to combine with the trailer to form Super Optimus Prime. The cab portion folded in half and sat in the chest cavity of the trailer's torso, giving him the classic Optimus Prime truck-chest appearance. The two double-barreled cannons were attached to his shoulders and a large, separate head piece was mounted onto the hole on top of the truck cab.
There were several different prototypes made for this toy. See a list here.

Action Master Optimus Prime with Armored Convoy

Eastbound and Down.

  • Optimus Prime (Action Master, 1990)
    • Accessories: 2 Laser Guns, Galactic Pulverizer Gun Barrels, 4 Blaster Cannons, 2 Energon Exhaust Stack, Photon Bazooka
The largest Action Master set, Optimus Prime came with extended hood truck pulling the Armored Convoy, a large, heavily armed trailer. Optimus Prime could sit in the cab of the truck, while other Action Master figures could stand on the guard rails or sit in the turret in the trailer.
As with all Action Master toys, Optimus Prime himself could not transform. His sculpt is based heavily upon the The Transformers cartoon model, though the colour scheme may be based upon his Powermaster (pre-supermode cab robot only) body, with blue forearms as opposed to just blue fists, although unlike the Powermaster cab robot it has blue thighs as well. His truck cab vehicle and the trailer do transform, though neither have robot modes. The truck cab can transform into a small plane, while the trailer transforms into a battle station with turrets that several Action Masters can man.
Action Master Optimus Prime's figure and rifle was included with the Japanese-exclusive "New Year" reissue of G1 Convoy in 2002, sporting a more show-accurate repaint. (To compare the two; both versions are featured in the large collage image at the head of the article in the right and left-hand corners.)


  • JAFCON Black Convoy (2000)
    • Japanese ID number: C-01
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), Roller, 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
This black and gray version of Optimus Prime was only available as an exclusive to the JAFCON convention in Japan.


  • Nucleon Quest Super Convoy (2001)
    • Japanese ID number: C-307X
    • Accessories: Hi-Q Powermaster unit, 2 Laser Rifles, 2 Twin Particle Beam Cannons, Super Robot head
This release of the Japanese Super Ginrai version of the of Powermaster Optimus Prime was a Toys R Us Japan exclusive black repaint, made to represent the original Convoy/Optimus Prime equipped for a special mission. All of his red and blue plastics were changed to black, his clear blue windows were now tinted red, making his overall colour scheme very reminiscent of the now-familiar 'Black Convoy' colour schemes.



And bigger boots, too.

  • Powermaster Optimus Prime (2003)
    • Accessories: Hi-Q Powermaster unit, 2 Laser Rifles, 2 Twin Particle Beam Cannons, Super Robot head, missile launcher, 2 missiles, Apex Bomber chest/trailer top, 2 legs (left & right), 2 arms (left and right), Armour chest/trailer front, 2 wings (left & right)
Hasbro's Toys R Us-exclusive 2003 reissue of Powermaster Optimus Prime was actually a modified version of Takara's then-recently reissued God Ginrai set. As such, the cab was partly constructed out of die-cast metal, vacuum-metalized plastic and had clear blue windows. The trailer was retooled so the super robot's fists could slide in and out of the arms. This set also included the originally Japanese-exclusive Apex Bomber drone trailer that attached onto the back of Optimus Prime's trailer in vehicle mode, and could become extra armour in super robot mode.The missiles where unchromed and lengthened due to safety issues as opposed to the Japanese release which were chromed and shorter.


"Welcome to The Past!"

  • Orion Pax (2006)
    • Japanese ID number: 67
    • Accessories: Barrellroller partner, laser rifle
This Japanese e-Hobby exclusive is a redeco of Targetmaster Kup, made to represent the character Orion Pax from the cartoon episode War Dawn. He transforms into a Cybertronic pickup-truck thing. His truck bed has a peg-hole to mount his partner Barrelroller, who also serves as a hand-held weapon. The set also came with a re-deco of Wheelie as Dion.

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers

01 Cybertron Supreme Commander Convoy

Transform Gōkin

01 Cybertron Supreme Commander Convoy

Convoy Junior toy.jpg

This toy transforms in the same way the tractor sections of all toys utilizing the Diaclone Convoy mold do, but it is smaller, has no clear windows and lacks rubber tires. It was intended as a low-cost alternative for younger children. Rather than a plastic trailer, there is a cardboard trailer that the owner is supposed to construct themselves.


  • Left Fist
  • Right Fist
  • Ion Cannon
  • Trailer

VSX Cybertron Supreme Commander Convoy VS Destron Emperor of Destruction Megatron
For further information, see: Smallest Transforming Transformers

A limited release that packaged 01 Cybertron Supreme Commander Convoy and 16 Destron Emperor of Destruction Megatron together. There are not differences between the Convoy figure in this package and the individually released 01 Cybertron Supreme Commander Convoy.


  • Good-Bye Convoy (Multipack, 1986)
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), Roller, 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump
This set contains a special version of Convoy with blue windows and was packed with Ligier and Alert.

Transform Jr

  • 3 Hero Set
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, fists (left & right)
The Gōkin toy was later released in a three-pack with smaller versions of Chromedome and Fortress Maximus.

Return of Convoy


"... and that's why you're my Micromaster now, bitch."

  • Star Convoy (Powered Master, 1991, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: C-372
    • Accessories: Laser rifle, Micromaster Trailer, Roller, small cannon, cannon turret stand, radar, connector, ramp 1, ramp 2
A Japanese-exclusive, the final new-design G1 Convoy toy was a departure from previous versions. He now transformed into a small extended hood cab truck of made-up model pulling an implausibly large trailer equipped with motorized caterpillar treads. The trailer could additionally pull along the auxiliary trailer transformer Grandus, on which the shuttle Sky Garry could land, forming the spaceship "Battlestars". Even without combining, Star Convoy's truck mode was a behemoth, including a Micro Trailer semi as a small accessory and an upgraded Roller that was now patterned after a tracked ballistic missile carrier.
Unlike previous Convoy toys, the cab section did not separate from the trailer, instead forming the arms of his imposing 12-inch tall robot mode. He lacks any sort of leg articulation in this mode, but his battery powered treads can provide him with locomotion. Star Convoy's chest can open to reveal a control center for Micromaster figures such as his partner figure Hot Rodimus to ride in.
He can also form a Micromaster base, that is more like his legs opened up, with his upper torso more or less staying exactly the same. Like Dai Atlas, his base mode can connect with other Micromaster base sets.
Star Convoy was reissued by Takara in 2005, with notable paint deco and sticker improvements, such as his white parts being painted metallic silver and the star crest on his chest painted with plated gold chrome.


Transformers: Generation 2


  • Optimus Prime (1993, 1994)
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), Roller, 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump, 2 missile launchers, 2 missiles, sound and lights module
The first Generation 2 Optimus Prime toy was largely identical in sculpt to the original release. However, his trailer was cast in black plastic, with the original blue and silver striped sticker replaced with a red and silver one that had "Optimus" in large block letters on it. The trailer also featured a soundbox attachment with a sculpted Autobot symbol on the front. The soundbox could activate a truck engine noise, a laser gun sound effect and a (badly) garbled voice that said "I am Optimus Prime!". This soundbox could also be attached onto Optimus Prime's back and be used as a sort of backpack.
The other new additions were two black spring-loaded missile launchers that fire red projectiles. In vehicle mode, these attached to the soundbox (an echo of Powermaster Optimus Prime's cannons, perhaps), and could be held in Optimus Prime's fists in robot mode. These launchers were not created for Prime; they were retooled versions of the launcher from Barricade of the G.I. Joe line.




  • Optimus Prime (Hero, 1994)
    • Japanese ID number: TRF-1
    • Accessories: Gun, 2 air power missiles
Hero Optimus Prime was the first new-mold Optimus Prime toy in the Generation 2 line. He transforms into a Kenworth truck of unknown model with a flatbed trailer. The truck and trailer form his robot mode, but cannot disconnect. His primary gimmick is an air-powered missile launcher that uses an air bellows attached by hose to launch his large, hollow, soft-rubber-tipped missiles. The bellows and missiles attach to his back in robot mode. His rifle plugs into the launcher's main body in truck mode.
This mold was also used to create Generation 2 Sureshot and the Kay-Bee Toys-exclusive Destructicon form of Robots in Disguise Scourge. A "Combat Hero" redeco was planned for Generation 2 but ultimately canceled.


Not cast in the 2007 movie.

  • Laser Optimus Prime (1995, 2006)
    • Japanese ID number: TRF-13
    • Accessories: Laser rifle, sword, 5 discs, 3 air power missiles, ripple rocket launcher, 10 rockets
Laser Optimus Prime was another new-mold toy that transformed into mid-1990s Western Star 4964EX, pulling a grey and black fuel tank trailer. On the sides of the trailer is a humourous sticker depicting Laser Optimus Prime using a flamethrower to burn down a forest, with the words "Optimus Prime Octane" over the image.
In robot mode, like Combat Hero Prime, the bottom of the truck became his familiar windowed chest based upon the original Optimus Prime toy. His main gimmick was light up LED headlights, and a lightpipe in the bottom of his right fist, illuminated by an LED in his right forearm, that would illuminate his clear sword or his double-barreled rifle if they were used in that hand. All three LEDs were activated simultaneously by pressing the sunroof-like depression on the roof of the truck.
The trailer unfolds to form a battle station bristling with many firing weapons. Primarily, it can fire an air-powered missile launcher, a ripple rocket launcher with 5 missiles that can be launched individually (this turret can also be mounted in Laser Prime's hand) and a 'disc launcher', that fired several blue plastic discs adorned with the Generation 2 Autobot sigil. This disc launcher is the only weapon that can be used in vehicle mode.
This mold was redecoed in 2000 as Car Robots Black Convoy, and slightly retooled as his US incarnation "Scourge". After Scourge, the next use of this mold was planned to be Toxitron, which ended up being canceled. The slightly retooled version of this mold was released in 2006 in Japan as reissue Battle Convoy, which was the name of this toy during the Japanese Generation 2. The reissue used the Robots in Disguise modified tooling, with a slightly modified deco using silver vacuum-metalized plastic on his chest and trailer sides along with additional paint applications and G2 symbols. The mold was also redecoed to create a new Generation 2 version of Ultra Magnus as an E-Hobby exclusive (unusual in that the character was killed in the course of Japan's Generation One fiction).
In addition to being probably the most popular Generation 2 figure, Laser Optimus Prime was, prior to 2003, a regular contender for most popular Transformers toy ever, back in the days of the annual Transformers fan awards, "The Trannies." The toy won twice, and actually lost once to his repaint, Scourge. The launch of the Armada and Alternators line, along with Masterpiece Prime, saw Laser Prime drop down that list distinctly.


Sweet ride, Prime

  • Optimus Prime (Go-Bot, 1995)
    • Accessories: Gun
A redeco of the Generation 2 Go-Bot Firecracker, Go-Bots Optimus Prime transforms into a red Hot Wheels-sized Lamborghini Diablo. Like all Go-Bots, he features high speed axles and can roll very well across smooth surfaces, but lacks the weight to propel him quickly. He is armed with a small red laser rifle. The plastic colors are a "solid" version of Firecracker's color layout, substituting opaque red for transparent red plastic.
The Japanese release of this toy swapped out the deeper-yellow plastic for a much brighter neon yellow, and had a large tampograph on the car's hood that was shaped like a stylized letter 'T', with the Transformers logo in it. Going against the grain, this toy was released in Japan with the name "Optimus Prime" instead of "Convoy".
This mold was also used to make Go-Bots Sideswipe and Robots in Disguise R.E.V..


  • Optimus Prime (Combat Hero, unreleased)
    • Accessories: Gun, 2 air power missiles
This midnight-blue and red redeco of Hero Optimus Prime was widely solicited alongside Combat Hero Megatron, appearing in many toy catalogs, but was one of a great many Generation 2 pieces that never saw release with the line's cancellation.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


  • General Optimus Prime (Auto Roller, unreleased)
    • Accessories: 4 missiles
This military-colors redeco of the Auto Roller Dirtbag was planned for late Generation 2 and widely solicited alongside fellow redeco Sargent Hound, but never saw release. Transforming into an "earth mover" dump truck, he has an auto-transforming gimmick activated by rolling his rear wheels; roll forward to go to robot mode, and back to dump truck. A switch on his back end separates the gears of the gimmick, allowing him to roll freely in either mode. In vehicle mode, his missiles can peg onto the front end of the dump-bed for storage. In robot mode, he has a twin spring-loaded missile launcher in his right arm, and a clamping "stun gun" claw on the left.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Machine Wars

Minus mouthplate

  • Optimus Prime (Ultra, 1997)
    • Accessories: Laser rifle, 2 missiles
Available only at Kay-Bee toys (well, at first), Machine Wars Optimus Prime is a redeco and slight modification of the European Generation One exclusive Turbomaster leader Thunder Clash, transforming into a Cybertronic truck cab. It also lacks the mouthplate, revealing the mouth. The trailer unit unfolds to become a missile-launching assault tower. The tower's gravity-feed missile launchers were retooled to accommodate the new, longer spring-loaded missiles in lieu of the much smaller original projectiles due to projectile choke-gate safety testing.

Smallest Transforming Transformers

You didn't find my trailer, did you? Haw haw.

  • G1 Convoy (2003)
    • Japanese ID Number: GTF-01A (truck) and GTF-01B (trailer)
Smallest Transforming Transformers Convoy is the smallest fully transforming Optimus Prime toy yet. He features an accurate transformation sequence based on the original full-sized toy, but understandably has no detachable hands, and has little articulation. His sculpt is based upon his cartoon appearances. He comes with a tiny version of his laser rifle.
His trailer was available separately as a shortpacked figure.
This mold was redecoed in wave 2 of Smallest Transforming Transformers, this time in cartoon colours and as a limited 'chase' variant based upon Ultra Magnus' colours. In wave 2.5 he was again available in cartoon colours, with the chase figure being the trailer painted in cartoon colours.

VSX Cybertron Supreme Commander Convoy VS Destron Emperor of Destruction Megatron

A set containing both the above with Megatron a homage to the original set of the same name.


20thAnniversary OptimusPrimesm.jpg

MP-1 Cybertron Commander Convoy
20th Anniversary Optimus Prime is the most successful attempt to have a semi-realistic 1970s Freightliner cab-over truck transform into a cartoon-proportioned robot mode of Optimus Prime.
Sculpted with detail, Optimus Prime is loaded with non-obtrusive gimmicks such as working spring-loaded suspension, a 'talking' movable mouthplate, flip-up communications panels and a light-up Matrix chamber with a removable vacuum-metalized Matrix of Leadership that can also be pulled open.
In humanoid mode, he is able to assume many poses, yet limited to the top-heavy design of the robot mode. In vehicle mode, he has a hitch for a trailer, but none was included due to cost. He is partially constructed of die cast metal and features rubber tires.
Optimus Prime features many accessories including the aforementioned Matrix, his Ion blaster, a transparent orange energon axe, and Megatron in gun mode, with stock, silencer and scope accessories. This small Megatron can be held in his hand, but cannot transform.
The initial Hasbro release of 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime featured his Ion blaster cast in grey plastic, with later assortments cast in black plastic. Further releases included a small poster featuring artwork by Pat Lee.
Notably, this figure has been compared to the Alternators line, with many possibly noting a same-scale between the two lines.
The main differences between the US and Japanese releases are the application of "battle damage" paint applications to the US version, and fact the US release has much smaller smokestacks, while the Japanese release has full-size stacks. Hasbro reported that the smokestack change was due to safety concerns.
The Japanese Takara release of this toy, dubbed "Masterpiece Convoy", has a cardboard trailer that the owner must construct himself.
A very limited number of Gold Masterpiece Convoy figures were given away in a Lucky Draw contest in Japan. The figure uses the same design as Masterpiece Convoy, but every piece, including the windows and weapons, is cast in a gold color, reminiscent of his electrum coating from the episode The Golden Lagoon. The only exception is the tires, which remain black rubber. It comes packaged in the usual Masterpiece Convoy box, with the only telltale sign being the gold lettering in the "Master Piece" label. It's not clear how many were made, but it is thought to be no more than 10 or 20.[1]
ToyFare Magazine named the US release "Best Toy Ever".[2]
This mold was redecoed into Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, then tweaked to make the Classics-themed "DVD" release (see below), and redecoed as Black Convoy.

MP-4 Cybertron Commander Convoy Complete Edition

You just paid $170 for a big box on wheels.

  • Convoy Complete Edition (2006)
    • Japanese ID number: MP-4
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leader, Megatron (gun mode), Energon Axe
For the re-release of Masterpiece Convoy, Takara packed him with a proper full-size, fully transforming plastic and die-cast metal trailer. The trailer can open up to reveal his Combat Deck, with storage for his accessories and a functional repair drone. The interior has enough room to accommodate one Alternators toy in vehicle mode.
Roller is conspicuously absent from this "Complete" edition. Additionally, there have been reports that this release of Masterpiece Convoy has much poorer quality control, as the paint on his chest chips more easily, and there are confirmed reports of missing parts, such as the pistons on his heels/ankles.
In continuation of their previous release of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus in 2005, in 2008 Hasbro Australia released Convoy Complete Edition as a Target Australia exclusive.

MP-10 Cybertron Commander Convoy

An entirely new mold with emphasis on the robot mode as opposed the vehicle mode. The Masterpiece figures representing Autobots made following this are designed to be in a scale such that they can fit into the trailer of MP-10.

MP-10A Cybertron Commander Convoy BAPE ver.

Redeco of MP-10 with Bathing Ape's trademark pattern.

MP-10A Cybertron Commander Convoy Mode "Eva"

Redeco of MP-10 to represent Convoy as he was in the TRANSFORMERS MODE EVA web-comic; with Eva-01's color scheme. His right shoulder has a red NERV logo. The front of the trailer, made out of white plastic, also has a red NERV logo and Roller has a yellow NERV logo.

Robot Masters

My vehicle mode is dangerous and unroadworthy!

  • G1 Convoy (2004)
    • Japanese ID number: RM-01
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, missile launcher, missile, energy axe, extra left & right fists
Robot Masters "G1 Convoy" is essentially a heavily simplified version of 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, featuring a similar sculpt and a similar (though significantly easier) transformation sequence. However, due to its size and pricepoint, it does not feature a Matrix chamber or the number of gimmicks in his larger toysake.
For reasons unknown, his ion blaster was sculpted with a large, rectangular handle, requiring accommodating fists. In order to make use of the other weapons in the line (like his own rocket launcher and the solitarium weapons), he comes with an extra pair of replacement fists with smaller, circular peg-holes. This replacement-fist method is also used to plug in his clear-plastic energy axe.


I'm shiny!

  • G1 Convoy with DVD (2004)
    • Japanese ID number: RM-10
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, missile launcher, missile, energy axe, extra left & right fists
This special edition release of "G1 Convoy" is decked out in metallic paint and the Ion blaster is painted black. In addition to the sculpted Autobot sigil on its left shoulder, another Autobot sigil is tampographed onto the right shoulder.
It comes packed with a DVD containing a short cartoon detailing the Robot Masters storyline up to that point.


  • G1 Convoy Limited Black Version (2005)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, missile launcher, missile, energy axe, extra left & right fists, Calamity Defenser shield
Available only via mail-order through Dengeki Hobby magazine, this black and gray redeco of Optimus is one of four "Black Body" promotional Robot Masters toys made available through different outlets simultaneously. He came with his normal accessories (it is worth noting his axe was solid silver), plus a chromed-gold clear-red-plastic version of Psycho-Orb's "Calamity Defenser" solitarium shield.


Why won't they redo my full-size toy in these colours?!?

  • Optimus Prime (Spychanger, 2004)
The Universe incarnation of Generation One Optimus Prime is a redeco of the Robots in Disguise Scourge's Spychanger toy, a smaller, simplified version of the original mold. He replaces most of the black plastic with predominantly red and blue, with silver for detailing, with an overall deco making him resemble the original Optimus Prime. Like most Spychangers, he features high speed axles and can roll very well across smooth surfaces, but lacks the weight to propel him quickly.
This toy was originally a Kay-Bee exclusive, and lacked any form of subline header on the packaging. The entire series would later be re-released on distinctly-Universe-branded packaging and sold through discount chains like Family Dollar.

Hybrid Style

Expensive and tiny.

  • G1 Convoy (2006)
    • Japanese ID number: THS-02
    • Accessories:
THS-02 G1 Convoy is a finely detailed, partially die-cast metal transforming toy of G1 Optimus Prime. As with most modern G1 Optimus Prime toys, he is based somewhat upon 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, but is a totally new design created under the supervision of famed Macross mecha designer Shoji Kawamori.
Standing at 3 3/4" inches tall in robot mode, THS-02 Convoy features possibly the most complex transformation sequence ever seen on a Transformers figure this small. However, the small size also works against the design, as concessions from the vehicle mode truck cab had to be made to accommodate the proportions of the robot mode.
He comes with a fully transforming and highly detailed trailer that opens up into his Combat Deck/repair bay, with a functioning repair drone and Roller, who features four-wheel steering. His other accessories include a teeeny Matrix inside his chest compartment, his ion blaster (with adjustable grip), his energy axe, Sideswipe's jet pack, and several different hands, all of which can be stored in individual compartments within the trailer.


Nemesis Prime?

  • Hybrid Style Convoy Black Version (2006)
    • Japanese ID number: THS-02B
    • Accessories:
Released by e-Hobby in a limited edition black version, this is one black & teal Convoy redeco who is most decidedly NOT Nemesis Prime; he's just a black Optimus Prime/Convoy. They even included some fiction to justify its existence. Although identical to the THS-02, Black Version Convoy comes with some additional accessories.
These include two large guns, patterned after the new weapons included with the G2 version of the classic Optimus Prime toy, which can be attached to the trailer in a similar fashion to those of Powermaster Prime. Also included are two additional (blue) Prime heads, sculpted explicitly in the style of Generation 2 comic artist Derek Yaniger's interpretation of Prime, especially as seen on the cover of the first issue, one pristine and the other battle-damaged.
As the more franchise-savvy TransFans may realise, these extra parts, plus the black trailer of Convoy Black Version, can all be used to modify the red THS-02 Prime into a comic-accurate Generation 2 version, complete with a black trailer, trailer-mounted guns and your choice of Generation-2-alicious Yaniger heads.


I don't come with a creepy girl...

  • Optimus Prime (2006)
    • Alternator ID number: 21
    • Accessories: Engine/Ion Blaster
Alternators Optimus Prime transforms into an accurate, fully-licensed 1:24th scale Dodge Ram SRT-10. The vehicle mode features rubber tires, functional steering, opening hood, tail gate and doors with a detailed cabin interior. His robot mode body sculpt details are based upon the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime toy. However, his headsculpt is based upon Powermaster Optimus Prime. He is armed with a small pistol that is formed from his engine.
This mold was later redecoed into Alternators Nemesis Prime.

Kiss Players

...And yet, I do!

  • Convoy X Melissa (2006)
    • Accessories: Engine/Ion Blaster, surfboard/blade
Kiss Players Convoy is a redeco of Alternators Optimus Prime. Unlike the Alternators version's bare red plastic, he is covered in a deeper red paint. Some of his body parts are cast in different colours, such as his shins, and has a much more intricate paint deco based upon Masterpiece Convoy. He is armed with his small engine pistol and a pink surfboard that can be reconfigured into either two small blades or a large double-bladed sword.
He comes with a small figurine of Marissa Faireborn (with no pants) and a Kiss Players CD featuring recordings of the radio play.


Dodge trucks are built Ram tough—in Japan.

  • Convoy (2008)
    • Japanese ID number: BT-22
    • Accessories: Engine/Ion Blaster
Binaltech Convoy is slightly redecoed from Alternator Optimus Prime with a color scheme based on Optimus Prime's original toy. Another major modification is the usage of die-cast metal.



  • War Within Optimus Prime (3" Robot Masters, 2006)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, display stand
War Within Optimus Prime is the first toy representation of Optimus Prime as he appears in the popular "War Within" comic book series. Constructed partially of die-cast metal, this three inch version cannot transform and has some articulation, limited to his shoulders, head and waist.


Drop and give me twenty, soldier!

  • Optimus Prime (3" Robot Master, 2006)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, display stand
The first Titanium representation of Generation One Optimus Prime's original body has a well-proportioned sculpt based on his 20th Anniversary toy. Constructed partially of die-cast metal, this three inch version cannot transform and has some articulation, limited to his shoulders, head and waist.


Well he is a car... in a car crash.

  • War Within Optimus Prime (6" Cybertron Heroes, 2006)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, display stand
The second War Within Optimus Prime toy in the Titanium series, but also the first official transforming toy from the War Within series. Personally designed by comic artist Don Figueroa (who created much of the War Within comic designs), Optimus Prime transforms into a Cybertronic truck. He is armed with a silver painted Ion blaster, on which the word "DON" can be clearly seen sculpted into the body.
He is partially constructed out of die-cast metal and plastic, but some design flaws lead to relatively weak plastic joints holding up heavy die-cast parts.


  • Optimus Prime (Battle Damaged) (3" Robot Master, 2006)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, display stand
This is a repaint of the 3" G1 Optimus Prime titanium figurine, with a 'battle-damaged' deco.


  • Optimus Prime & Bumblebee (2-pack, 2007)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, display stand
A Toys 'R' Us exclusive two-pack, this set features "Supermetal Finish" (read: shiny) versions of the "Robot Master" Titaniums Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.


  • War Within Optimus Prime Vs. War Within Megatron Battlepack (Multipack, 2007)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, display stand
A Toys R Us-exclusive item, this Titanium two-pack features the previously released War Within Optimus Prime and the upcoming War Within Megatron figures. Also included is an exclusive variant cover War Within comic book. Missing, however, is the unique base that comes with all single-pack 6-inch Titaniums (including the original release of War Within Optimus). The Megatron figure is also lacking its base, this despite bases for both figures being depicted on the instruction sheet.


Rub my symbol, Marissa. Oops, wrong toyline.

  • Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2006/2008)
    • Accessories: Smokestacks/laser cannon, wind vane/ion blaster
Classics Optimus Prime is an all-new modern Optimus Prime design based upon the original Optimus Prime, as is the intention for the Classics toyline. He transforms into a modern cab-over style truck of made up model, dominated by a large aero fairing on his roof. He was not designed to pull a trailer, and consequently does not come with one.
In robot mode, his aero fairing transforms into a large ion blaster, and his smokestacks transform into a smaller blaster. Additionally, both can combine together to form a back-mounted shoulder weapon.
As with most Classics toys, he features a heat-sensitive rubsign.
This mold was repainted into Classics Ultra Magnus, BotCon 2008's "Shattered Glass" Optimus Prime and the San Diego ComicCon 2008 exclusive Nemesis Prime.


They did me right, once.

  • Optimus Prime (Multi-pack, 2006)
    • Accessories: Laser rifle
This Classics Optimus Prime is a smaller, deluxe-class toy bearing a greater resemblance to the original G1 toy. He was only available in a special Versus pack with a similarly unique Classics Megatron toy and later the FAB version of the 2007 movie Prime. Later releases of this toy had him individually packed in some European countries. His vehicle mode and robot mode is based upon the original toy, but due to limitations in design, budget and gimmick, does not succeed very well. His thighs cannot collapse into his lower legs, meaning they are exposed in vehicle mode, as is his head. Although to be fair, you wouldn't really notice the leg thing if he had a trailer. But, he is greatly articulated.
He comes armed with a small machine gun that can be mounted on the back of his truck like a turret. Oh, and he can throw a wild punch with a push of the button on his back.
In 2008, the Optimus Prime vs Megatron set, sans DVD, has been reissued to outlets like Kay Bee in new Universe packaging.
Late in 2008, this version of Optimus prime was one of four Classics figures repainted into exclusives (the other three being the Megatron from this set in G1 colors, Grimlock repainted into Overkill, and Mirage repainted into Dragstrip). Unlike those three, it's debatable just how much repainting went into Optimus, but he comes in a snazzy new box.


Discounted at a Walmart near you.

  • Optimus Prime (20th Anniversary DVD Edition, 2006)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leader, Megatron (gun mode), Energon Axe, display stand
This is a redeco of the 2004 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, released to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the original Transformers animated movie and DVD release. He is painted in flatter, non-metallic colours to more closely resemble the original cartoon model, as well as the Voyager-class Classics Optimus Prime figure. The color of the light of his feet has changed too. As a cost-cutting measure, all vacuum-metalized plastic has been replaced with with silver and gold paint. Confusingly, his Ion blaster is now cast in blue plastic.
He comes with all the accessories he was packed with in his previous release, but includes a display base that can say phrases and sound effects from the movie. However, original actor Peter Cullen was unavailable, forcing Hasbro to use an in-house voice that sounds nothing like Optimus Prime and a lot like Christopher Walken.


Subservience to Corporate America is the duty of all servile beings.

  • Pepsi Optimus Prime (2007)
    • Accessories:
Sold by Hasbro Toy Shop at various conventions, Pepsi Optimus Prime is a repackaging of a virtually unaltered 2005 Japanese Pepsi Convoy. (Again, his stacks are shortened for safety reasons.) However, this U.S. release is, officially, a different character. Whereas the Japanese release's bio explicitly identifies the product as a separate character from Convoy (created with help from NASA, no less), the U.S. bio conversely indicates that their version of the character most definitely is Optimus Prime. His motivation for schilling Pepsi is, apparently, that he wanted a new disguise but basically couldn't be arsed to actually reformat into a new altmode.
Inspired by a 1985 special limited release of Optimus Prime with bonus Pepsi decals for his trailer in the US market, Pepsi Optimus Prime sports an egregious number of new new Pepsi-themed paint masks and decals, as well as an entirely new trailer unit, specially designed to carry a single 500ml-size bottle (a common size in Japan), three 350ml cans, or 12 bottle caps (bottle cap figurines being a common and popular collectible item in Japan).

Takara Sport Label

This rather unusual product line, thus far comprising only three entries, entirely utilizes the same body mold with different heads, marking this the first time Optimus Prime and Megatron have had identical bodies.


Comfortable yet stylish jogging is the right of all fashionable beings.

  • Convoy Nike Free 7.0 (2007)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster
Something of a shellformer, Convoy Nike Free is colored primarily white and red in his alt mode of a realistic-looking, scaled-down Nike sneaker, complete with (gratuitously long) real fabric shoelaces. In robot mode he incorporates some additional blue and silver in predictable areas and has a somewhat uniquely-shaped yet instantly recognizable G1-inspired head.
An undocumented aspect of his transformation is that his gun, which splits in two halves and secrets inside his kibble when transforming (much like Rattrap's) has two handle pegs on opposite sides, so that it can be held either at its far end or halfway along its length. The former position makes the weapon look (charitably) more like his traditional ion blaster—or Ultra Magnus' rifle. Additionally, the gun halves can be plugged together in two different ways, theoretically allowing you to create an infinitely long weapon (or at least one of ridiculous proportions).
Somewhat perversely, Convoy Nike Free's feet are sculpted in the likeness of his own sneaker alt mode, so in effect he is wearing himself! Creepy.


  • Convoy Nike Free 7.0 Marine Version
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster
A redeco of the first Convoy Nike Free in white and blue, which would make you think it's obviously intended to represent Ultra Magnus. However, the packaging declares it to be Convoy, so officially...
(As an odd postscript to this tale of footwear-induced madness, although the promo pictures all showed the shoeformer as a white and navy blue sneaker that transforms into a white and aqua blue robot, the product actually released sported much darker colors for all the robot-mode parts, with a deep teal instead of aqua, and almost all the white replaced by an icky tan/cream/grey color, including the head. Basically, the figure looks like the promo picture viewed through really dark sunglasses. Although this certainly doesn't make it look any more like Prime, you might argue that it looks a little less like Magnus. Sorta. Maybe. Not really.)



  • Convoy (2007)
    • Series number: 019
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, 2 sets of hands
A non-transforming but highly articulated Optimus Prime action figure(ine), Revoltech Convoy uses the Revoltech "revolver joints" for maximum poseability. Convoy comes with a Matrix and ion blaster accessories, as well as a few alternate hands. His sculpting is explicitly in the style of Pat "serfdom" Lee's interpretation of Optimus Prime in the Dreamwave Generation One comics, but due to physical constraints has no lack of perspective.
This figure was (surprise, surprise) also redecoed into an Ultra Magnus variant.

Transformers Music Label

  • Convoy iPod Docking Bay (2007)
    • Accessories:
Convoy iPod Docking Bay pulls an all-white trailer of similar proportions to his vintage G1 load, with rear wheels and discreet propping feet so it can also stand alone. The trailer transforms (sorta), by rotating a substantial wedge of its full length 90 degrees, kinda like a rectangular Rubik's Cube. This exposes two small speakers and "reveals" an alcove (although a huge gap is still clearly evident in trailer mode) featuring an electronic port in which to plug an iPod or iPod nano, thus becoming a working iPod dock. The dock features three working buttons; power, volume up and volume down, as well as an Autobot sigil indicator light. Included is a wall-plugging (Japanese) A/C adaptor with a long lead that plugs into the reverse of the trailer.
Note: Although American importers shouldn't have too much trouble, those living in parts of the world using higher strength A/C current outlets should be warned NOT to simply plug the A/C adaptor in with only a socket adapter, as this will overload the device and fry it completely. Buying the appropriate kind of universal A/C adaptor and a stepup/stepdown transformer (the electrical kind) with advice from an electronics specialty shop is recommended.
The cab is yet another iteration of the original Optimus Prime/Convoy toy, based on the Ultra Magnus retool, as distinguished by the elongated hubcap pegs on the front wheels. Indeed, the iPod-aesthetic, all-white deco would make you think this figure should be Magnus, but no, the packaging clearly says "Convoy", making it twice in one year that Takara has released a white-redeco Prime that isn't Magnus.
The figure comes with the snub-nosed variation of Prime's ion blaster rifle (in black) and no sticker sheet, as even the silver "rib stripe" is painted on rather than the traditional factory-applied sticker. The Trailer has discreet peg holes on its underside to store Prime's fists when in boom-box hauler mode.
Of particular note to Prime completists is that this otherwise traditional reissue of the Generation One Prime cab has a brand-new head sculpt which is essentially a miniaturisation of the Masterpiece/20th Anniversary Prime's noggin. Not only does this give the "classic" Prime toy a more show-accurate head, it's also the first iteration of this familiar mould in which the head is actually poseable. Being one of the better-articulated early Generation One toys, Prime can finally look in any direction he can aim.


See, told ya.

  • Optimus Prime iPod Docking Bay (2008)
    • Accessories:
Apparently designated "Optimus Prime" rather than the traditional Japanese "Convoy", this Japanese-exclusive is essentially identical to the previous release, including a reissue of the original Generation One Prime cab toy featuring the new poseable, Masterpiece-inspired head sculpt and a trailer that "transforms" into a working iPod dock.
The main difference is an extensive redeco, rendering Prime in his traditional colours instead of the iPod-inspired white. (Yes, it actually had more to do with iPods than Magnus, believe it or not.) Reminiscent of the Kiss Players, iPod Optimus Prime's entire ABS/PVC structure is painted over, including his fists and the silver stripe that runs along his chest. His wind shield is colored blue like the one in the 2002 New Years Convoy reissue. The silver-grey trailer has a fairly elaborate deco, featuring detailing that resembles the outward appearance of the traditional Prime trailer, including the doglegging blue stripe and Autobot symbol, an effect somewhat marred by the large, visible gap on one side. When reconfigured into dock mode, the interior surfaces surrounding the speakers are decorated with black-on-silver techno-patterns as well as three, count 'em, three logos proclaiming the name "Optimus Prime". The recessed space also features a stylised, almost Frank Milleresque, high-contrast portrait of Prime's face, although this would be largely covered by the intended insertion of an iPod.


  • Exile Perfect Year 2008 Convoy iPod Docking Bay (2008)
    • Accessories:
Released as a cross-promotion with the Japanese rock band Exile, this version of the iPod Docking Bay features a red trailer with gold stars labeled "EXILE PERFECT YEAR 2008" and "LOVE DREAM HAPPINESS", and a red-and-yellow cab.

Transformers (2007)

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings... in bed.

  • Softimus Prime (2007)
Softimus Prime is, as his name suggests, a plush G1 Optimus Prime toy. Obviously, he has no problems with articulation and passes the drop test with flying colors. His main draw is the ability to "transform" into his Freightliner FL86 vehicle mode by turning the plush toy inside out, his transformation roughly similar to the Powermaster cab Prime's. He is love, in bed.


He shoots sideways

  • Optimus Prime (Starter Set, 2007)
    • Attacktix ID number TF2-19
Faction: Autobot
Class: Leader
Special: Last Stand - 13/26 (50%) success ratio
Point Cost: 40
Base Speed: 6
Attack Type: Shooter (Force Blast)
Optimus Prime will shoot you down. He was released as part of the 2007 Starter Set along with Generation One Megatron, Energon Landquake) and Cybertron Skywarp.
Optimus' Last Stand special allows him to stand up if he's the only figure in your team left in play. If you're down to two men you might even be tempted to shoot your own man just to keep Optimus Prime in play. Don't though. Peter Cullen wouldn't approve.
Sadly you can't bring him into play with the Cybertron Super Optimus Prime vehicle mode because he's not Super Optimus Prime.


We have the technology. We can rebuild him. Except, uh.. for his face.

  • Diablock Convoy (2007)
    • ID number: 01 (Mecha Builder Vol.03)
    • Accessories:
Rounding out a bumper year of Japanese-exclusive G1 Primes, the Takara-lisenced Kawada brand Diablock Convoy is a Lego-style block building figure similar in premise to the earlier American Built to Rule sets. However, Diablock Convoy differs significantly from his Built to Rule predecessors in two crucial regards:
  • Unlike prior Built to Rule figures, Diablock Convoy is an accurate (albeit obviously stylised) representation of the toy on which it is based.
  • Also unlike Built to Rule, once fully-built Diablock Convoy is capable of completely transforming to his truck cab altmode without having to be partially disassembled and put back together first.
Forming a roughly 11-inch figure when fully assembled, Diablock Convoy is highly articulated, using 12 ball-jointed block pieces, giving him a range of motion similar to Masterpiece Prime, with the exception of the head, which can only move up and down, not side-to side. Speaking of the head, it is by far the most stylised aspect of the figure, with no real attempt to approximate Prime's face or mouthplate inside a simplified helmet, mainly featuring only a reversed block that gives the odd impression of a cycloptic eye. It is possibly intended to actually represent his forehead grill, as a yellow block inside his head construction remains barely-visible through a slit in his face, possibly intended to represent the classic toy's yellow eyes.
The figure's transformation scheme is based on the original G1 figure, the only differences being that the fists are not removed but become the headlights, and instead of flipping backwards inside the chest, Diablock Convoy's noggin flips forwards with the aid of sideways-opening windows, akin to Masterpiece Prime. A "laser rifle" in the shape of his ion cannon can be built from black bricks, and stickers bearing the Autobot faction symbol can be placed on Diablock Convoy's shoulders, although this is not recommended as it is designed to permanently stick to multiple tiles which dislodge easily and may damage the sticker.

Henkei! Henkei! Transformers

  • Convoy (Voyager, 2008)
    • Japanese ID Number: C-01
    • Accessories: Smokestacks/Laser Cannon, wind vane/Ion Blaster
Henkei! Henkei! Transformers Convoy is a redeco of Classics Optimus Prime. He features a significantly altered colour scheme, generally to make the toy more closely resemble his appearance in the Generation One cartoon and the original toyline. His truck mode features less silver paint striping, but compensates by vacuum-metalizing the entire grill/fender area silver chrome. In robot mode all of his previously grey plastic has been replaced with red plastic and mostly painted silver (or in case of the grill & bumper, chromed), along with smaller decos. Since Henkei! toys do not feature a heat-sensitive rubsign, Henkei Convoy has two Autobot sigils tampographed onto his shoulders.


  • Clear Convoy (Voyager, 2008)
    • Accessories: Smokestacks/Laser Cannon, wind vane/Ion Blaster

Universe (2008)

  • Optimus Prime 25th Anniversary Pack (2008)
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), Roller, 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump, sound effects module
Yet another rerelease of the original toy mold, this gift set of course includes the cab, combat deck trailer, and Roller. Hasbro stock photography of the set depicts Prime with full-length smokestacks, but this would not be the first time that stock photography does not accurately represent the final product. The set also includes a reprint of the first issue of the Marvel Comics series, as well as a DVD containing the entire "More than Meets the Eye" pilot. The set also features a battery-powered Autobot symbol that plays the classic transformation sound, speech recorded by Peter Cullen, and a snippet of the G1 series theme song.
Note: The European/Australian release did not include the DVD though.
Hasbro assures you that this one is the toy you had as a kid, unlike the one you thought you had.

  • Optimus Prime (Special Edition Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Laser rifle
A G1 colored redeco of the Classics Battle begins Deluxe Optimus Prime.


  • Nissan GT-R feat. Convoy (2008)

A highly detailed sports car model with several "Automorphing" features called "Synchrotech", this toy is made to a smaller scale than the previous Alternator/Binaltech line. It was available in three color scheme: Vibrant Red, Ultimate Silver, and Super Black.

Combiner Wars

Combines with Dragstrip and others to form "Ultra Prime" which has a chest reminiscent of Energon Optimus Prime.



I'm expensive!

  • Convoy (2000)
    • Japanese ID number: MFC-01
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, alternate hand, unpainted rifle, Matrix, helmet and hand
Metalforce Convoy is a large vinyl figurine sculpted to very closely resemble Optimus Prime as he appeared in the original television series, and at the time was the most accurate product depiction of Optimus Prime's cartoon appearance.
The figure has useful swivel joints at the shoulders and neck, and not-so-useful ones at the wrists and knees. It comes fully painted and pre-assembled, but true to his garage figure origins his Ion blaster must be cut free using a hobby knife, then assembled. His clear blue chest window piece is removable to allow the installation of his Matrix of Leadership, as is a Movie-style Matrix cover (not pictured). He also comes with an alternate hand that allow him to hold his accessories, as well as unpainted and uncut duplicates of his Matrix, hands and helmet, for some reason...
Metalforce Prime was available in both a matte-paint "anime" version that more precisely echoed the colours of the actual series, and a metallic-paint version (pictured), which is less show-accurate but more shiny. The plain-colours version was the first release and has an Autobot symbol tampograph on his shoulder as per the cartoon, while the later metallic-finish version instead came with a decal sheet.

Heroes of Cybertron

The Heroes of Cybertron PVC figurine line is an adaptation by Hasbro of Takara's own Super Figure Collection line. The main differences between the two lines is that Hasbro cast Autobot and Decepticon figures in clear blue or clear red PVC respectively, then completely painted the figurines. This allowed the eyes to 'glow' when placed in front of the light source.

  • Optimus Prime (2002)
This figurine of Optimus Prime is sculpted based upon his television appearances. He is armed with his black Ion blaster and his articulation is limited to his shoulders and neck.
  • Optimus Prime with Plasma Weapon (2002)
The second third HOC Optimus Prime figure is a modification of the first - replacing his right hand/rifle with his energon axe, and replacing his left pointing hand with a closed fist.
  • Powermaster Optimus Prime Apex Armor (2002)
Actually a repaint of SFC God Ginrai, this figurine's sculpt is based upon Ginrai's television appearances in the series Masterforce. The figure is depicted as fully combined with both his trailer and Apex Bomber.
  • Powermaster Optimus Prime Spark Attack (2002)
This figure was based upon the "God Ginrai Fire Guts repaint".

KT Figure Collection - The Transformers

  • Convoy (KT Figure Collection, 2004)
This figure was designed by Yūki Ōshima and produced by KT Figure Collection. The figure is actually a mini bust of Optimus Prime, which includes the head and the upper body without arms. The chest design comes with translucent blue windows and a grill on the midsection. There is also a button in the back. Pushing the button will open the chest and cause the Matrix to emerge, similar to the scene in The Transformers: The Movie.
  • Convoy "Revival version" (Figure-Oh exclusive, 2004)
The 82nd issue of the hobby magazine Figure-Oh (meaning Figure King in Japanese) came with a redeco version of Optimus Prime's mini bust. It is painted completely silver, making him appear to be coated with the special alloy from The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2.

Transformers - Mini Bust

Autobots, Roll Out!!

  • Optimus Prime (Diamond Select, 2007)
A mini-bust of Optimus Prime based on his appearance in the comic was released by Diamond Select in 2007. The figure includes the upper body of Optimus Prime, carrying his laser rifle and posed as if preparing to charge. The Matrix of Leadership is sculpted into the base of the statue.

Transformers (2007)

  • Optimash Prime (2007)
Main article: Optimash Prime

Robot Heroes


  • Optimus Prime Vs Ravage (2007)
Packed with Ravage, Optimus Prime is one of the first figures in the Transformers segment of the Heroes franchise. As with all Heroes figures, Optimus Prime is a simple, yet well-detailed two-inch tall figurine with exaggerated, cartoony proportions. He is sculpted holding his Ion Blaster rifle in his right fist and his left arm in a pointing pose. He is also love, and demands that you pull his Finger of Doom.

Cuteness is the right of all sentient beings.

  • Decepticon Sneak Attack (2007)
"Supermetal Finish" Optimus Prime came in a set also including "Hologram" Mirage, Cliffjumper, "Supermetal Finish" Megatron and Skywarp.

'Til all are cute.

  • Optimus Prime Vs Unicron (2007)
Packed with Unicron, a second SD Optimus Prime for the Transformers segment of the Heroes franchise. This version of the Chibimus Prime has him opening the Matrix of Leadership to shine the Autobots' darkest hour. Better him than Rodimus.

Gold Convoy Trophy

A gold chrome trophy in the likeness of Optimus Prime was given as an award to an unknown number of distinguished Takara employees and as a Lucky Draw item way back in the 1980s. If you're an Optimus Prime merchandise completist, good bloody luck finding this one.

Protecting the tree

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

  • Optimus Prime (2014)

An licensed model of the first prime toy cab in robot made fixed in the same position he was in on the box art part of an line of retro Hasbro toys remade in ornament form.


Not so Optimus Prime.

  • The first prototype for Battle Convoy, the Diaclone originator of Optimus Prime, was vastly different from the final version, complete with an entirely different transformation and a car carrying trailer. The head lacked the faceplate.
  • At BotCon 2005, Hideaki Yoke revealed that Optimus Prime (or more accurately, Diaclone Battle Convoy) was not designed by a single person, but rather a team of Takara designers as the one who was originally assigned the job had fallen behind. It is said that a young Shoji Kawamori was also a member of this team at some point, who would design THS-02 Convoy over 20 years later. The patent for the toy, however, lists Hiroyuki Obara as the designer.
  • The toy that would ultimately end up as the original Optimus Prime toy was originally released in August 1983 as No.17 Battle Convoy from Takara's Diaclone Car Robo toyline in Japan. In 1984, Joustra released their own version (still with Diaclone sticker on the trailer) as part of their Diaclone line in Europe, either simply called Truck (according to the pack-in catalog) or Diaclone (in the pack-in comic). It's possible that GiG also released a version called Camion Convoy as part of their Trasformer line in Italy, but to this day no packaged sample has surfaced.

The many releases of Optimus Prime

Looks like someone has far too much Prime on their hands.

Over the years, the original Optimus Prime has been repackaged and reissued multiple times:

  • In the USA and Canada, limited edition promotional versions were available sporting Pepsi stickers;
  • In addition to the standard Japanese 01 Convoy release, Takara also released the toy as part of the VSX Convoy vs. Megatron two-pack in 1985;
  • French company Ceji Revell released a version with red feet in the UK in 1984;
  • Milton Bradley (MB) released the toy in Europe in late 1985, following trademark issues;
  • Hasbro re-released the toy in Europe in 1986, including another red feeted variant;
  • GiG released the toy as Commander as part of their Transformers line in Italy in 1985, including an all-plastic variant in 1986;
  • Hasbro reissued the original toy as part of their European Classic line of reissues in 1991;
  • Takara reissued the original toy in its original 1985 Japanese packaging in 2000, with an all-black recolor being available from assorted Japanese conventions and another variant with gold instead of silver parts, stickers, and paint as a lucky draw prize;
  • Takara reissued the toy again as New Year Special version in January 2002, sporting clear blue windows (similar to Good Bye Convoy) and featuring additional accessories such as a Matrix necklage and a show accurate recolor of the Action Master Optimus Prime figure;
  • Takara reissued the toy once again in 2003, as part of their Transformers Collection line of reissues, numbered 00 and featuring additional accessories such as an energon axe;
  • Takara released a recolored version featuring a new trailer in December 2005, called Pepsi Convoy.
  • Hasbro released their own version of Pepsi Convoy, named "Pepsi Optimus Prime", as a Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive in 2007, featuring the familiar safety-shortened smokestacks of the Commemorative Series reissue.
  • In August 2007 TakaraTomy yet again did a rerelease similar to the 2000 Convoy rerelease, this time as part of the "Transformers Encore" line.
  • TakaraTomy released "Convoy iPod Docking Bay with Speakers" in September 2007. It is an iPod speaker/dock in the shape of a truck, featuring an all-white version of Convoy with a new head sculpt reminiscent of Masterpiece Convoy as the cab, and a trailer housing a pair of speakers and a docking point for an iPod.
  • In March 2008, TakaraTomy released a G1-colored version of the iPod Convoy set.

Powermaster Optimus Prime

Powermaster Optimus Prime, being the grand toy rebirth of Optimus Prime post-movie, apparently received a lot of thought during the design process. Prime went through an inordinate number of design changes from concept to final with at least three very major revisions:


  • The earliest version, as shown in the first patent application for the toy, was to have the Prime cab be a triplechanger, turning from truck cab to jet or robot.[3] The nosecone of the jet and robot legs were released by the Powermaster lock in the same fashion as the legs in the final version. Optimus would have had winged arms in non-super robot mode. The super robot mode's head was also integrated into the trailer's hitch... and lacked a faceplate.


  • The second known version [4] ditched the triplechanging gimmick on the cab and simplified things a good bit. This Powermaster Prime has several distinct characteristics only seen in the second design, such as the wider "block head" and two faux smokestacks on top of either shoulder as opposed to one. Also, in a rather odd twist, this design features a black head and fists for both super and regular modes rather than the traditional blue. It also had yellow eyes in either mode a la the original Optimus Prime.
  • The third version [5] would quite possibly have been the most gimmick loaded Transformer in the history of the line, simultaneously being a Powermaster, Headmaster, and triple changer. The Headmaster also would have been a triplechanger, turning into a sort of armored four-wheeled rover (Roller II?) and robot as well as a rather silly looking Optimus Prime head with four vertically aligned wheels jutting off the sides. It seems that when the extra Headmaster gimmick was scrapped, the super mode head remained separate rather than being reintegrated into the trailer hitch such as on the earliest design. Notably, the body of this design is extremely close to the final design.
  • A fourth version is shown in the 1987-88 Transformers product catalog that has several minor differences from both Powermaster Prime and God Ginrai, such as having God Ginrai's sliding fists but in red, a completely different trailer hitch assembly partially based on the third design, an offset Autobot symbol in base mode, extended feet also based on third design, far more detailed super mode outer leg panels, completely different front bumper, and the first instance of single faux shoulder smokestacks rather than two. It is still unknown as to why Powermaster Prime has completely different arms from God Ginrai or all earlier concept versions.

Minor note: Powermaster Prime's animation model as used in the commercials and as a character guide for the Marvel comics is a composite of the second and third designs. The body of the model is actually a straight tracing of the concept lineart for the third version (including its different rifles and twin faux shoulder stacks), with a slightly simplified drawing of the second version's head drawn on top.

Alternators Optimus Prime

Originally, the Alternators Dodge Ram mold was intended by Hasbro to be a completely different character altogether than Optimus Prime (which character is unknown), but Takara reportedly demanded the Ram be made into Optimus out of fear that the toy (whose vehicle mode is scarce in Japan as a real vehicle) wouldn't sell as well in their market if it wasn't a popular and easily recognized figure; as the figure reportedly cost twice as much to build as the others, Hasbro had to agree in order for Takara to continue fronting part of the production cost. In an ironic turn of events, the Dodge Ram was prematurely solicited by Takara not as "Convoy" (Optimus Prime), but as his Masterforce look-alike Ginrai. As a matter of fact, the head sculpt for the Alternators Oprimus Prime toy is based on the Super Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime's "super mode") toy's head sculpt. Ultimately, however, Ginrai was cancelled, with only Hasbro releasing Optimus Prime as originally planned. Eventually, Takara released the Dodge Ram as part of the new Kiss Players line, now named "Convoy" (Optimus Prime), and he will be released in Binaltech this year.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime

Wait...I'm sure this is from Finland. But why did Simmons say...

The Masterpiece Optimus Prime toy was featured in a print ad for Nokia 6820 phones. He is posed bent over to look at the phone and scratching his head. Pleasantly, most of the pose pictured is perfectly possible with an un-kitbashed, un-Photoshopped version of the toy.

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