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Optimus Prime is an Autobot in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

A washout from the Elite Guard, Optimus Prime was reassigned to space bridge repair duty under the supervision of Ratchet. He is a relatively naive and idealistic young leader, prone to long-winded "inspirational" speeches who leads a small and inexperienced Autobot space bridge maintenance team Recently, his crew has landed on Earth, adopted jobs as semi-official superheroes and currently live in an abandoned Sumdac Systems warehouse.

Despite his humble "Bot Next Door" persona, he performs his job with a dedicated seriousness. He transforms into a red truck cab that can be fitted with many kinds of "trailer" attachments (most notably one that makes him look like a fire engine) and wields a kick-ass, rocket-propelled, extendable battle axe, as well as multiple arm mounted modifications, including grappler cables, fire extinguishers and bola-whip throwers.

Sentinel Prime sneers at Optimus's lowly repair job, and Supreme Commander Ultra Magnus once held the young officer in low regard. More than anything, Prime wished to be a hero. He's got the speeches, he's got the moves...but what could he be missing? Maybe The Touch?

But since coming to Earth, Optimus has learned the truth about heroism. It's not about glory and destiny, it's about doing the right thing and going to your limit and beyond. Ratchet, for all his cynicism, knows that Prime is a hero, and after seeing him in action, Ultra Magnus himself admitted that Optimus has the qualities of a true leader.

"So, this is what it feels like to be a hero..."
―Optimus upon his death[["Transform and Roll Out!"| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

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Voice actor: David Kaye (English), Bernd Vollbrecht (German)

"Whoa-oh! Surprise hug from Mr. Freaky-Big!"

On a mission, Optimus and Elita-1 accompanied Sentinel to a forbidden organic planet in search of a lost Decepticon ship rumored to be rich in Energon. After finding the planet to be infested with giant spiders, the trio finally decided to leave, but their retreat was not easy. Though Optimus and Elita found the Decepticon ship and its coveted energon cubes, they were forced to escape when spiders surrounded them. However, Elita was left behind, presumed destroyed in an energon explosion. Sentinel was furious and blamed Optimus for her death. Along Came a Spider

Note: It's not clear if either Optimus or Sentinel had attained the rank of Prime during the above events, as neither is addressed as such.

At some point Optimus was in the Elite Guard, but lost his position due to an incident that Sentinel had something to do with (the details are unknown at the moment), and eventually found himself leading a small space bridge repair crew a thousand stellar cycles later, though he still had his rank. Prime and his crew came across the AllSpark while repairing a Space Bridge and brought the artifact aboard their ship. During transport, they were discovered by the Decepticons, and Megatron came after them. He proved too strong to take head on (in spite of his subordinate planting a bomb on his chassis), but when the Autobots' ship neared Earth, Prime knocked Megatron overboard. The Autobots stayed in stasis for the next 50 years until they were accidentally awakened by an apparent intruder. Optimus and the Autobots took on Earth vehicles as alternate modes in an attempt to assimilate with what they believed to be the local dominant culture. Prime and his team were able to dispatch a bio-mechanical insectoid that was attacking Detroit. They were hailed as heroes for it.


Insert what where??!!

Over the next several weeks, the Autobots got to learn human culture and customs, doing their best to prevent disasters and save lives. Eventually, Starscream came for the AllSpark, and Optimus found that the schemer could pack quite a punch. The Autobot officer was still able to keep Starscream from getting the artifact, though at the cost of his life. However, he was quickly revived by Sari Sumdac and her AllSpark-influenced key. Later, the Autobots helped rebuild parts of Detroit that were destroyed in their battle with Starscream. Transform and Roll Out!

Unfortunately for Optimus, he had gained a reputation outside of Earth's atmosphere—not as a hero, but as the slayer of Megatron. The Decepticon Blitzwing placed a large bounty on his head, and pretty soon, Lockdown came to collect. He captured Prime and stole his axe and grapplers. Fortunately, Ratchet saved him, finally getting the old bot to open up more. The Thrill of the Hunt

TFA ep9 Optimus and Blackarachnia rooftop

Optimus Prime is all left feet, but that's still not as many as Blackarachnia.

During the Autobots' first Halloween on Earth, the Decepticon Blackarachnia ambushed Bumblebee and Bulkhead and kidnapped Sari. When Optimus Prime tried to fight Blackarachnia, she dodged all his moves, as she had trained with him. Prime was shocked to learn that Blackarachnia was his old Autobot Academy classmate Elita-1, who hadn't died but been mutated while fighting off the giant arachnids those many years ago. Blackarachnia tried to use Sari's AllSpark key to remove the organic aspects from her biology, but the key began to drain the life from everything organic around and nearly killed Blackarachnia herself. Prime removed the key, saving Blackarachnia and the organics. Still calling her Elita, Prime tried to convince her to return to the Autobots so they could try and help her. She repaid that kindness by injecting him with venom and telling him that she would never trust him again. Prime was left to reflect on the friend he'd failed not once, but twice. Along Came a Spider

When Decepticon energy signals were detected near the city, the Autobots quickly realized that their options were limited. Bulkhead mentioned that the Dinobots might help, forcing Prowl to reveal how the two moved them to Dinobot Island. Prime's reaction was...displeased, to say the least. Ranting that all he had to command were insubordinate malfunctions, Prime also concluded that the Key was no longer safe with Sari, and he ordered Ratchet to take it from her. As Sari ran off crying, Bumblebee mouthed off that their situation was an indication that Prime was unfit for command.

Heading to Dinobot Island, Prime did not get off to a good start with Grimlock, mostly because Grimlock considered him lunch. After Prowl smoothed things over, Prime tried to convince them to help the Autobots fight the Decepticons, but Grimlock was uninterested. Receiving word from Ratchet that the Key had been stolen, Prime ordered Ratchet to guard the AllSpark while the Autobots headed back for the mainland. Prime himself also began to wonder if he was fit for command, seeing as all his decisions had blown up in his face. When Bumblebee contacted the Autobots to inform them that Starscream was at Sumdac Tower, he refused Prime's order to hold back and went to attack the Decepticon on his own. Prime dryly noted that the day just kept getting better and better.

Then everything pretty much went to hell when Megatron burst out of Sumdac Tower, to the shock and horror of just about everyone. Megatron Rising - Part I

Quickly regaining their composure, the Autobots attacked. Megatron beat the slag out of them. Though Optimus fared slightly better, Megatron still brought him down fairly quickly. They were only able to escape when Megatron punished Starscream for his betrayal. Taking refuge within Sumdac Tower, Professor Sumdac explained his role in Megatron's revival and helped repair the Autobots with residual key energy. After Bumblebee called Prime to answer for his earlier assessment of them, Prime admitted he was wrong and asked them for forgiveness. When Ratchet and Sari showed up with the Autobots' ship, the Autobots took flight, hoping to lure the Decepticons away from Earth to prevent human casualties. Unfortunately, the Decepticons shot down the vessel and caused it to crash on Dinobot Island.

As the Autobots took on the Decepticons, Optimus faced down Megatron, which went as well as the first time. When Megatron got into the Autobots' ship, he took the AllSpark and placed the powerful artifact within him, using it as a weapon against Prime. However, Megatron had dropped the key, and Sari threw it to Prime. The Autobot officer used the key to send a surge of energy through the AllSpark, causing it to disperse while still in Megatron. With the threat passed, Prime apologized to Sari and returned the key, saying it was too important to be trusted with an Autobot. Megatron Rising - Part II

After the battle with the Decepticons, the Cybertron Elite Guard arrived to take the AllSpark back to Cybertron. Optimus explained that the AllSpark had been dispersed and that the Decepticons had been defeated. Sentinel Prime accused Optimus of lying and took every chance he could to belittle his former friend, but Ultra Magnus decided to investigate their claims. Optimus took them to Dinobot Island, but the Autobots did not make a good impression on the Dinobots. Before they could investigate, they received a message from Ratchet, saying that police drones had gone haywire at a Sumdac Systems manufacturing plant. Optimus managed to get Sari inside and shut off the assembly line, but the key was stuck in the console. Before Optimus could help, Sentinel pushed him aside and promised to see Optimus charged for high treason. Tired of Sentinel's slag, Optimus finally stuck up for himself and told Sentinel where to shove it, destroying the console the key was stuck in and revealing an AllSpark fragment. Ultra Magnus accepted the shard as proof of Optimus Prime's claims. Though Sentinel still refused to believe him, Magnus said that Optimus Prime displayed many qualities that Sentinel himself could use. The Elite Guard

Returnofheadmaster optimuslaughs

Ha Ha! Decapitation.

When Sentinel and Optimus were at a press conference with Mayor Edsel, they received a call about a Decepticon sighting in old Detroit. After Sentinel mangled the roads en route, he told Optimus to split up and search on his own. Hours later, Optimus received a communication to from Sentinel to dismiss the police and come to Sentinel's location alone—and not to laugh when he got there. What Optimus found was Sentinel Prime's severed head, with his body having been stolen by the Headmaster. He promised to help Sentinel find his body without letting Ultra Magnus or the other Autobots know, but not before taking a moment or two to enjoy the situation.

Heading for Sumdac Tower, Optimus confronted Porter C. Powell, who denied knowing where Masterson was and told him the Autobots were no longer welcome at the facility. Optimus left, but immediately tapped in on Powell and Masterson's phone conversation, letting Optimus track Masterson to the docks. After encountering mini-Headmasters in the form of Tutor Bot and Sparkplug, Optimus was able to get aboard the ship before it sailed away. Finding the Headmaster with Sentinel Prime's body, Optimus Prime proceeded to beat the living slag out of his attacker, much to Sentinel's discomfort. Finally defeating the mad scientist, Optimus reattached Sentinel's head to his body, but Masterson walked away due to legal technicalities. When Ultra Magnus asked them about it the next day, Optimus covered for Sentinel, saying that Sentinel had volunteered to use himself as bait to capture Masterson, and Magnus praised their bravery. In an awkward moment, Sentinel thanked Optimus for all he'd done, and the two shook hands amicably. The Return of the Headmaster

Sentinel vs Optimus, with Jazz in the middle

Jay Leno VS. Bruce Campbell, Battle of chins.

When word of Decepticon attacks came after learning that Megatron was still alive, Ultra Magnus decided that Optimus and his Autobots would be needed elsewhere repairing damaged space bridges. The Elite Guard also wanted Optimus to...leave out that whole destruction of the AllSpark and Megatron's survival thing for the time being. When they detected an AllSpark shard energy signature in a human train, the Elite Guard went to retrieve it. Detecting Starscream, Optimus realized it was a trap and was forced to place stasis cuffs on Sentinel Prime to leave the Elite Guard's ship. Meeting up with his crew, he helped them remove the shard and save the humans. Magnus and Sentinel, who by now had broken out of his cuffs, were about to rip Optimus a new one for insubordination, assault, and the lack of evidence over the Decepticons—at which point Starscream's body crashed mere meters away from them, having been offlined by Megatron (again). When Starscream knocked out Ultra Magnus, Optimus took command (much to Sentinel's displeasure). He managed to place the stasis-cuffs on Starscream, and Ultra Magnus decided that Optimus Prime and his team would be allowed to stay on Earth, locate the remaining AllSpark shards, and arrest the remaining Decepticons. Mission Accomplished

Later on, when Bulkhead brought Scrapper and Mixmaster back to Autobot headquarters, Optimus was not impressed with their antics and demanded that they leave. Optimus warned Bulkhead that the duo were not worth spending time with and that they were not capable of learning the ways of an Autobot. After the Constructicons were 'persuaded' by Megatron that their talents would be better utilized in the Decepticon ranks, Prime was furious and despite Bulkhead's insistence that they were his friends, Optimus questioned that they didn't know any better.

Unfortunately, he was proved right when Mixmaster and Scrapper showed up and demanded that they hand over the AllSpark fragments, to which Prime naturally refused. A struggle ensued (in which Ratchet and Bumblebee insisted Prime was 'their dipstick') and Mixmaster held Bumblebee hostage and demands the AllSpark. Prime tried to stall for time and Bulkhead handed over the fragments, to Prime's dismay. Bulkhead then 'had one for the road' and his scheme came to light. With the fragments retrieved, Optimus consoled a distraught Bulkhead and assured him that as long as the Constructicons (now having lost their memory due to the explosion caused by the tainted oil) were not wearing Decepticon badges, they still had a choice. Rise of the Constructicons

Animated Black Friday Prime Meltdown

At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall melt.

After learning that the Dinobots helped Meltdown escape, Prime took Prowl and Bumblebee to investigate Dinobot Island. There, he learned that Blackarachnia was manipulating the Dinobots, and had struck a deal with Meltdown to remove her organic half. However, Meltdown needed a genetic modifier. Blackarachnia, having poisoned Prowl and Bumblebee with her venom, told Prime to help Grimlock get the modifier in exchange for the antivenom that would save his Autobots. Though Prime tried to convince Grimlock of Blackarachnia's evil intentions, Grimlock would hear none of it. Returning to the mainland, Prime revoked his "protector of humanity" title long enough for Grimlock to "convince" Porter C. Powell to tell them where the modifier was. When Powell realized it was valuable, Prime was tempted to let Grimlock finish him off, but decided the Autobots didn't have time. Returning to Dinobot Island, Meltdown turned the tables on them, revealing that he planned to remove Blackarachnia's organic half, and sicced his experiments on Prime and Grimlock. With the other Dinobots help, they sent the mutants packing. Prime then removed the modifier before Meltdown could finish his experiments, and exposure to the modifier caused Meltdown to break apart. Blackarachnia urged Optimus to come closer, but Grimlock's jealousy caused him to attack, allowing Blackarachnia to flee. When Prime went to Prowl and Bumblebee, he found the anti-venom, and saved their sparks. Although Powell tried to have Prime arrested, Fanzone refused to do anything about it. Because she left the anti-venom, however, Optimus Prime was hopeful that somewhere beneath the anger and betrayal of Blackarachnia, there was still something left of Elita-1... Black Friday

When Bulkhead was kidnapped by Megatron, Bumblebee brought home Blurr, an Elite Guard intelligence agent who had been assigned to monitor the Decepticons and investigate Optimus Prime's crew (good odds on the one who gave Blurr his orders). When Blurr revealed where the Decepticons were, and that they were building a space bridge with Isaac Sumdac's help, Prime ordered Ratchet and Sari to get the ship back online, while he and the others went to rescue Bulkhead and stop the Decepticons. Before he left, he admitted that he wasn't sure if Professor Sumdac was willingly cooperating with the Decepticons, but promised Sari that he would bring him home alive. Heading to the mines, they were ambushed by Blitzwing and Lugnut, who were incapacitated by Blurr. Reaching the control room, the Autobots were incapaciated by the Constructicons. Fortunately, the Decepticons were too busy with the sudden arrival of Starscream and his clones to immediately kill them. A Bridge Too Close, Part I

Managing to free himself, Optimus found himself in the odd position of fighting side by side with Megatron. But the battle went against the Autobots, with Blurr and a pair of clones sucked into the space bridge and the other Autobots incapacitated. In typical Decepticon fashion, Megatron used Prime as a human shield against the clones. After the battle, Megatron decided to use Prime as a test to see if the space bridge worked, where Prime would eliminated by Shockwave if it did. Fortunately, Prowl managed to get free from his stasis cuffs and shatter Optimus Prime's, allowing him to grapple Megatron. However, the power cut out, forcing Megatron to use the severed head of Starscream to further power the bridge, causing an overload. Prime managed to slap stasis cuffs on Megatron, taking him into the bridge, but the Autobots were nearly sucked in when Omega Supreme arrived and sacrificed himself to save them. As the bridge self-destructed, the Autobots managed to escape before the mountain came down on top of them. Though mourning the losses of Omega and Blurr, Megatron's plot was foiled, and the Autobots could breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Sighs of relief which turned to gasps of shock and horror when Sari noticed that the skin of her arm had been torn...revealing robotic circuitry underneath! A Bridge Too Close, Part II


Transformers Animated

  • CYBERTRON Mode Optimus Prime (Deluxe, 2008)
TFAnimated Deluxe CybertronPrime toy

"I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay. I sleep all night and I work all day."

Based on his pre-Earth Cybertronian look, the first version of Animated Optimus Prime transforms into a half-track Cybertronic truck loosely based on the Mitsubishi Fuso Hybrid concept truck with some heavy sci-fi influences. As a half-track, instead of rear wheels, he has molded, caterpillar-linked tracks with smaller wheels inside for rolling along smooth surfaces. Prime's axe weapon is stored by partially folding the axe at the grey hinge near the handle peg, then placing the handle peg in a hole on the back of the cab (actually his two fists' holes, thus helping them hold it in position) with the blade facing down and a grey peg facing up, acting as a "fifth wheel" (known as a trailer hitch among fans), should one find a suitable trailer to attach onto it. The peg also resembles the rocket thruster on the back of Prime's axe in robot mode.
He has a superb range of articulation, as is the standard with Animated toys, due to the extensive use of ball joints and universal hinge joints. As stated above, the hitch assembly becomes his axe, which can be wielded with one blade (for the rocket-boosted look) or have the single blade split to form a double-bladed axe. The truck roof can be mounted on his left arm as a shield or spread apart and attached to the axe to become giant energon blades.

  • Optimus Prime vs. Megatron: The Battle Begins (Deluxe class figure multi-pack, 2008)
TFAnimated Deluxe BattleBegins Prime toy

And he "axed" him for help...

The Deluxe-class Earth Mode Optimus Prime has a very similar engineering design to to the Deluxe-class Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime figure. He has a battle-damaged deco and comes with a Deluxe-class Cybertron Mode Megatron figure as well as a DVD featuring the first episode of Transformers Animated. He has a distinctively more Generation 1 look than other Animated Primes, given the addition of smokestacks (a detail absent from the animation model) and a lack of black beneath the silver stripes. Like deluxe Megatron, he features a punching/axe slashing gimmick, where twisting his spring-loaded waist will snap back for a "robot punch." His axe (which is the most show-accurate out of all of his toys) stores in his aft section. There are actually 4 wheels on his legs, so that the tires are always on the outside. Unfortunately, he can't skate on them like in the show.
  • Optimus Prime (Activators, 2008)
TFAnimated Activators EarthPrime toy

Domo-arigato, mister roboto!

A smaller-scale Optimus Prime with a push-button, spring-loaded transformation.


This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.

  • Optimus Prime (Voyager, 2008)
TFAnimated Voyager EarthOptimusPrime toy

Hey, whatever happened to that mouthplate?

Based on his Earth look, a futuristic fire truck. His rear portion includes a giant extinguisher cannon, which can become a hand weapon and really squirts water. His trailer also transforms into a giant, opened-up ion axe. These weapons can store on his back, and give the appearance of wings and a jet pack when doing so. The toy features a mouthplate which can slide up to cover his face or retract down below. He also has an Automorph feature: Pressing a button on his...butt...flips down and rotates his...crotch...into the proper position for robot mode. Please, Hasbro, no more features in those areas.
  • Roll-Out Command Optimus Prime (Supreme, 2008)
TFAnimated RolloutCommand OptimusPrime toy

Be sociable, have a Pepsi!

This super-sized Prime figure is sculpted around one major gimmick: rolling the toy forward in vehicle mode causes the cab to spin around, slowly unfolding into the robot mode torso. The legs are subsequently transformed manually, completing the robot mode. Pressing the Autobot insignia between Prime's windows and the lights on his roof all activate assorted electronic effects, including red LEDs in his lightbar, yellow LEDs in his headlights and eyes, and sound effects including engine revving noises, a siren, and four speech clips featuring the voice of David Kaye. In robot mode, Prime's (non-retractable) mouthplate jiggles up and down in time with his speech.

Prime is armed with a particularly cartoon-accurate axe, which can be held in either hand, but which specifically interacts with his right one. Placing the axe in his fist and pressing the button on the back of his hand triggers the axe's pop-out translucent blades and rocket jet. Pushing down on the tab built into the back of his right shoulder extends the arm out fully, and releasing it lets Prime swing his axe down, accompanied by an electronic slashing noise. The left arm has a similar effect, except pushing the tab thrusts his arm forward in a punch, with accompanying sound effect.

While Prime's legs have a high range of articulation, like most Animated toys, his torso is heavily beholden to its gimmicks, and features no effective articulation whatsoever - the only part of his body above his wasit that you can manipulate that isn't part of a gimmick is his right elbow.

  • Bumper Battlers Optimus Prime (Bumper Battlers, 2008)

  • Optimus Prime (McDonald's Happy Meal toys, 2008)
A simple version of Optimus Prime with a very simple transformation sequence. You transform him by pulling down the legs, pulling out the arms from his back and flipping up the head. Rather unusual amongst the Animated McDonald's toys, which typically have one show-accurate mode and one non-show-accurate mode, Optimus manages to pull off both modes with reasonable show-accuracy.

Universe (2008)

  • Optimus Prime (Legends, 2008)
A Legends-scale Optimus was announced at TFcon. It will be released under the Universe Legends line, with the Universe packaging instead of Animated.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.

  • Optimus Prime (Legends Animated Deluxe 3-pack,2008?)
Revealed on an instruction sheet[1] on Hasbro's website, this 3-pack includes a Universe Legends Optimus Prime, Universe Legends Bumblebee and an Animated Deluxe Stealth Lockdown.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


  • Optimus was killed off after only one episode (three if you want to get technical) and revived 1 minute and 15 seconds later. That's gotta be a new record.
  • The placement of the front wheels for Optimus's Cybertronian vehicle mode is similar in location to that for Optronix.
  • The twin cylinder-shaped protrusions connected to Optimus' small antennae are inspired by the head design of the 2007 movie rendition of Optimus Prime, as opposed to the traditional single cylinder.
  • While Sentinel Prime does a lot of down talking to Optimus Prime, they are, in fact, the same rank.
  • Despite nominally being a fire truck, Prime's alt mode features a detachable cab that can mount a number of different trailers, such as a lookalike of G1 Optimus' trailer and a dump truck. Presumably, this would make his alt mode not a fire truck, but a semi-truck outfitted as a fire truck. Score one for the old fans!
  • At the end of "Transform And Roll Out", Prime's spark is contained in the same place ordinarily reserved for the Matrix in other continuities.
  • Like his Generation 1 counterpart, this Optimus's trailer almost invariably disappears COMPLETELY when he transforms, assuming it's there to begin with. This even happens when it isn't his trailer. Garbage In, Garbage Out Even Prime himself is just as confused as to where it goes. Career Day Subspace shunting? Unicron Singularity? Or...something more?
  • Optimus Prime's Bio on his Happy Meal toy at McDonald's says he is a FIRE TRUCK CAB.
  • Optimus Prime is not the first Autobot leader to wield an axe, but is the only Prime so far to make it his main gimmick.
  • His bola-whip throwers, conversely, have only been used once.


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