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Galvatron is a Decepticon in the Generation 1 continuity family.

Bwaaaaah! Kneepad of Dooooom!

Galvatron is a force of nature. Born from the machinations of Unicron himself, Galvatron is the conflation of madness and power, given form. He is blind to all but, his lust for power, his whims and desires at the mercy of the moment. Not even his own subordinates are safe. Though he is not beyond the capacity for long-term goals, it is his unpredictability and his casual disregard for any and all life that strikes such horror in friend and foe alike.

Galvatron was once Megatron, but reborn from his death throes in a Faustian pact with Unicron. Despite retaining the memories, spark and consciousness of Megatron, the near-death experience and massive physical upgrade led to a degree of alteration in personality, something further affected by his now-questionable sanity.

"Come out, Autobot! We all must die sometime."
―Galvatron hunting Hot Rod[[The Transformers: The Movie| [src]]]


Generation 1 cartoon

Voice actors: Leonard Nimoy, Frank Welker (US); Seizō Katō (Japan)

He's more machine now than ma—oh wait, he was a machine to begin with. Never mind.

In 2005, after being mortally wounded by Optimus Prime during the Battle of Autobot City, Megatron was left to float aimlessly through space. He was summoned by Unicron, who offered him a new body, a warship and new troops to command, so long as he destroyed the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Megatron reluctantly accepted and was upgraded into Galvatron, a more fearsome and powerful warrior.

Galvatron quickly retook command of the Decepticons after killing the traitorous Starscream in the middle of his coronation as the Decepticons' new leader. He then went to Earth and attacked Autobot City, full-force. Ultra Magnus lead him away from Earth and Galvatron chased him to the Planet of Junk, where he defeated Magnus and took the Matrix, intending to use it against Unicron.

Galvatron could not open the Matrix, however, and as punishment for his treachery, Unicron swallowed him whole. Inside Unicron's belly, he met up with Hot Rod. Though he initially suggested an alliance with the young Autobot against the mutual threat of his master, the Chaos Bringer mentally tortured Galvatron for his attempted treachery and then forced him to attack Hot Rod. Hot Rod eventually managed to wrest the Matrix away from Galvatron and open it, leading to his transformation into Rodimus Prime. Flush with new power, Rodimus hurled Galvatron's from inside Unicron and into deep space. The Transformers: The Movie But that was not the end of Galvatron. TFTM


He has a weird tendency to aim at his own troops.

In the year 2006 (or 2010, if you're Japanese), Cyclonus and Scourge set out to find their lost leader and return the Decepticons to glory. They found him sunk in a lava pit on the distant planet Thrull and managed to free him. However, the effects of the "plasma bath" irrevocably altered Galvatron's sanity chips, rendering him omnicidally insane. Upon regaining his freedom he thrashed Cyclonus and Scourge and sundered Thrull. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2

Galvatron led the Decepticons on many wacky adventures against the Autobots, though usually botching it in the end due to his craziness (he loved shooting his own troops). At one point, his derangement became so severe, the perpetually loyal Cyclonus was left little choice but to dupe Galvatron into taking therapy sessions (albeit, by force) on Torkulon, the therapy-planet. After nearly murdering a attendant during a word-association session, and somehow building a gun in an arts and crafts class, Galvatron was deemed incurable by conventional methods. The doctors attempted to use living extensions of the planet to give him a lobotomy (much to Cyclonus' disapproval), but Galvatron broke free and murdered the sentient organic core of the planet. After that, he razed the entire planet's civilization, leaving them so broken it would take centuries to rebuild. Webworld

However, despite his insanity, he teamed-up with the resurrected Optimus Prime to stop the Hate Plague. He wound-up becoming infected by the plague and attempted to kill an unconscious Optimus Prime with a axe. Optimus woke up just in the nick of time and opened the Matrix directly in Galvatron's face. The wisdom of the Matrix not only cured the Universe of the Hate Plague, but cured Galvatron of his madness, as well. Grateful, Galvatron sanely declared "There will be no war today, Optimus. You have earned Galvatron's respect" and called a brief truce. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

Later, Galvatron called the truce off and led an assault on Autobot City, searching for the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Although seemingly lucid during this story-arc, it was perhaps his most genocidal and unbalanced plan ever - having converted Cybertron into a galactic dreadnaught, Galvatron maneuvered it into Earth's orbit, and planned to release the Plasma Energy Chamber's payload into Earth's sun Sol. The resulting supernova would wipe both Earth and Cybertron off the face of the galaxy, presumably leaving Galvatron to gain mastery over everything left. Grudgingly teamed with the Transformer-Nebulan hybrid, Lord Zarak, Galvatron was eventually defeated and sent tumbling through space,ushering Cybertron into a new Golden Age. After regaining control, Galvatron vowed to collect energy from disparate corners of the galaxy and return to Cybertron - "we shall attack other planets, we shall suck them dry! We shall build a planet a hundred times more powerful than Cybertron and I shall rule the galaxy!" - though Scorponok made it clear he questioned his leadership. The Rebirth, Part 3

Kiss Players (Japan-only)

At the end of the Unicron War of 2005, Rodimus Prime hurled Galvatron out of Unicron and into space. The Decepticon leader crash-landed on the planet Earth, obliterating the city of Tokyo. This catastrophic incident soured human-Transformer relations and led to the formation of the Earth Defense Command, a governmental organization created to drive Transformers from the face of the planet.

Galvatron's Unicron-twisted cells, dispersed by the collision, spread throughout Earth's atmosphere. Born from these cells were the Legion, an army of savage and vicious Transformers. Appearing all over the planet, the Legion quickly converged on the site of the impact, the crater upon which the headquarters of the E.D.C. had been constructed. Kiss Players

Teletraan Go! Go! (Japan-only)


Crazy AND toy-accurate.

As Hot Rod and Star Convoy prepared to battle Ultra Megatron and Dark Nova, a massive blast suddenly rained down through a Transwarp wormhole overhead. Badly damaged, Hot Rod could barely warn his commander as the maddened Galvatron descended through the portal.

Tearing the right arm off of Hot Rod's fragile companion, the mobile computer Teletraan 15, Galvatron gripped the limb in his teeth as he maniacally throttled the much smaller Autobot.

Waking up some time later with the outcome of the battle unknown, Teletraan 15 remained haunted by images of the crazed Decepticon clutching her limp and helpless friend. Teletraan Go! Go!

The Transformer manga (Japan-only)

Galvatron appeared regularly throughout the manga supplementing Transformers 2010 (Season 3), which acted as a supplement to the animated shows. Some of his devious schemes from the manga included creating a clone army of Megatrons, dubbed the Megatron Military, and forcing a human scientist named Dalton to create weapons of destruction for him. He even fought alongside his nemesis Rodimus Prime against Guiltor, a strange fusion of Optimus Prime and Megatron that threatened to destroy both leaders.

Headmasters anime (Japan-only)

(The Headmasters Anime ignores the events of the 3-part "The Rebirth" story arc and picks up after "The Return of Optimus Prime")

In 2011, Galvatron reactivated the Decepticon Space Bridge on Cybertron and began a sneak-attack on the Autobots. He intended to hack into Vector Sigma, though was thwarted just in time. The battle did result in yet another death for Optimus Prime. A Dream is Born, Double Prime

Later Scorponok, Galvatron's new mysterious assistant from Planet Master, went against Galvatron's orders and placed bombs all around Vector Sigma. Cybertron is in Grave Danger, Part 1 Galvatron rushed to Vector Sigma but could not deactivate the bombs in time and was caught in the ensuing explosion, which was powerful enough to destroy Cybertron. Cybertron is in Grave Danger, Part 2


Galvatron's been getting into the engergon goodies- jar. Fatty!!!

Galvatron was thought dead for some time, until he returned alive and well a few months later. Return of the Immortal Emperor He retook command of the Decepticons and enacted a new devious plot. Galvatron intended to transform Earth into his new Unicron-like body dubbed "Grand Galvatron", making him all-powerful. He told this news only to his most trusted warrior, Sixshot, and also delivered the news that he intended to sacrifice all the Decepticons for parts to build the body. Not a good idea, as Sixshot betrayed him to Scorponok and Galvatron was left all alone to Battle the Autobot Headmasters in the North Pole. Galvatron was defeated by the "Head-Formation of Friendship" and buried alive deep within an iceberg. The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg

Galvatron would remain buried in the ice until he was resurrected by Dark Nova as the new and improved Super Megatron.

Headmasters manga

Scramble City toys OVA (Japan-only)

During a massive brawl between the Autobot and Decepticon combiners, Megatron took the upper-hand. To counter this, Optimus Prime ordered Metroplex to enter the fray. Metroplex rolled onto the scene and towered over his enemies, with City Commander Ultra Magnus in tow. Not to be outdone, Megatron ordered his own City Commander to enter battle. Beaming down from the sky on a ball of light, the silent and menacing Galvatron stormed the battle. Transforming into cannon mode, Galvatron fired a blast of energy at Ultra Magnus, who quickly transformed to robot mode and engaged his foe in hand-to-hand combat. As the fight seemed evenly matched, City Commander Galvatron's city finally arrived to tip the odds: Trypticon! Scramble City (toy OVA)

Marvel Comics continuity

(Events from the UK-only comics are in italics.)

There were multiple Galvatrons from various alternate futures who often time-jumped to give the Autobots trouble. There are between 2 and 5 different Galvatrons; the exact number remaining inconclusive.

Galvatron I

After being scolded by Unicron in 2006, Galvatron was ordered to attack Earth and destroy the Matrix. He ordered "Decepticons, to Earth!", but what he REALLY meant was Earth... 1986!

Time-jumping from the year 2006, and freeing himself from Unicron's control, Galvatron intended to create a device that would be powerful enough to destroy Unicron in 2006. Galvatron brought Cyclonus and Scourge with himself, and as an effect of time-travel, replaced three Autobots (Prowl, Ratchet, and Optimus Prime) in the time line. Galvatron began construction of a massive laser cannon which he would then hide on Earth and unleash on an unsuspecting Unicron when the time was right.

The Autobots and Decepticons weren't having none of that and briefly formed an alliance to stop the three Decepticons of the future. The plan wasn't going very well until Hot Rod, Blurr and Kup came back from the future to help. Present-day Ultra Magnus also arrived to help and heroically kept Galvatron occupied as the Autobots and Decepticons set-up a trap.

Galvatron mopped the floor with Ultra Magnus and returned to his laser cannon. He then ran into what he thought was Starscream (but, in fact, was an unconscious Skywarp in disguise), and in a fit of anger, blew him up. After a second he realized that if he destroyed Starscream in the past, how could he have destroyed him in the future? Figuring that he was in an alternate past, and thus, no action taken then would effect his future, Galvatron and his troops returned to their proper time. The Autobots and Decepticons subsequently destroyed the laser cannon and called off the truce.

Sometime later Galvatron returned from the future again following the destruction of Unicron. This time he planned to stay in the past. He intended to siphon the power of a volcano to become a God. Thanks to Ultra Magnus this plan was thwarted and the two of them became trapped under molten lava.

Galvatron eventually escaped and planned to take control of the Decepticons away from Shockwave. This prompted Shockwave to concoct a plan to use Megatron as a weapon against Galvatron.

Galvatron’s time traveling (along with that of the other Autobots and Decepticons) eventually caused a rift in time and space that threatened both the present and the future.

Shockwave unleashed a brainwashed Megatron on Galvatron. Ultimately Megatron and Galvatron forged an alliance after finding common ground and launched an assault against the combined forces of the present day Autobot and Decepticons, the future Autobots and Decepticons and the Wreckers and Mayhem Attack Squad.

By this stage Galvatron was consumed by madness and was able to overcome all resistance. He was only stopped when the time rift ripped him apart and destroyed him.

Galvatron II

See Galvatron II

Other versions of Galvatron

  • In an alternate future, a geriatric Rodimus Prime recounted tales of his exploits to a curious youth from his death bed. He said that the Time Wars had changed the timeline so that Galvatron never went back in time - and had conquered Cybertron instead. He was last seen in a flashback to Unicron's third coming in the year 2010 (of that timeline). Aspects of Evil!
  • In the Earthforce timeline, a Galvatron claiming to be a different Galvatron to the original one snuck into the Autobot crypt and implanted devices that would read the memories of various dead Autobots. He accidentally revived them from the dead, and Wheeljack was able to imprison him in a "sleep mode". Within this sleep mode, Galvatron was forced to forever relive his worst nightmare (being dismembered by Rodimus Prime) over and over and over again... Perchance to Dream It is unknown if this is meant to be Galvatron II, the Aspects of Evil Galvatron or a whole new version.

IDW Comics

(Important Note: Uniquely, the IDWverse Galvatron is a completely, totally, honestly, (no kidding) entirely separate character from Megatron, and actually predates him.)

Galvatron was a crew member on the first Ark, launched during Cybertron's Golden Age. However, he and the ship were lost in an anomaly in the Benzuli Expanse, and he then became the herald for whatever dark master existed in what he referred to as the Dead Universe. Galvatron asserts that he himself is now dead, whatever that will turn out to mean. He has incredible self-repair capabilities, recovering almost immediately after Sideswipe blew off part of his head. Returning to Cybertron soon after Thunderwing's resurrection and defeat, Galvatron succeeded in seizing the huge Pretender's remains. While on that mission, he crushed Leadfoot with his bare hands!

Dreamwave Armada comic

An alternate version of Galvatron appears briefly as one of Unicron's heralds, along with Thunderwing, Bludgeon, Dirge, and Scourge. He is ultimately destroyed by Megatron with the power of the Dark Saber.

Controversy over identity


Yeah, this'll really help with the whole insanity thing.

"Well, they were the same guy."
Astrotrain's thoughts on the subject[[FFOD1| [src]]]

Some fans believe Galvatron is a psychologically distinct and discontinuous entity from Megatron, almost, or equally, as much as Scourge and Cyclonus who demonstrate no continuity of memory or personality to their former Decepticon selves. This remains a topic of heated debate in some circles, in spite of a fairly unambiguous canon.

Generation 1 cartoon

In the G1 animated continuity, Galvatron evidently still self-identifies as being the same person as Megatron, albeit with greater power and a new name. Although not making a point of revealing this former identity to his troops at large (perhaps to cast off the potential stigma of being a "defeated" leader), Galvatron makes his sense of self clear when Starscream asks "Megatron? Is that you?", to which he replies "Here's a hint" before obliterating him.[1] Later in The Transformers: The Movie when Galvatron is poised to crush Hot Rod's neck, he boasts: "First Prime, then Ultra Magnus, and now you. It's a pity you Autobots die so easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction." Again, Galvatron is obviously speaking with no sense of discontinuity of identity or personality as he refers to past and current acts as both Megatron and Galvatron without qualification or distinction.

While some might contrast this statement, however, with his earlier line, "I shall crush you, just as Megatron crushed Prime,", interpreting that such a statement implies a disconnect from his former life, this too can easily be explained by Galvatron's apparent reluctance to allow his troops know that he used to be Megatron. While Galvatron would have fully expected the knowledge imparted in the later statement to Hot Rod to die with the callow youth, the declaration to Ultra Magnus was made in public, with his troops (and, potentially, other Autobots in earshot) present.

During season three, however, Galvatron made little or no further references to his past life as Megatron, though this could be a side effect of lying in a pool of lava for several months and his increasing insanity. Upon meeting the resurrected Optimus Prime in The Return of Optimus Prime, Galvatron behaved as though simply picking up where he left off with his old nemesis from his Megatron days, as did Prime, saying that he knew him "all too well", indicating that the Autobot leader was capable of recognising his former adversary despite the change in name and appearance. Furthermore, in Five Faces of Darkness, Astrotrain states that Megatron and Galvatron are "the same guy," implying that during Galvatron's absence, the other Decepticons (or, at the very least, Astrotrain) figured out what was going on.

And yet despite all that, a memorial of Megatron can be seen prominantly in the Decepticon Crypt, implying that the Decepticons who built it considered Megatron to be dead. This could possibly be explained that the Decepticons built the marker before Galvatron returned and seized command, though their window of opportunity to build the thing was rather slim. Starscream's Ghost

Japanese fiction


I hope you enjoyed that jump-kick, Magnus, because it's a very long way down.

Early advertisements for the Galvatron toy presented the character as an all-together separate being from Megatron, and in some cases, even being Megatron's underling. The second Scramble City OVA was a remake of the original animated version, albeit including the Galvatron toy for promotion. Galvatron appears to fight his nemesis, Ultra Magnus, as Megatron barks orders from the background. This is likely due to Takara wishing to advertise the toy as quickly as possible, without full knowledge of the character's history. To maintain Galvatron's mystique, he was given the function of "City Commander", with no indication that he was an upgraded Megatron. Continuing this trend of unintentional disassociation, very early promotional artwork featured in TV Magazine and Comics Bom Bom also presented Galvatron as a separate character.

However, this era was very short-lived. In all official Japanese fiction, including the manga and the Japanese-exclusive cartoons, Galvatron is locked in as an upgrade of Megatron.

A good example would be the Battlestars series. Upon being resurrected and further upgraded, Galvatron reverted to the name Megatron once more (as Super Megatron).

Marvel Comics

In the US and UK Marvel comics the various time-hopping Galvatrons all demonstrate an awareness of having previously been Megatron with no strong indicators of a break in psychological identification. Indeed, at one point, a Galvatron said outright, "Like Megatron? No - I AM Megatron!" The closest that these Galvatrons came to identity crisis were incidents in which a time-displaced Galvatron was confronted by Megatrons (or copies thereof) and did battle with his former self. Although in these instances Galvatron experiences trains of thought that suggest he sees Megatron as a separate being and/or the source of his madness that needs to be destroyed, it should be noted that these are not the musings of a calm, rational mind. In these instances Galvatron is in the grips of a psychotic episode, which he generally snaps out of by realising that he is indeed the same person.

A possible explanation for why (any version of) Galvatron retains psychological continuity with Megatron while his fellow Unicron-creations do not may be that Thundercracker et al were apparently already dead or in total stasis-lock at the time of their reformatting, and thus it is widely speculated that only their bodies were used to create Cyclonus and company. Whether this indicates that they retained their sparks and merely suffered total mind-wipes (either as the result of recent death or by Unicron's doing), or if Unicron actually infused their reformatted bodies with new life-forces is unknown. (On the other hand, none of the other Unicron-created Decepticons have faced their past selves or deeds the way Galvatron has.) Megatron, by comparison, was clearly alive and awake at the time of his reformatting and struck a bargain with Unicron for "a new body", a deal which implies that his mind would remain his own.


Generation 1

  • Galvatron (Decepticon, 1986/1987)
Japanese ID number: D-62
G1 Galvatron toy

Nobody minds his neon orange barrel.

Galvatron transforms into a Cybertronic treaded field artillery unit, with an alternate hand-held gun mode. Using a 9-volt battery, he has a light-up cannon in gun mode, light-up eyes in robot mode, and variable electronic warbly noises in any mode. Galvatron is notable in being one of the most well-articulated toys in the Generation 1 line, with ratcheting shoulders and hips, as well as swivel waist, elbows, mid-biceps, knees, and ankle joints. He was also armed with a small black laser rifle.
  • Galvatron (Decepticon, 2005)
Japanese ID number: D-62-S
G1 Reissue Galvatron


The original Galvatron toy was much later redecoed and re-released by Takara into a sort-of more show-like appearance, being primarily purple instead of gray. His face mold was also slightly retooled, and he was given new sound effects, including speech clips (in Japanese, naturally). He also came with a Matrix on a chain to be worn around his neck as in the movie. It also uses two AA batteries, rather than the previous 9-volt.
This toy was later released as the e-Hobby-exclusive Galvatron II.

Titanium Series

  • Galvatron (3-inch Robot Masters, 2006)
Titanium Galvatron is a 3 inch tall, non-transforming, die-cast metal figuerine. He is based heavily on his cartoon model and has articulation in his neck, waist, shoulders and wrists. His orange cannon is also removable from his arm.



I can't transform? This is YOUR fault, Cyclonus!


Clearly crazy.

  • The exclusive toy for BotCon Japan 1997 was a non-transforming 8" vinyl figure of Galvatron styled after his Studio OX modifed animation model. The only Super Hybrid Model ever officially released, this Galvatron was initially available in two versions: "standard" purple, and a translucent orange "lava bath" version limited to 100 pieces. In subsequent years at least two more versions of this figure would be released for online sale--one that replaced the orange paint on the cannon barrel with an orange molded plastic piece, and another that replaced the entire purple body coloration with royal blue. The figures have articulation comparable with Metalforce statue of Optimus Prime, with useful swivel joints at the neck and shoulders, less useful swivels sideways at the biceps and knees, and a rather useless "shrugging action" in the waist.
  • Galvatron was part of the second "Act" of Takara's Super Collection Figure, a soft-plastic PVC of his cartoon model in both full-color and all-clear plastics, one each per case of twelve. A metallic painted version of this figure was one of the chase items in act 6. The SCF Galvatron was later released as part of the Heroes of Cybertron series, cast entirely in clear-red plastic then painted over (giving it a light-piped-like glowing eye effect). He was only available in the third wave of the line.
  • MyClone Galvatron: standard and lava "chase" versions.


  • A Galvatron Action Master was planned at one point, but apparently went no further than a concept sketch. It is only vaguely similar to Galvatron's normal appearance and may possibly have been a "powered up" Galvatron of some sort.

This toy IS a time paradox.

  • A triple changer was proposed which would switch between a very awkward Galvatron, Megatron, and a Walther P-38 handgun with added futuristic silencer and laser sight. It is notable that the strange "Reverse Megatron" design has a mild resemblance to the also unproduced Galvatron Action Master, especially in the chest design.
  • Galvatron's toy bio was apparently written with the intention of him being a new character who coexisted with Megatron: he has a rank of 9 and the function "City Commander," with no mention of him having once been Megatron. Given the omission of similar details from Rodimus Prime's bio, it is likely that this was done to avoid spoiling the surprise of Galvatron's origin in the movie.
  • The Galvatron toy's gun mode's only fictional appearances were in the UK comics, which featured it as a shrunken, human-scaled weapon, and a form that he assumed merely so that he could easily be conveyed by other parties, but never wielded as a weapon.
  • Galvatron's toy bio states that his cannon is a "laser which emits chemically-produced direct-current electricity". While this is a rather strange thing for a laser to do, it is a neat pun on his name. A galvanic cell, named after Luigi Galvani, is a certain type of chemical voltage source. Though Galvatron's toy's batteries are not galvanic cells, they do produce DC electricity chemically, making his toy one of the more fiction-accurate in the Generation 1 line.
  • Bizarrely, Unicron would appear to have based Galvatron on a schoolboy's wristwatch.
  • When asked about Galvatron's design in an interview, Floro Dery's reply was, "But about Galvatron, my inspiration for him are those 'stupid people'."[2] ...Ooookay.
  • Just as Megatron's fusion cannon was sometimes shown in commercials to have a handle, Galvatron's cannon had a trigger on at least one occasion (during The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2). Galvatron apparently doesn't need to use the trigger, however.

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  1. Some fans claim the "Here's a hint" line is a point in favor of Galvatron not being Megatron, instead of the far more likely intended affirmation, since Megatron "would never kill Starscream." However most fans would probably agree that Starscream had simply never pissed Megatron off enough to actually kill him before.
  2. TransFormers Philippines: Interview With Floro Dery
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