These are Optimus Prime's relationships.



It was said that Optimus (as one of the Thirteen) acted as Prima's second-in-command and always supported him. However, he was horrified to learn that Prima was trying to deduce which Primes had the most Unicron-like traits.

Jackson Darby

Optimus entrusting the key to Vector Sigma to Jack.

"I won't let you down!"
―Jack to Optimus in One Shall Rise, Part 2.

Optimus and Jack have a father to son relationship. Optimus treats Jack with respect and sees greatness in him. He told Jack that he was impressed by how much he matured in One Shall Rise, Part 2. Optimus gives Jack the Key to Vector Sigma, which Jack promised to not to let Optimus down. Jack even showed extreme loyalty to Optimus by using the Key to Vector Sigma to go to Cybertron with Arcee. Soon, Jack was able to download the Key to Vector Sigma. While Arcee distracted Megatron, Jack met with Orion, who questioned Jack about himself being worthy. Jack replied that he had no idea and promptly restored Orion Pax to Optimus Prime by downloading the Key to the Matrix in his chest. This shows that Jack would do anything for Optimus and would risk his own life to save Optimus. Optimus returns the favor of saving his planet, Earth from being cyberformed by Megatron and Jack was very thankful for it in Darkest Hour. Optimus gave a last glance at Jack in Deadlock.

Miko Nakadai

"Optimus 2.0 is rad!"
― Miko to Optimus in Rebellion.

Optimus and Miko rarely hang out or talk, though they are friends. In T.M.I., Optimus told Miko that she was smart to not let the Decepticons get their hands on the Synthetic Energon formula. In Orion Pax, Part 3, Miko was glad to have Optimus back. Miko showed that she was thankful when Optimus saved Earth from becoming a Cyberformed by Megatron in Darkest Hour. In Rebellion, Miko was thrilled when Optimus was alive and in a new body that she described to be "rad". Miko cares and admires about Optimus. Optimus protects Miko and cares for her like he does with all his human friends. Optimus remains good friends with Miko. Optimus gave Miko a last glance before he left in Deadlock.

Rafael Esquivel

"I will bring you back a snowball."
―Optimus to Raf in Scrapheap.
― Raf to Optimus.

Raf looks up to Optimus like a role model. In One Shall Fall, Optimus became enraged at Megatron when he injured Rafael. This shows that Optimus deeply cares for Raf the most, since he is younger. In One Shall Rise, Part 1, Raf said "hey" to Optimus and Optimus gave a smile back at Raf. In One Shall Rise, Part 3, Raf showed concerned when the Autobots told the humans and Ratchet that Optimus had amnesia and left with Megatron to the Nemesis. In Orion Pax, Part 3, Raf wondered if Optimus remembered him, to which Optimus replied "hello Rafael". Raf was most impressed in Rebellion when Optimus was resurrected in a new body. Optimus and Raf remain good friends. Optimus gave a last glance at Raf in Deadlock before leaving to Cybertron.

Agent Fowler

Agent Fowler riding in Optimus's vehicle mode in Convoy.

"How about some radio? You seem like a Nashville sound kinda guy."
― Agent Fowler to Optimus Prime in Convoy.

While during some time on Earth, Optimus eventually met up with Agent Fowler. Agent Fowler provided a base, protection, and Earth equipment to Optimus and his fellow Autobots. In Convoy, Agent Fowler rode inside Optimus in his vehicle mode where Optimus told Agent Fowler that he will handle the driving. During the long drive, Agent Fowler tried to make conversation with Prime. He even suggested that they listen to some tunes before they encountered MECH on the road. Optimus was able to secure Fowler in a safe distance away from the fight with the Vehicon troopers.

Agent Fowler would rely upon Optimus and his Autobots to deal the Decepticon threats due to the fact that the Decepticons would stop at nothing to achieve their target and would harm humans. In Grill, Agent Fowler had to talk with his superior, who is General Bryce, on defending Optimus and his Autobots. When it seemed Bryce was unconvinced, Agent Fowler had to call in Optimus to make an appearance. Optimus came to provide a clear misunderstanding of Bryce's former claim and Bryce became on very good terms with Optimus, much to Fowler's contentment. In Prey, Agent Fowler showed concern when he told the other Autobots about how the base was exploded by Decepticons where Optimus remained behind. In Rebellion, Agent Fowler was most impressed by Optimus making a comeback in a brand new body. Near to the end of this episode, Agent Fowler gave a thank you speech to Optimus and his Autobots. In Deadlock, Optimus gave Agent Fowler a glance before leaving to Cybertron.

Agent Fowler respects Optimus and sees him as a noble leader/soldier and friend.

June Darby

Optimus and June

" June: So.. where's Optimus?

Ratchet: On a scouting mission with Bumblebee. Sorry to disappoint.

June: And I wore heals and everything..."

― June wanting to make an impression to Optimus in Metal Attraction.

Optimus met June Darby in the ending of Crisscross. In Metal Attraction, she asked Ratchet where Optimus was and he told her that Optimus was on a mission with Bumblebee. June respond by saying she wore on her heals and everything else for no reason, which indicates she wanted to make an impression with Optimus, much to Jack's embarrassment. In One Shall Rise, Part 1, June gave Optimus a reminder that Rafael was lucky to be alive after he was almost killed by Megatron. Optimus promised to June that he will doing everything in his power to ensure that the safety of their human friends to not at risk or any human's safety for that matter. June demanded that she take Raf to the hospital where she works and immediately did, despite Jack and Miko staying behind. Bumblebee recued Raf and June from being sucked in by a tornado, which he brought them back to base where June decided to stay. In One Shall Rise, Part 3, June showed concerned when the Autobots told Ratchet and the humans that Optimus had amnesia and left with Megatron back to the Nemesis. In Orion Pax, Part 2, June decided to let Jack leave to Cybertron to restore Optimus's memories. In Orion Pax, Part 3, June welcomed back Jack, the rest of the Autobots and Optimus to the base. In Prey, June showed concerned when Optimus was not present with the other Autobots and humans. In the ending of Rebellion, June reunited with Optimus as he was upgraded in a new body. In Deadlock, Optimus gave June a last glance before leaving to Cybertron.

Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion talking to Optimus to join the AllSpark.

"Come Optimus... I stand before you my student. As such it seems that it is your time. Why do you hesitate?"
― Alpha Trion to Optimus in the AllSpark.

Even as one of the Thirteen, Optimus and Alpha Trion were close comrades and confided in each other frequently. They had similar goals of peace among their brothers. After the final conflict between the Thirteen, Optimus promised Alpha Trion he would return when he jumped into the Well of Allsparks.

Alpha Trion was a mentor to the young Orion Pax and often gave him advice. Alpha Trion did this because he recognized greatness in Orion. Orion served under Alpha Trion at the Hall of Records and worked there to maintain the Iacon database. Despite Orion not seeing Alpha Trion again when he became Optimus Prime again, Optimus missed his mentor. He often showed signs of sadness when someone mentioned Alpha Trion due to his kindness in his new life. Alpha Trion appeared in a vision from within the Star Saber, explaining about the Omega Keys. Alpha Trion appeared once again when Optimus Prime was dying from his wounds from the aftermath of the destruction of the Autobot base, which he tried to convince Optimus to join the AllSpark. Smokescreen revived Optimus with the Forge, preventing Optimus from joining with Alpha Trion in the AllSpark. Optimus still believes in Alpha Trion and sees him as a great teacher. Optimus sees Alpha Trion like a father figure.

Megatron (formerly)

Megatron with Orion Pax in One Shall Rise, Part 3

Orion facing against Megatron.

"I am a soldier Megatron and you are a prisoner of your own twisted dillusions!"
―Optimus tells off Megatron in Alpha/Omega.
"*Megatron looks at Optimus* Because I now know the true meaning of oppression and have thus lost my taste for inflicting it.*Optimus looks surprised*"
―Megatron learning his lesson and Optimus seeing the good side of Megatron.
"As even Megaton has demonstrated on this day, every sentient being deserves the capacity for change."
―Optimus's new side of Megatron.

In the early days of Cybertron, Orion Pax looked up to Megatronus as a mentor. The two were close and great friends, almost like they were brothers. Megatronus changed his name to Megatron before he went with Orion to the high council to explain his ideas. When Orion gave his speech to the high council to defend Megatron, he was chosen to be the new Prime. Feeling betrayed and his jealousy towards Orion, Megatron severed all ties with Orion and the council as he declared war on Cybertron. Eventually, Orion had reached Primus, the core of Cybertron, in order to undo the damage caused by Megatron. He was given the Matrix of Leadership to Orion making him into Optimus Prime.

Years later, Optimus fought Megatron again when he attempted to stop Megatron from sending an undead army from Cybertron to Earth. During the battle on the Space Bridge, Optimus was close to getting killed by Megatron until Starscream contacted Megatron. Megatron told Optimus 'Ah... misdirection, Optimus. You would have made a fine Decepticon!' Optimus told Megatron 'I chose my side!' before blasting Megatron into the air. After the battle, Megatron was caught in the explosion of the space bridge and Optimus presumed he'd been killed. Though Optimus did mourn over his former friend, Megatron was later revived after taking over Bumblebee's body in a successful attempt to get back to his own body. Optimus was surprised when Megatron prevented Starscream from blasting him in Out of His Head.

In One Shall Fall, Optimus faced Megatron head on after Megatron injured Raf with a blast of Dark Energon near a volcano site. Optimus and Megatron brutally fought each other for quite some time until Optimus seemed to get the upper hand when Megatron seemed to get weak. Optimus was able to get Megatron on the ground and was close to killing him until Megatron suddenly regained strength. The fight ended in Megatron getting the upper hand, with Dark Energon coursing through him to give him strength, and was about to kill Optimus. Though Bulkhead, Arcee and Ratchet came in time to save Optimus. After learning that Unicron was the very core of the Earth, Optimus decided to face Unicron's manifestations alone but was soon backed up by the other Autobots. When a large manifestation of Unicron was about to step on Optimus, Megatron destroyed the manifestation, thus saving Optimus. Optimus eventually agreed to team up with Megatron to stop Unicron from destroying Earth. As the Autobots and Megatron head for Unicron's spark chamber, Optimus and Megatron worked together in destroying some of Unicron's anit-bodies. Unicron even attempted to control Megatron, but Megatron merely saved Optimus from being attacked by one of the anti-bodies. Optimus and Megatron made their way inside Unicron's spark chamber. This, however, ended in Unicron controlling Megatron entirely and Optimus losing the Matrix's energy, along with his memories, to destroy Unicron's spark. Megatron woke from being unconscious and walked towards Optimus as he had draw his sword out. However, when Optimus saw Megatron, he asked where are we Megatronus? Megatron was surprised and realized Optimus had lost his memory, which he took this advantage by helping Optimus to his feet and brought Optimus back to the warship, where Megatron addressed to the other Decepticons that Orion Pax was one of them.

While Team Prime divised a plan to rescue Optimus and restore his memories, Megatron was deceiving Orion into believing he was a Decepticon and that the Autobots were their enemies. Megatron explained that that Decepticons were named for spreading the truth and if speaking was deception, then they were gladly guilty. Megatron gave Orion his own place to work on working the Iacon database for secret hidden relics that, as Orion explained, were hidden away for later use. When Orion showed Megatron about Starscream, Megatron lied by stating Starscream was deceased.

After an incident where Starscream actually made his way into the warship, he went in Orion's room where he told Orion about Megatron. Orion did not believe what Starscream said and was engaged in a conversation until a couple of Vehicons chased Starscream out of the warship. Megatron went to check on Orion and explained to him that Starscream was a traitor who went to the Autobot side. Megatron leaves Orion to his work and Orion does as his lord wishes.

When Orion was researching about Optimus Prime, he eventually came to a discovery that he was Optimus Prime. When Megatron came to check on Orion again, he told Orion that they were tracking his activities as he pushes a button that shows Orion's research on Optimus Prime. Orion begins to question Megatron and eventually tried to delete his work but unfortunately for Orion, the data was saved. Megatron then ordered guards to watch Orion and threatened to kill Orion if he did not comply. Orion was beaten by the guards and eventually blasted them to death when he accidentally transformed his hands into guns.

Orion soon realized on his own that his place was with the Autobots and tried to take on Megatron himself. Orion was defeated by Megatron and was close to getting killed until Arcee jumped Megatron and saved him. Once Jack restored Orion's memories, Optimus grabbed onto Megatron's sword when the latter came close to jumping at Optimus. Optimus punched and trounced Megatron before he escaped with his team back to base.

Optimus fighting Megatron in Egypt.

Optimus battling Megatron at the Omega Lock in Darkest Hour.

After the hunt for Iacon relics, the arrival of Smokescreen, Optimus getting the Star Saber, and learning of the Omega Keys, Optimus battled Megatron with the Star Saber, as they fought Optimus again claimed to be nothing more than a simple soldier. Eventually, Optimus obtained all four Omega Keys. Though Megatron used the Autobots' human friends to trade for the Omega Keys. Optimus had no choice, but to destroy the Omega Lock as Megatron was using it to cyberform Earth. When Megatron ordered the destruction of their former base. Optimus remained behind while everyone left and was caught in the explosion.

Though sometime later after Optimus was saved by Smokescreen, Smokescreen was able to retrieve the Forge of Solus Prime and used it for Optimus to regain a new body. Optimus flew to Darkmount in his new jetpack and saved Ultra Magnus from Megatron. They air fight and in it ended with Optimus knocking Megatron into the fusion cannon's power core, repeating his old phrase "Megatron! Be gone!" In the last episode of season 3, Optimus faced against Megatron to stop him from cyberforming Earth again. Megatron was able to kill Bumblebee in the process, which enraged Optimus, who then proceeded to attack Megatron violently. Megatron was able to get the upper hand and was close to terminating Optimus as well, but he was stabbed with the Star Saber by the revived Bumblebee before he took the chance. As Megatron's lifeless body fell off the platform towards Earth, Optimus showed little signs of remorse as he watched Megatron fall.

In Predacons Rising, Unicron revived Megatron's body as his vessel. When Optimus returned from retrieving the Allspark, he fought against Unicron. During the battle Optimus attempted to remind Megatron of their old alliance, which saved Earth from Unicron's wrath. Despite Optimus's efforts to reach Megatron, Unicron pointed out that while Megatron could hear Optimus, he could not help him as he was being tortured by Unicron. After Unicron's Anti-Spark was sucked into the container trapping him, Megatron was freed from his torture. Optimus said nothing as Megtron denounced his return to the Decepticon cause as Starscream tried to convince his master to regain command over the Decepticons back. Optimus was initially surprised when Megatron explained that he had finally learned the true meaning of oppression and had lost his taste for inflicting it on others. Optimus then watched thoughtfully as Megatron disbanded the Decepticons and he flew off to presumed banishment. Before becoming one with Primus, Optimus noted to the Autobots (including Knock Out) that Megatron still has the capacity for change.

Megatron is like a long lost brother to Optimus.


Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.jpeg

"Bumblebee putting yourself at risk was perhaps not the wisest of strategies, but you performed admirably."
―Optimus praising Bumblebee in Masters and Students.

Bumblebee is one of Optimus Prime's scouts. He is also one of Optimus' close friends. In Masters and Students, Bumblebee tagged along with Optimus to investigate Decepticon activity. After defeating Skyquake, Optimus commended Bumblebee for doing admirably. When Optimus had amnesia (after sacrificing the Matrix of Leadership's energy to destroy Unicron's spark), he reverted to Orion Pax, who looked back on Bumblebee. Bumblebee was saddened that his leader did not recognize him as Orion just gazed back before he left through the portal. Bumblebee helped the Autobots in mission to restore Optimus's memories, which proved successful as they were able to restore Optimus to his normal self and celebrated back the base. When M.E.C.H stole Bumblebee's T-cog, Optimus related to Bumblebee losing part of himself. Incapable of transforming, Bumblebee persuaded Bulkhead in letting him tag along on a mission, though Bulkhead states that if Optimus found out it wasn't his idea. This ended in Bumblebee chasing after Knock Out and plunging off a cliff. Back at base, Optimus restricted Bumblebee until they were able to retrieve his missing bio mechanism. Bumblebee discovers M.E.C.H's location, provided by Agent Fowler. However his T-cog was shot by Starscream, who made a temporary alliance with M.E.C.H., Ratchet was able to fix Bumblebee's T-cog, but states the damage was severe. When Bumblebee transformed and took Raf on a drive, Arcee commended Ratchet for fixing Bumblebee's T-cog and Optimus also stateed that is not all that Ratchet repaired. In Crossfire, when a weakened Megatron asked Optimus if he planned on terminating him later or right at that moment, Bumblebee looked at Bulkhead in shock, then Optimus pulled out his gun on Megatron.

When Bumblebee tried to give Optimus the Star Saber in the final battle for Earth, Megatron blasted him, leaving Bumblebee's body to drift in the Omega Lock's cybermatter. Outraged over his scout's death, Optimus punched Megatron until he was able to get the Dark Star Saber and fling Optimus off the Lock's platform. Just as Megatron was about to finish Optimus off, Bumblebee was restored by the cybermatter and used the Star Saber directly into Megatron's spark, which his lifeless body fell from the Omega Lock downward to Earth. Bumblebee helped Optimus climb up as the rest of the Decepticons escaped. After the Autobots used the Omega Lock's energy into the core of Cybertron, they went back to base where Optimus gives a speech about how they are going to miss Earth. Ratchet decided to stay behind with the kids as consultants. Bumblebee gives a last goodbye to his partner, friend Raf before going home with the others. In Predacons Rising, Optimus promoted Bumblebee to warrior after his efforts in killing Megatron. Optimus "knighted" Bumblebee by patting him on the shoulders with the Star Saber. Before the party had begun, Optimus told his team that he must retrieve the AllSpark from outer space, if they ever hope to fully restore Cybertron. Bumblebee insisted that they go and get it back, but Optimus says that they can't leave Cybertron with their fugitives, Starscream and Shockwave, still on it, including Predaking. Optimus left with Wheeljack while Bumblebee filled in for Optimus as leader. While finding Predaking, Bumblebee said he was just scouting than leading. When they encountered Predaking, they explained to him about two new Predacons on Cybertron. Optimus came on time and defeated Unicron. He trapped Unicron inside the AllSpark's container. Before becoming one with Primus, Optimus told his team, including Knock Out, that they acted as a Prime. Bumblebee promised to keep the peace in Optimus' memory. As the team sadly watched their leader fly into the Core, they were amazed by the Sparks that flew out, including Optimus' spark. Optimus and Bumblebee continued their relationship in Transformers: Robots in Disguise where Optimus led Bumblebee back to Earth to face a new threat.

Much like Alpha Trion did for him, Optimus mentored Bumblebee on his path. Optimus is a father figure to Bumblebee and fights by his scout's side.


Optimus with Ratchet

Optimus and Ratchet

"But you nearly cause the loss of something irreplaceable, our medic and our most trusted friend."
― Optimus points Ratchet's potential.
"A wise decision old friend."
―Optimus regarding Ratchet for his Synthetic engergon research in Project Predacon.
"Optimus. I didn't return to save a life only to lose the one I care most about."
― Ratchet to Optimus.

Optimus knew Ratchet long before the war for Cybertron and the pair became very close friends. Ratchet stood by Optimus' side after he and Megatron severed all ties, starting the war for Cybertron. Optimus would often seek console from his old friend on many occasions during the war, both on Cybertron and Earth. While their ideals often clashed, Optimus always had a high opinion of his chief medic. Optimus was often very protective of his old friend, often advising him to leave and save himself when fighting appeared to intense in the field. In turn Ratchet would often refuse to leave his commander's side. Ratchet is like a brother figure to Optimus.

When Optimus lost his memories after sacrificing the Matrix of Leadership's energy to destroy Unicron's spark, Ratchet worked hard with the Autobots and humans to get Optimus back. Their plan worked and Ratchet informed Optimus that it seemed like it was their darkest hour but through it all, Optimus was a true Autobot inside and out. 

When Optimus destroyed the Omega Lock on Cybertron, Ratchet was shocked at Optimus as he stated to him that it was their only way of restoring their home. As the rest of the team left through the groundbridge to different locations to avoid being captured by the Decepticons, Ratchet and Optimus shared a seemingly last moment where Ratchet questioned Optimus about where he would go. Optimus decided to remain at the base and before Ratchet left, he stated that he would never imagine it would end like this. After Ratchet left, Optimus stated to himself that he didn't expect it either. Ratchet seemed to lost all faith as Optimus was not there to reunite with the Autobots, even with Ultra Magnus as their temporary leader. However, thanks to Smokescreen, who saved and restored Optimus in a new body with the Forge of Solus Prime, the Autobots were victorious in destroying the Decepticon citadel on Earth and they all celebrated back in their new base.

Ratchet showed Optimus his latest work on his Synthetic energon research, which Optimus thought it was a wise decision. 

In Predacons Rising, Ratchet states to Optimus that he's the one that Ratchet cares most about before Optimus became one with Primus. As the sparks flew from the core, the Autobots were astonished as a red spark (possibly Optimus) shines out. Ratchet is Optimus's best friend and Ratchet deeply cares about Optimus.

"By the motherboard, it's good to see you."
―Ratchet to Optimus upon reuniting in Transformers: Robots in Disguise, episode Decepticon Island (Part 1).

In Transformers: Robots in Disguise season 2 in an episode called Decepticon Island (Part 1), Optimus was very surprised and joyful to see Ratchet again. Ratchet was surprised as well as Optimus filled him in on how the Primes saved Optimus just before his spark was extinguished. When the Autobots returned to the scrapyard to place Clampdown in a stasis pod, Ratchet told them about the aftermath of Cybertron's restoration where he stated others had blamed Optimus and his team for the ruination of Cybertron. Though with that knowledge, Ratchet was glad to be reunited with Optimus, Bumblebee, and Bumblebee's team. While Optimus welcomed Ratchet to join him on finding about Decepticon island, Bumblebee had asserted his authority to welcome Ratchet in the search. Later, as Optimus and Ratchet was assisting Windblade in constructing the stasis bomb, Ratchet notes that Bumblebee has come a long way since the last time he saw him. Optimus states Bumblebee has led his team well though with Ratchet sensing a "but" coming along, Optimus tells Ratchet that he worries that Bumblebee is not ready to lead a team that exceeds the size in this critical mission. While Ratchet noted Optimus felt the urge to lead, Optimus wishes to not disrespect Bumblebee. Although, Ratchet advises Optimus that he would be a valuable counselor to any established leader, Optimus dodged the conversation.


Hold hand.jpg
Holding hands.jpeg

Awwww :,)

484775 original.gif

"It's been a honor serving with you, Optimus Prime."
― Arcee shares her seemingly last moments with Optimus in Scrapheap.
"You are stronger for the choice you made."
― Optimus to Arcee in Armada.

Arcee is one of Optimus' most reliable soldiers on the team. She's one of his close friend, next to Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Ratchet. In Scrapheap, Optimus and Arcee ventured to explore more about their Arctic find. When they were ready to go back to base, with no findings, Optimus was unable to contact Ratchet for a ground bridge. With their core temperatures at the danger zone, Optimus suggested the need to seek shelter. Optimus and Arcee tried to keep themselves functional by talking. Arcee suggested that they play a game called "who screwed things up back at base." Optimus tried to remain positive by pointing out that the problem could have been a simple malfunction, while Arcee stated it could have been caused by Bulkhead. Optimus pointed out that Bulkhead's size isn't compared to his inner strength, and that "one should not be measured by size alone." As Optimus and Arcee prepare to accept their end, Optimus talks to Arcee about joining the Allspark together. His speech was cut short as Arcee stretched out her left hand to hold Optimus's left hand and Optimus did the same as they held each other's hands as they prepared to freeze to death.

Arcee's loyalty to Optimus is strong and without question. When Optimus had amnesia (after he sacrificed the Matrix of Leadership's energy to destroy Unicron's Spark) and was taken to the Decepticon warship with Megatron, Arcee was able to get on board the warship. In her attempts to find Optimus, she completely took out several Vehicons in her path. Before she could reach to Optimus, she was ground-bridged off the Nemesis by Soundwave. However, after a mission with Jack to go to Cybertron to restore Optimus's memories, Optimus returned to his normal self after Jack downloaded his memories in the Matrix of Leadership and Arcee was pleased that her leader was back when the Autobots retreated back to their base.

When Nemesis Prime attacked Agent Fowler and knocked Arcee unconscious in its vehicle mode, Arcee began to feel suspicious when the incident seemed like it was Optimus. However, when Optimus revealed that he came back from scouting an energon mine with an energon crystal in his hand, the Autobots stand down as Arcee walked to Optimus to apologize to him.

In the ending of Predacons Rising, Arcee suggested that the Autobots turn to Vector Sigma again when Optimus was about to sacrifice himself to restore Cybertron but it wouldn't work since the Matrix would be gone forever once it merged with the AllSpark. Arcee and the others sadly watched as Optimus sacrificed himself to go inside the Well of AllSparks but they were all excited when sparks began to fly from the well.

Arcee and Optimus both have a platonic friendship. They would often hang out and talk to each other on occasions. Arcee calls Optimus by his name and sometimes refer him as a Prime. She sometimes consults with Optimus and Optimus is one of Arcee's friends who tries to keep her calm. Optimus relates to Arcee's feelings and tries his best to make her feel better. Arcee sees Optimus as a noble leader and friend to have. Arcee helped Wheeljack and Optimus helped Ultra Magnus when they were feeling impaired in the team. This would show that both Optimus and Arcee know how to support their comrades. In Sick Mind, Arcee told Ratchet she would risk her own life for Optimus anytime, anywhere, which shows she would not hesitate to do anything that will make Optimus feel well. In Minus One, as Ultra Magnus went with Wheeljack and Bumblebee, Arcee secretly watched Optimus. This shows Arcee cares the most about Optimus's well being. Arcee also knows the rules of being a Prime, as she points out Optimus not being the party type or never runs away from a fight. Arcee looks up to Optimus as an older adult figure, since she appears much younger than him. Arcee and Optimus respect each other as soldiers, friends, and family.

Ultra Magnus

Eat your spark heart out Iron Man!

"Sir your looking... robust!"
―Ultra Magnus to Optimus about his new look.
"Welcome to Earth Ultra Magnus and to Team Prime."
―Optimus to Ultra Magnus.

Ultra Magnus was Optimus' key lieutenant during the war for Cybertron. When Optimus was gravely damaged, Ultra Magnus arrived on Earth where he reassembled the Autbots with the exception of Optimus and Smokescreen. When his plan to launch an attack on Darkmount, Ultra Magnus and the remaining Autobots were captured and were sentenced to be executed. Fortunately, Smokescreen revived Optimus with the Forge. Optimus was revived in a new body and he flew to Darkmount where he managed to save Ultra Magnus along with the other Autobots.

Optimus and Ultra Magnus greeted each other respectfully. Optimus addressed him as commander and Ultra Magnus addressed him as 'Sir' who commented on his new appearance, stating it as 'Robust' and the two managed to escape from the destruction of Darkmount. When the team reconnected at Unit E, Ultra Magnus honorably relinquished his command over to Optimus, whom then happily welcomed him into Team Prime. When Ultra Magnus asked Optimus what a "Kilt" was, Optimus replied that Agent Fowler was rather oblique and personally told Ultra Magnus that he finds it best to just simply nod and mobilize. When Ultra Magnus attempted to install some discipline into Team Prime, the team did not like this way. When Optimus returned to base, the team turned their attention to him, leaving Magnus all alone in the corner. Optimus noticed his commander alone and later asked what was troubling him. Ultra Magnus noted that his command style was having a negative effect on the team. Optimus placed his left hand on Magnus' right shoulder which he told Ultra Magnus that the Elite Guard ways won't work well with Team Prime. Optimus rescued Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack from being executed by Predaking. Optimus explained the concept of "family" to Ultra Magnus. Since then, Ultra Magnus has adapted to Team Prime's family ways. In Predacons Rising, Ultra Magnus was there to see Optimus sacrifice himself to restore Cybertron. Magnus sadly watched with the other Autobots as Optimus flew into the core of Cybertron. In the end, Magnus and the rest of the team were amazed by the sparks that came from the well. Magnus is a friend/family member to Optimus.


Bulkhead and Prime.jpeg

"Bulkhead may be... too large for this world, but his inner strength is without bounds."
― Optimus telling Arcee about Bulkhead.
"No not Optimus."
―Bulkhead explaining to Wheeljack that Optimus doesn't run from a fight.

Bulkhead met Optimus on Cybertron during the war where he left the Wreckers to join Team Prime. While they barely interact, Optimus and Bulkhead are good friends. Bulkhead was saddened when Optimus did not recognize him or the other Autobots when he lost his memories after sacrificing the Matrix of Leadership's energy to destroy Unicron's spark. Bulkhead helped the team in recovering Optimus's memories, which worked as they were able to restore Optimus to his normal self and went back to the base to celebrate. In Loose Cannons, Bulkhead explained to Wheeljack the reason he joined Optimus was that he believes that Optimus has what it takes to end the war. Bulkhead accompanied Optimus and the team usually scouting for Energon mines or other Decepticon activity. However, when Optimus kept the information of the Omega lock he questioned why Optimus didn't tell his teammates. During the battle on Cybertron for the Omega Keys, Bulkhead and the team located the Omega Lock. Though this mission was compromised when the Decepticons used the children to trade for the Omega keys. Optimus had no choice but to destroy the lock with the Star Saber, which resulted in the team splitting up from their old base until they could regroup and plan an attack. This brought up the arrival of Ultra Magnus and a strange dragon like creature the Decepticons used to hunt down the Autobots. With no sign of Optimus, Ultra Magnus informed the team that they must stop Megatron with or without Optimus. Ultra Magnus' attack on the Decepticon citadel ended in the team being captured. Soon Optimus flew in with his new jet pack and robust body, which ended in everyone escaping the destroyed citadel. In Predacons Rising, when Optimus sacrificed himself to restore life on Cybertron, Bulkhead and the other Autobots sadly watched as their leader fly in the core of Cybertron. As the sparks flew from the well, Bulkhead and the others were amazed by it. Bulkhead respects and is like a family member to Optimus.


Smokescreen shaking hands with Optimus.

Smokescreen caring for his wounded leader

"I don't believe it your Optimus Prime! He's Optimus Prime!!!"
―Smokescreen fans out about seeing Optimus in person.
"The time for a new leader is upon us, in my spark, I believe, that leader stands before me right now... "
― Optimus to Smokescreen.
"And that's why he's a Prime"
― Smokescreen after seeing Optimus in action.

Optimus was the only Autobot to trust Smokescreen when the young Autobot first arrived. While the others doubted his stories and believed he was a Decepticon spy, the rookie's stories of Alpha Trion convinced Optimus he was a loyal ally. He did however, think Smokescreen needed further training and needed to follow protocol more, but officially made him part of Team Prime after he defeated Starscream and secured the Apex Armor. He later claimed Smokescreen needed to further assimilate himself into human culture and the ways of Earth. He lost his patience once with him after he took Jack on the mission to get the Star Saber, though he was glad that Smokescreen had found it. During the battle for the Omega keys on Cybertron, Smokescreen wanted to give his key to Optimus, as he stated to Optimus "Optimus, an honor like this doesn't belong to me." Though their mission was complicated when Megatron used their human friends to trade for the Omega Keys. This results in Optimus destroying the Omega Lock with the Star Saber and the destruction of the Autobot base. When the Autobot base was destroyed, Smokescreen managed to hide the wounded Prime and tried to restore him. These actions convinced Optimus that if anyone should succeed him it should be Smokescreen, despite the young bot's objections. Smokescreen later healed Optimus with the Forge of Solus Prime giving him a new body. In Predacons Rising, Optimus gave him subtle signs even before his sacrifice that he remained convinced Smokescreen was the best choice for a new Prime. Smokescreen and the other Autobots sadly watched as their leader fly into the core of Cybertron. As the sparks flew from the well, Smokescreen and the others were amazed by its beauty. Optimus exhibited great trust in Smokescreen, enough to tell him he was worthy of Primehood and possibly of his earlier life. Smokescreen is like another son to Optimus, like Bumblebee.


"You and Bulkhead share quite a history and yet you prefer to work alone?"
― Optimus asks Wheeljack a question.
"That's why he's Prime."
― Wheeljack after seeing Optimus in action in Predacons Rising.

Wheeljack met Optimus Prime on his first trip to Earth. When he returned Earth with Dreadwing, Wheeljack began to follow his own ways until Optimus warned him to follow his lead. Bulkhead talked to Wheeljack about the old days and how he gave up being a Wrecker, which Wheeljack responds "because Prime was the real deal." Bulkhead and Wheeljack made up their old Wrecker hand shake code, "Wreckers don't call for backup. They call for cleanup!!" They attack Dreadwing, but Dreadwing had already set up a trap and the Wreckers fell under it. Wheeljack was under the rubble but Bulkhead was captured. Optimus comes to Wheeljack's aid, much to Wheeljack's surprise. They went in Wheeljack's ship and ventured to rescue their friend. In his ship, Optimus seemed tightly packed inside and tried to make conversation. Optimus said "You and Bulkhead shared quite a history and yet you prefer to work alone." Wheeljack responded by saying that the Wreckers were scattered a long time ago and being alone wasn't complicated. They found Bulkhead with a time bomb strapped on his chest. Wheeljack tried to disarm the device, while Optimus sneaks away to find Dreadwing. When Bulkhead noticed Optimus was gone, Wheeljack corrected himself by saying that Optimus was the first to leave. But Bulkhead denied it and said that Optimus would never do that. Eventually after an argument, Wheeljack finally realized that Bulkhead was right about Optimus and that Dreadwing was the only able to defuse it. Dreadwing defused the bomb and blew up the dock. He escaped and left them. Back at base, Wheeljack apologized to Optimus and said it was an honor watching him work. Optimus extended his hand to welcome Wheeljack to the team, but Jackie wanted to explore Earth more, in his new vehicle mode. In Evolution, Optimus saved Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus from being killed by Predaking. In Predacons Rising, Wheeljack was impressed and stated "that's why he's Prime" at Optimus when he was able to retrieve the AllSpark from a bunch of space rocks. Wheeljack witnessed with the other Autobots as Optimus gave them a last goodbye speech and when he sacrificed himself to go into Cybertron's core to fully restore it to bring life back on their home.


"Heatwave, you have grown into a strong leader, I believe you are ready for greater responsibilities."
―Optimus commending Heatwave.

Optimus met Heatwave and his team when they arrived on Earth, which is where he made the decision of giving the leadership position of the Rescue Bots to Heatwave, because he saw potential in him. When hearing of the difficulty of working with humans, Optimus reassured him that they would work it out, Heatwave showed an aspiration of joining Team Prime to which Prime thanked him for and wished him luck. When trapped in an alternate reality Optimus along with Bumblebee aided the Rescue team in restoring the timeline with Heatwave remarking Optimus' 'Roll Out' as rather catchy, after they returned Optimus congratulated him and his team noting that is was a privilege to work with them. When asked to investigate an Energon signal he and Heatwave found themselves separated from the rest of the group, during that time the two conversed about how well Heatwave had led his team to the point where Optimus personally asked him if he wanted to join Team Prime, while Heatwave was honored he believed that leaving his team would mean failing both his team as well as Optimus, to which the latter praised him for putting others needs before his own. After escaping the cave Optimus had a talk with him and noted that he was good leader and should be prepared to take greater responsibility.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise



Optimus and Bee in Transformers: Robots in Disguise

In Pilot (Part 1), Optimus was leading Bumblebee to Earth in Bee's visions. In Pilot (Part 2), Optimus made a short appearance by taking out Underbite and complimenting Bumblebee and his new team. Bumblebee was concerned if he would see Optimus again and Optimus stated he does not know what the universe has in store for him. Optimus told Bumblebee he will prevail before vanishing from sight. In W.W.O.D.?, Optimus appeared in Bee's vision again at the Crown City Museum where he hoped Bee is making progress. Bumblebee informed him that he wasn't leading like Optimus would lead. Optimus told Bee that he is not him but vanished before he explain further to Bumblebee. In Even Robots Have Nightmares, Bumblebee was dreaming that Optimus was disappointed in him about letting evil conquer and that he was not fit to lead at all. In Battlegrounds, Part 2, Optimus returned in his new physical form and helped Bumblebee and his team fight Megatronus. When Megatronus was seemingly destroyed, Optimus told Bumblebee that he has become a great leader and decided to remain on Bee's team as long as he is treated like an equal member. In Decepticon Island (Part 1) and in Decepticon Island (Part 2), Optimus and Bumblebee had a difficult time with leadership roles as it became conflicted for both of them before and during the mission to Decepticon island. However they managed to work through it as they worked together to ensure the mission was a success which in the end turned out to be. Optimus and Bumblebee had settled everything and shook hands as Optimus left with the other Autobots.

Optimus and Bumblebee continue with their father to son relationship like they did in Transformers: Prime. Optimus was Bumblebee's temporary spirit guide but made a return in Battlegrounds, Part 1.

Micronus Prime

Optimus with Micronus

Optimus began training under Micronus supervision in Out of Focus. Micronus reminds Optimus about the Prime Decepticon hunter that Optimus was wielding before he gave Optimus his test of simply climbing a hill. However, the test proved to be more than it seemed. While Micronus watched from the side as Optimus was trying to save a bunch of hologram humans from a robot and its minions, Optimus also tried to ask Micronus for assistance, to no avail. Instead, when it seemed to be Optimus' last chance to save one human, Micronus reluctantly reminded Optimus what the test was about in the first place, which ended in Optimus completing the test successfully and realizing that the humans were all holograms. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Optimus had saved a hologram human from an island of plates that was surrounded by lava, which left no impression on Micronus. While Optimus tried to convince Micronus that he was ready, the dimension around them became dark with lightening which left Micronus to state Optimus was not ready. However, when Micronus brought Optimus before the other Primes, Optimus was able to convince them and Micronus to begin a transfer that would emit from the Primes as they share a portion of their sparks to upgrade Optimus and managed to send him to Earth in a stable form. Micronus ensured Optimus will survive and smirked when Optimus did during the whole process. In Overloaded, Part 1, Micronus appeared his face before Optimus and the rest of Bumblebee's team on Grimlock's right side. Much to everyone's surprised looks, Micronus took back the power that was bestowed to Optimus and it left Optimus in a weakened state. When Micronus scanned Optimus, he stated to the Autobots that Optimus would recover before disappearing.


Grimlock seems to respect and see Optimus as an another friend. In Pilot (Part 2), Grimlock was there to witness Optimus make an appearance before him and Bumblebee's team. During the battle in Battlegrounds, Part 2, Grimlock helped Optimus get away from the collapsing statue's arm.


Sideswipe knew about Optimus Prime and how he was no longer alive in Pilot (Part 1), even when Sideswipe and Strongarm accidentally destroyed Optimus's statue on Cybertron. In Pilot (Part 2), Sideswipe was surprised that Optimus made an appearance before him and Bumblebee's team. After the events in Battlegrounds, Part 2, Sideswipe seemed to have little respect for Optimus as shown in Overloaded, Part 1 where he called Optimus "pops", which made Optimus put Sideswipe in his place. When Bumblebee's team was split into two groups, Sideswipe went Windblade, Drift, and Optimus, who wanted to tag along despite being in a weakened state. However, in the ending of Overloaded, Part 2, Sideswipe was reluctant to follow Optimus's plan to capture Polarclaw, which turned out successful much to Sideswipe's somewhat settlement in the plan. Optimus managed to get some verbal payback on Sideswipe by pointing out that Sideswipe appeared to be limping and asked if he would require assistance, to which Optimus smirked behind Sideswipe.


Drift became a close ally to Optimus Prime after the events in Battlegrounds, Part 2. In Overloaded, Part 1, they both became teammates for their team called the "Away team". Though Optimus was weakened after his powers were taken away back to the other Primes, he was able to lead Drift and the others on a mission to capture Polarclaw. He showed them a trick he learned during his time being with the other Primes in their universe on scanning a vehicle to adapt its color. Soon after Optimus devised a plan to take down Polarclaw, it proved successful and Drift commended Optimus for using quick wits in securing their prisoner even when the cold was slowly affecting the Autobot's systems.


Strongarm showed much respect towards Optimus Prime as she showed it in Pilot (Part 1). After the events in Battlegrounds, Part 2, Strongarm became a close ally to Optimus, as she shown her enthusiasm of listening to Optimus in Overloaded, Part 1 where Optimus was telling Strongarm, Slipstream, and Jetstorm his old war tale.


After the events in Battlegrounds, Part 2, Windblade became well acquainted with Optimus Prime. She seems to respect him and was angered when Sideswipe was insulting Optimus in Overloaded, Part 1. They also became teammates and Windblade was impressed that Optimus showed them a trick to scan a vehicle to adopt its characteristics. In Cover Me, Windblade became overprotective over Optimus during a mission in a desert. Even an encounter with Razorpaw's Mini-Cons Glacius and Swelter increased Windblade's concern for Optimus. She has gone as far as to stay by his side and push him to the ground when they mistake a chipmunk for the Mini-Cons, which the animal nearly made Windblade fall over a waterfall until Sideswipe saved her. Though after that ordeal, Windblade stated that she would not forgive herself if something happened to Optimus. At a nearby abandoned military base, Windblade and Optimus were soon confronted by Razorpaw who Windblade thought was after Optimus but she was his target. Optimus used weakness against their enemies as he feigned his injury then proceeded to take out the Decepticons. He helped Windblade up and told her that he was grateful to have a teammate like herself to go through such lengths for him. Optimus and Windblade have a relationship similar to Optimus's relationship with Arcee. Windblade respects, honors, and cares about Optimus as a teammate and friend.


Jazz is Optimus Prime's second lieutenant and third-in-command after Ultra Magnus.


Aerobolt recognized Optimus Prime in Mini-Con Madness as he stated he has seen Optimus in his youth. Aerobolt has shown his loyalty to and trust to the Autobot Leader. Aerobolt offered Optimus Prime to provide a power surge, but Optimus Prime subconsciously held back. During battle against Starscream, Aerobolt asked Optimus Prime will he accept the power he would provide. Optimus accepted and merged in the right way and soon Starscream was defeated.



Megatronus, you are no Megatron!

Optimus convinced the other Primes to send him to Earth. They agreed and used a portion of their sparks to make Optimus an upgraded body to face the approaching evil. When the evil revealed himself as Megatronus, Optimus did not hesitate to fight him. While Megatronus had Optimus pinned and was close to using his hand drill on him, Grimlock and Drift's Mini-Cons provided some time for Optimus to regain on his feet to fight Megatronus. Optimus revealed that he received additional support by the Primes to ensure Megatronus does not go forward in his plans and Megatronus also revealed that he possessed greater power than the Primes before sending Optimus temporarily out of the battlefield with a wound over his chest. When the wound healed, Optimus resumed his battle with Megatronus. He was able to prevent Megatronus from merging the AllSpark and Anti-Spark together, only for Megatronus to become enraged by it and attack Optimus. When Megatronus had the better over Prime, he was again intervened by Grimlock. With the aid of the Autobots, Optimus destroyed Megatronus's sword while Grimlock finished him off by tripping Megatronus over with his tail.

While Megatronus is nothing like Megatron, they both appeared to have a strong dislike towards Optimus Prime before Megatron had reformed.

Transformers: Prime



"Airachnid! Release her!! "
― Optimus to Airachnid.
"Prime is the true prize. "
― Airachnid to Optimus after freezing him.

Optimus saved Arcee from Airachnid in Partners. Optimus aimed his gun at Airachnid as he ran towards her to save Arcee. Airachnid pushed Arcee and escaped before Optimus could blast her. Later when Optimus was frozen by the immobilizer, Airachnid told him that he was the true prize and that she could use it as a way to getting Megatron's trust. Bumblebee punched Airachnid and the device broke in the process. Unlike other series, Airachnid is not Elita One. Optimus did not state Airachnid was Elita One nor did he have a flashback about her. Airachnid is one of Optimus' enemies and she treats him like a worthy prize.

Dreadwing (formerly)

"I bore Skyquake no malice and I regret the role I played in his demise. So I will appeal to you as I once did your twin. Turn your back on the Decepticon cause and help me end this war, for his sake and for all who have fallen."
― Optimus trying to convince Dreadwing in Triangulation.
"Optimus: Then I appeal to you again. Join us and help end this conflict once and for all.

Dreadwing: Betraying my kind is not the same as accepting yours."

― Optimus attempting to persuade Dreadwing into joining the Autobots but leaves no impression on Dreadwing in Regeneration.

Optimus was angered that Dreadwing had terminated Seaspray when Wheeljack explained Seaspray's fate to the Autobots. On a mission to resuce Bulkhead from Dreadwing, Optimus attempted to reason with Dreadwing by stating Megatron's principles are not right and tells Dreadwing there was another way if Dreadwing cooperated in deactivating the bomb on Bulkhead's chest, which Dreadwing had placed. Eventually after a chase and Optimus trapping Dreadwing with the dock's crane, Dreadwing deactivated the bomb on Bulkhead but activated the other ones he had set around the loading docks area before escaping. In Crossfire, Dreadwing reasoned with Optimus in letting Megatron go and allowing the Autobots to live, which Optimus ensured he had Dreadwing's word when Dreadwing had placed his gun out of sight. In Triangulation, Optimus and Dreadwing encountered each other again where they tangled in Antartica searching for a relic. Dreadwing assumed Optimus already has the relic but Optimus revealed he was going to ask Dreadwing the same question on the relic. After a lengthy fight, Optimus trapped Dreadwing under a pile of snow after shooting at a wall that was holding snow. Dreadwing recovered and soon met up with both Optimus and Starscream. Optimus fought Dreadwing outside of the relic's storing place while Starscream was left to take the relic for himself. When Dreadwing was about the making a blow on Optimus, Starscream intervened in the Apex Armor and proven to be a stronger adversary for both Optimus and Dreadwing. Eventually, Optimus made a temporarily alliance with Dreadwing in taking down Starscream, which worked as they managed to get Starscream to fall beneath the ice with Dreadwing's explosions surrounding him in a circle. Optimus did not want to continue fighting Dreadwing and offered him a chance to join the Autobots to avenge Skyquake. Dreadwing refused and promised to terminate Optimus the next time they met before flying off. In Regeneration, Optimus and the Autobots were contacted by Dreadwing who was giving them the Forge of Solus Prime. As they engaged in a conversation, Optimus puts away his blasters as he tried to offer Dreadwing another chance to join them. However, Dreadwing felt that accepting their kind would not be the same as betraying his before flying off. While Optimus may or may not beware Dreadwing was killed, Dreadwing had seen Optimus as a worthy foe despite blaming Optimus for his brother's death. Optimus even offered Dreadwing chances to join the Autobots and has shown more respect for Dreadwing than any Decepticon, since Optimus regrets being a part of Skyquake's demise. Dreadwing may have forgiven Optimus and Optimus may have forgiven Dreadwing as well, seeing how Dreadwing may be the only Decepticon who Optimus appealed to numerous of times.


"Soundwave, we have treated your fairly. For the sake of the natives of this planet, tell us what Megatron is attempting to build, before we are forced to rely upon less civil methods of interrogation."
― Optimus to Soundwave.

Soundwave is one of Optimus' enemies. Soundwave is tricky and will not hesitate to take down Prime. Though Optimus is rarely seen to battle Soundwave head on. In Project Predacon, Optimus battled Soundwave in the sky until Laserbeak disabled Optimus' jet pack for a few moments. Soundwave managed to ground bridge the Predacon bone directly into Megatron's hand. In Minus One, Optimus was able to knock out Laserbeak and shoot down Soundwave with ease. The Autobots brought back Soundwave to their base while Laserbeak retreats. During the interrogation, Optimus asked Soundwave about Megatron's plans. Soundwave did not give any information but he did annoy Optimus by uploading a smile on his screen face and playing a remix of Optimus' voice. When Ratchet suggested that they open Soundwave up after he played a loud sound that hurt their ears, Soundwave told them "Soundwave superior. Autobots inferior." before crashing his own drives.


"Megatron's greatest mistake was ever allowing you to live Prime!"
―Starscream nearly shooting Optimus with his missile until Megatron intervened in Out of His Head.
"While at times you have proven beneficial to us, it has been only to further your own interests."
―Optimus regarding Starscream.
"Well we all can't be as selfless as you now can we."
―Starscream to Optimus.

Starscream is one of Optimus' enemies. Starscream has his ways of making Optimus angry. He would even go to extremes just to get rid of Optimus. In Out of His Head, Starscream angrily mocked on how Megatron's greatest mistake was allowing Optimus to live. Starscream also came close in shooting Optimus with his missile until Megatron actually flew in and saved Optimus. In Shadowzone, Optimus shot Starscream's right arm off, which left him vulnerable. In Partners, when Starscream wanted to be an Autobot, Optimus had doubts in trusting him. Optimus agreed with Arcee about making Starscream an ally. However, when Starscream beaten up Arcee, Optimus did not take Starscream in. In Orion Pax, Part 2, Starscream was shocked to see Optimus on the Nemesis. He was about to aim his missiles at Optimus but Optimus didn't recognize him. Starscream found out that Optimus lost his senses and did not know who he was. He was close to using this as his advantage until three vehicons came in and made Starscream escape the ship. In Triangulation, when Starscream was walking with Optimus through Antartica, he did not believe that Optimus would take their alliance for granted even with Starscream helping in restoring Optimus' memories in Orion Pax, Part 2 and saving Arcee's life in Crossfire. Optimus points that Starscream did these things for his own interests. Starscream that nobody can be selfless as Optimus is. In Inside Job, Optimus raged out when Starscream stoled the omega keys from the Autobot base. In Darkest Hour, Starscream grew mad about Optimus destroying the Rebellion. In Synthesis, Optimus engages a dogfight with Starscream and several vehicons in the sky. Starscream managed to destroy Chip, which angered Optimus to attack Starscream but he managed to escape back to the Warship via Groundbridge. Though they are bitter enemies, Starscream sees Optimus as a worthy opponent and would even spare his life at times.


"Do you know me? Follower of Primus."
Unicron to Optimus.
"Destroy the Prime!!!"
―Unicron ordering Megatron to kill Optimus.
"And we both know that the AllSpark can not thrive in a poison well."
― Unicron to Optimus during their fight.
"As a being comprised of pure energy, Unicrons' anti-spark was vulnerable to this reliquary of the Primes."
― Optimus after trapping Unicron's anti-spark inside the AllSpark's container.

Optimus met Unicron in One Shall Rise, Part 1 where Unicron made himself into a manifestation, made from Earth's organic rock matter. Unicron referred to Optimus as "Follower of Primus" before attacking him. Optimus stopped his attacks and tried to talk to Unicron about not destroying humankind for they are his creations. Unicron called them "parasites," which he intends to destroy them once he finished off Optimus. Unicron also noted that the line of Primes was weak in his absence before Optimus destroyed his manifestation. However, Unicron made other manifestations to fight to Optimus and his team, who came to help Optimus. Optimus was close to getting killed under Unicron's gigantic manifestation's foot if it wasn't for Megatron, who arrived to destroy that manifestation. After making a truce with Megatron, Optimus ventured with Megatron, Arcee, Bulkhead and Bumblebee into Unicron's spark chamber to put Unicron back to stasis. As Arcee, Bulkhead and Bumblebee were destroying Unicron's antibodies outside of Unicron's spark chamber, Optimus and Megatron were inside the spark chamber where Unicron managed to control Megatron's body. Unicron, who was controlling Megatron through his voice, told Optmus that he can not defeat him but Optimus was able to open the Matrix of Leadership on Unicron's spark, thus putting Unicron back into stasis.

It turned out that Unicron's material form remained in stasis but his energy form awakened from slumber when he sensed Primus coming online. Unicron used Megatron's lifeless husk as his vessel to Cybertron to destroy the planet once and for all. However, he revived a Predacon army at his command and sent them to destroy the Core before battling Optimus. Optimus tried to get Megatron, who was with Unicron in his mind, to team up like they did to save Earth. Megatron was not able to hear Optimus, due to Unicron torturing Megatron inside his mind. Optimus was able to trap Unicron's anti-spark inside the AllSpark's container after the battle, which destroyed the Predacon army as well.

Predaking (formerly)

Optimus fighting Predaking in Antarctica in Persuasion.

Persuasion screenshot step.jpg

"It took a cataclysm to extinguish Cybertron's Predacon inhabitants. You never stood a chance against me Prime. In fact *transforme hand into gun and points it at Optimus* the time has come for your extinction!"
―Predaking to Optimus.
"Stand down Predacon!"
―Optimus to Predaking.
"I am Predaking! And I will never bow down to your kind!"
―Predaking to Optimus.

Optimus first became aware of the Predacon following the events of "Project Predacon." He eventually met Predaking in person finding him ready to kill his field commander and expert wrecker. He saved them from Predaking and fled from the furious clone's wrath. He eventually fought him again in the Arctic. When Predaking was temporarily subdued, Optimus ordered him to stand down and Predaking responded by stating he would never bow to him and knocked him out with a kick. Following the events of the film, Predaking may have forgiven Optimus.

Knock Out (formerly)

Optimus and Knock Out were seen to fight each other in some occasions. In Speed Metal, Optimus brutally breaks a piece of Knock Out's door to rescue Vince from Knock Out. However, in the ending of Predacons Rising, when Knock Out became a member of the Autobots, he revealed he looked up to Optimus as role model. He looked gloomy when he saw Optimus fly into the Well of AllSparks but was amazed by the sparks that came from it.

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