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Recolored Brazilian minibots?

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As both sides approach the ancient Lemuria starship, Optimus Prime suffers a breakdown.

Detailed synopsis

At the cement-locked starship Atlantis, Starscream rants and raves, and finally busts his way out through a wall, swearing that he'll beat everyone, Autobot and Decepticon alike.

Meanwhile, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down, the Autobots open the final gate to the central layer of Gigantion, the original, organic planet around which the inhabitants built layers of planet. Metroplex says the legendary "flying city" of Lemuria is supposed to be here. Optimus notes it sounds like one of the ancient starships, and Wing Saber and Override race off to go look for it, much to Metroplex's amusement and Optimus's mild dismay.

Elsewhere, Coby is doing another round of repair work on Landmine and notes he's finally 100%. Evac and Quickmix arrive and do a little teasing.


Lake-side? Lake-on!

Back at the central layer, Wing Saber and Override find the Lemuria, surrounded by a huge lake. As Optimus and the others race to catch up, a large chunk of the fake sky collapses, and Galvatron and Menasor make their entrance. Menasor and Metroplex face off, and Galvatron whips out his gatling cannon. One Sonic Wing Mode stock footage later, Optimus and Galvatron duke it out, and Galvatron refuses to shut up the entire time. He taunts Optimus about having bested the Cybertron Defense Team and muses that maybe Optimus has finally figured out that soldiers are best regarded as disposable, to be sacrificed as needed. Optimus and Wing Saber are separated, and Saber tries to tackle Galvatron alone. Naturally, it doesn't work. The two take off to link up again, and Galvatron declares he'll just turn the force of his attacks on Wing Saber... making Optimus refuse to link up for fear of Saber's safety. Prime takes on Galvatron alone, and it doesn't go well.

Coby (piloting his Cobybot), Landmine, Evac and Quickmix reach the central layer themselves, and rendezvous with Override. A brief discussion on Optimus's fight results in Evac and Override returning to the battle, leaving the others to explore the Lemuria.

Menasor and Metroplex argue, with the rebel noting how Metroplex treated him "like a kid." He knocks Metroplex over and moves in to drill him, but Drill Bit steps in the way. Menasor tells Drill Bit to step aside....

Galvatron wallops Optimus some more as Override and Evac arrive. Evac says Optimus will let them know when he needs them, but Galvatron races away to go claim the Gigantion Cyber Planet Key. Override, Wing Saber and Evac chase him, and Optimus Prime rejoins. Optimus tells Wing Saber to break off, an order Saber promptly ignores. Galvatron converts to jet mode and rams Saber out of the sky.


Who wants a hug?

Heavy Load leaps from his spot in Menasor's chest and joins Drill Bit in between Menasor and Metroplex. Metroplex gets up and notes that their partners are right in stopping the fight; Menasor may be going down the path of evil, but Metroplex isn't helping by being so stuck in his ways and forgetting when he was young and cocky, and that the two should be friends again. Metroplex forgives Menasor for his actions, and Menasor rejoins Metroplex's crew. Awww.

Override fires on Galvatron, who returns fire and nails her. Evac continues to chase, and Override shrugs off the damage and continues. Optimus drops to his knees in defeat as the other Autobots catch up. Vector asks Wing Saber to watch over the humans and Mini-Cons while he tends to Optimus.

Inside the Lemuria, Coby's team is heading deeper inside the ship, using the Atlantis layout as a guide. They enter the main hall where the Gigantion Cyber Planet Key rests. Landmine takes the Key and remarks at how easy this was to find for once...which is, of course, the cue for Starscream to bust in and take down Quickmix.

Back outside, Optimus laments that he's putting everyone's lives at risk in each battle. He recalls how he couldn't stop then-Megatron from blowing away Hot Shot, Red Alert and Scattorshot back on Earth, and that things may be even worse now. Vector gets sick of listening to Optimus's crap, so he decks him one and gives him a verbal dressing-down...then a verbal building-up. Optimus' confidence in himself is restored, huzzah!


This move is called the "Deus Ex Machina".

Back to the action, Evac and Override follow Galvatron inside the Lemuria, where Starscream throws Landmine around, making him drop the Key. Landmine reaches for it, but Starscream stomps on him. Landmine tells Coby to stay back, knowing that the Cobybot doesn't stand a chance. He refuses to give in, and the Cyber Planet Key reacts, causing Landmine to grow to Starscream's size. Landmine finally gets his chance to avenge himself against Starscream, punching him into the ceiling, then following up with his Cyber-Key-powered "Cyber Tempest" wind attack, which sends Starscream through the ceiling and flying out of the ship, sinking into the depths of the surrounding lake.

Galvatron enters the room (through the wall, of course), followed by Evac and Override. As the other Autobots approach the Lemuria, Landmine and Galvatron burst out of it, fighting. Override, Evac and Wing Saber join Landmine in the fray, while Optimus and Vector stand around and talk about trust and spirit and stuff. The arrival of Quickmix and the Cybertron Defense Team means further punishment for Galvatron. Metroplex offers Optimus his axe, Optimus powers it up with a Cyber Key, and he sends Galvatron flying away with it.

Landmine hands the Cyber Planet Key to Optimus, and he returns to normal size. The remaining Autobots arrive, and Optimus asks them all if they're ready to save the universe. "Yes, sir!"


Original airdate: ???

Written by: ???

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


Notable quotes

"Your team is great, Optimus Prime! They can follow your orders before you give 'em!"


"Oh, I get it. Inside that hard metal shell, he's a great big softie!"
"The only thing left that's hurt are his feelings!"

Evac and Quickmix, on Landmine

"You know the drill."

Menasor charging his drill arm to attack Metroplex

"So, how many times have we had this battle? Yes, a classic battle of good versus better."


"For such wee fellas, Drill Bit and Heavy Load have more sense than the both of us together!"


"Wing Saber?"
"Yes, sir!"
"Can you watch out for the kids?"
"Huh? The kids?! What?!"

Vector Prime gives Wing Saber a job that's not in his job description.

"Sheer arrogance! Do you honestly think the Autobots fight these battles for you, Optimus? ... We are here, all of us, because we want to save our homes and put an end to Galvatron's evil! ... Because of you we fight together as a team! Every single leader throughout history worried about the welfare of his forces when they went into battle, Optimus! But you must trust them to do their duty!"

Vector Prime

"It's Landmine!"
"And then some."

Override and Evac

"For once, finding one of these was a piece of cake."
[Cue huge explosion that destroys proverbial cake.]
"Me and my big mouth."

Landmine having a cartoony moment

"And that's how Optimus Prime got his groove back!"


"What a relief, I'm so glad that I don't have to stare at Landmine's gigantic caboose anymore."

Wing Saber making an off-color remark about Landmine

"You've got quite the right hook, by the way."
"Remember that, and don't make me use it again."

Optimus Prime and Vector Prime

Other Notes

Animation and/or technical glitches


Hey, Heavy Load, Kirstie Alley just called...

  • Heavy Load pretty blatantly size-changes. When he exits Menasor's chest compartment, he takes up most of the torso, like the actual toy. When we see him in comparison to the others, though, he's tiny.
  • In that same long-shot (see screen shot), Metroplex is missing the socket part of his right ankle assembly.
  • In the shot where Override gets hit by Galvatron's blasters, Prime is already supporting her before the bolts collide, making it look like he's holding her so Galvatron can shoot her better.

Continuity errors

Transformers references

Real-world references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • The defeat of the Cybertron Defense Team happened in the last episode. Optimus also flashes back to the near-fatal shooting of the trio at Megatron's hands back in the episode "Revelations".
  • This is the first we ever see of Heavy Load. What was he doing inside Menasor all this time?
  • The interior of the Lemuria is colossal; the main chamber's ceiling is several times as high as Quickmix. If the Gigantions were normal-sized when they were actually on the ship....
  • Cartoon Network's website listed this episode's title as "Leader."


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