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Arcee is an Autobot from the Movie continuity family.

No girls allowed.

Though small compared to many of her peers and adversaries, Arcee compensates with speed and aggressive maneuvers, making her one of the most dangerous Autobots around. Moreover, Arcee is a born hunter. She honed her speed hunting turbofoxes with other speedsters, challenging herself to get as close as possible before tagging them with her bow. She's a crack shot with said crossbow weapon, and Ironhide has trained her to use her speed to her advantage in battle, striking suddenly and swiftly and then vanishing away again as fast as she appeared.

Arcee believes without question that the Decepticons must be stopped at any cost.


IDW The Official Movie Prequel comics

IDWPrequel movieArcee cvr

Ever feel like you were the only Energon homage in a universe full of G1 homages?

Arcee was one of a handful of Autobots under the command of Bumblebee who desperately fought against Megatron's vast army at Tyger Pax. She was captured and interrogated by the Decepticons but survived the ordeal. She recounted to their Autobot rescuers Bumblebee's heroics in delaying Megatron, preventing Megatron from intercepting the wormhole-bound All Spark.

Target Robovision Bio

Arcee was on Earth for a short time at the beginning of the conflict there, presumably arriving shortly after Bumblebee. When the situation on Earth began to ramp up into out-and-out combat, she was reassigned elsewhere, where her stealth skills would be of more use.

Now she fights in the Charii system against a Decepticon splinter cell working on a star-breaking weapon. If she has her way, the only things breaking will be their heads.


Transformers (2007)

  • Arcee (Scout, 2007)

Not Chromia.

Arcee is a redeco of Energon Arcee, replacing her pinks, most of her whites and blacks with blue, and her translucent red with smoky brown plastic. She transforms into a 'superbike'-type racing motorcycle. Unusually for a Transformer, she does not hold her weapon in her hands as most figures do. Instead, her Energon Bow mounts on a peg in her arms, with her hands being positioned to give the appearance of her using the bow. The bow itself is spring-loaded, firing a grey missile 'arrow'.
Arcee (and the rest of the Scout wave) are exclusive to Target stores, where they are all part of a Robo-Vision promotion. Arcee comes with a Robo-Vision Decoder which allows you to see the Robo-Vision Code printed on her cardback. Starting June 2, 2007, Target's website allowed users to input those codes to access exclusive content. Similar to the Cyber Planet Key from the Transformers:Cybertron toyline.
This mold also was used to make Superlink Ariel Paradron Type, as well as BotCon 2005 Descent into Evil set's Chromia, Flamewar, Flareup, and the fellow Target-exclusive movieverse Elita-One.
  • Arcee (Deluxe, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MA-11
Movie Deluxe Arcee toy

Pretty in...purple?

Deluxe Arcee transforms into a purple 2006 Buell Firebolt XB12R motorcycle, genericised to get around licensing issues. Maintaining the high standard of vehicle mode realism of the movie line, Arcee is perhaps the most realistic motorcycle Transformer released yet. As an off-screen design (though she originally was going to be an on-screen character), Arcee has references tampographed on her vehicle mode, such as her motorcycle's model name "RC 1100", and her number plate (from the state of Massachusetts) marked TF7407, the original release date of the movie.
The transformation scheme for the character is essentially a scaled-up variation upon the original Energon mold used for the Scout release, with numerous improvements to upgrade the figure to Deluxe standards.
In robot mode, Arcee is quite accurate to the final CG concept design, though with more solid limbs and and a more recognizably feminine appearance influenced by Energon Arcee's sculpt and general arrangement of parts. Reasonably articulated, Arcee features ball joints in her arms, hips and neck with swivels rounding out her ankles, knees and wrists. Arcee's Automorphing feature is located in her crossbow weapon (formed out of the seat/storage area of the bike), activated when the projectile (the bike's tailpipe) is inserted which pushes out the recurved lath parts on the sides of the weapon. Amusingly, in robot mode Arcee is one of the tallest of the Deluxe class figures released in the movie line thus far, which no doubt makes Jazz feel even worse.
The rectangular peg which is supposed to be used to attach her weapon to her forearm, in robot mode, is sometimes a poor fit, and the weapon may pop off. As an alternative, the round peg by which the weapon is attached in vehicle mode can also be used in robot mode, with a little rearranging of parts.
As with most larger Transformers toys that become motorcycles, Arcee has a kickstand on the left side of the bike. Those seeking a good rider will find it can accomodate 3'3/4-inch G.I. Joe figures, Microman figures, and Revoltech figures with varying degrees of sucess.


  • Arcee was originally going to be a member of the live-action movie's Autobot cast, but was later replaced by Ironhide. According to screenwriter Roberto Orci, they would have needed to explain the point behind female robots, which there wasn't any time for in the movie.[1] It's commonly assumed that Arcee's big part in the movie would have been the scene in which William Lennox starts his solo assault on Blackout using an abandoned motorcycle.
  • Movie scale chart

    In the time before time...

    As part of BotCon 2007's Hasbro tour, fans viewed "Robot Scale Chart v03", dated 11.22.05, which showed Arcee's height as 9 feet. However, all of the designs on this chart were very early and later revised.


  1. Roberto Orci explaining the reasons for Arcee's removal from the script in an interview with IGN.
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