Optics comprise a mechanoid's sense of sight, feeding video data to their other systems. However, many mechanoids enhance these structures by installing optional weapons systems. Common examples include beam or particle weaponry, especially lasers. In these cases a robot can quite literally shoot what it sees.


Generation One cartoonEdit

Optimus Prime possessed eye beams, using them in personal combat to knock Megatron off a cliff once. Divide and Conquer

Grimlock is equipped with eye beams in his beast mode. S.O.S. Dinobots

Devastator has eye beams, which he can use to take out any Autobots he misses with his initial boulder-throwing. The Core

Laserbeak contained optic lasers in his eyes, using them to both spy on the Autobots and rain death upon them. He used them to blast a window of Shawn Berger's office, allowing him to take the corpulent businessman to the Decepticons. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 1 Laserbeak also used them to open doors and potholes while in New York. Bear in mind that Laserbeak doesn't have fingers, so he can't ring the doorbell. City of Steel

Beast WarsEdit

It seems that almost all Predacons have eye beams which they used at least once during the duration of the show. Waspinator, Terrorsaur, and Scorponok are all good examples.

Dinobot's eye beams appeared to be tied to his own Energon supply, making them potentially risky to use for too long. Indeed, Dinobot exhausted the last of his energy to destroy the Golden Disk with his eye beams, sacrificing his life. Code of Hero

Robots In DisguiseEdit

Side Burn used an "optical laser strike!" attack to collapse a hill on which Predacons were standing. Bullet Train to the Rescue This was the only instance in which Side Burn used that skill--which is not surprising, since it was the result of a FoxKids edit to the series, in which the original footage (Optimus Prime shooting missiles at the Predacons) was deemed too potentially violent and was replaced with an out-of-context clip taken from Side Burn's stock footage transformation sequence.

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