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Onyx Primal is both a Maximal and a Predacon from the Beast Wars era of the Generation One continuity family. He is evidently also known as Blackie.

I'm whomever you want me to be, baby.

At one time, Onyx Primal was one of the Tripredacus Council's more promising assassins, even if he was given to overblown melodrama. A glory-hog, Onyx quickly takes credit for any nearby successes and is even quicker to shuffle blame for his failures to others.

However, a falling-out with the Predacons has left him with little choice but to join the Maximals. He doesn't like them, and they don't like him, but neither camp is in much position to refuse each others' help. He's an accomplished spy and assassin, though as a Maximal he has little opportunity to practice the latter skill.


BotCon 1998 "Visitations" live script reading

Voice Actor: Gary Chalk

Onyx Primal and Packrat were in Predacon territory investigating a fallen meteorite when they stumbled across a Predacon "plot device." They fought over the artifact amongst themselves but were immediately attacked by Vice Grip and Fractyl. After Onyx Primal stashed the artifact in a rock crevice, a shadowy figure stole it and vanished.

The Predacons continued their attack, but Silverbolt and Rattrap appeared overhead to rescue the Maximals, even though they were mere "repaints." Vice Grip and Fractyl's defeat was followed by Optimus Primal's arrival. Onyx Primal and Packrat argued over whose fault it was the artifact was lost.

Ultimately, they blamed Megatron.


Beast Wars


I am vengeance. I am the night.

  • Onyx Primal (Basic, 1996/1997)
A redeco of the Basic-class Optimus Primal toy, Onyx transforms from a large vampire bat to robot mode with a one-step spring-loaded transformation. He has two scimitars, stored on the underside of his wings. He is notable for being the first Transformers convention-exclusive toy specifically cast in new plastic colors (the previous years' exclusive was only a repaint, using the same plastics as one of the retail versions of the mold).
Two different versions of Onyx were available as BotCon 1996 exclusives. The standard version was available to attendees and pre-registrants. However, in a move never duplicated by later convention organizers, a "Dealer Exclusive" version of Onyx was available only to -of course- dealers. This version came in an almost solid-black box, and the only difference in the toy itself is the gold text "BOTCON '96 DEALER EXCLUSIVE" tampographed on his back. A "VIP" (Very Important Predicon (sic)) packaging variant was given to guests of the convention; the toy inside was the same as the normal one.
Reportedly, BotCon '96 organizers Men In Black had to have a metric buttload of Onyx Primals produced in order to have them at all, and as such ended up with a lot of overstock. So much that for their unofficial convention "TransCon '97", they offered attendees Onyx Primal again.


  • The original Onyx Primal bio is a pretty direct lift of Samuel L. Jackson's character from the movie Pulp Fiction reciting Bible scripture. This was not the only slapped-on Pulp Fiction reference to happen in BC'96 material.
  • Onyx's change from Predacon to Maximal appears to have been a Hasbro-mandated one, due to the original use of the mold being a Maximal. This also resulted in the "Noble Predacon" Sandstorm for BotCon 1999.
  • According to the toy database section of Beast Wars Universe, Onyx Primal was given the alternative name "Blackie" because someone at Men in Black was a fan of the Microman franchise. M114 Blacky was a black and yellow Microman from 1975 who had "great knowledge of universal science".
  • Beast Wars Universe goes on to say that Onyx Primal's black color scheme was chosen by his designer to enhance the mold's inherent resemblence to Batman.

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