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"Get ready for an ONSLAUGHT!!"
―Onslaught [src]

The Combaticons are a fairly unruly mob, and it takes a strict leader to keep them in check. Thankfully, Onslaught fills that role nicely. Precision, strategy, and cunning are his watchwords, and they'll be necessary to reign in his troops. Submitting himself to Shockwave's combiner experiments, he became the core of the dangerously unstable gestalt form known as Bruticus. Onslaught first appeared in War for Cybertron as a downloadable content character. He later appeared as a supporting character in Fall of Cybertron.


Transformers: Exodus

Onslaught was put into stasis lock under Crystal City with the rest of Bruticus Maximus when Shockwave's combination experiment proved unsuccessful. After Devastator dest

royed Crystal City, Bruticus was revived and sent to Kalis. But the Autobots won, with Optimus Prime, Jazz and Sideswipe taking down the giant. Sideswipe boasted he tore off Bruticus's head, which was formed by Onslaught. Bruticus was later repaired and deployed at Praxus and spearheaded the Nova Cronum massacre.

Transformers: War for Cybertron

(NOTE: Onslaught is a downloadable content character, made available by downloading the Transformers: War for Cybertron Map and Character Pack. He is not playable in the War for Cybertron storyline campaign. He was available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, but not for the PC version.)

DS version

Onslaught defended the Dark Energon injection machines. Wielding a large hammer, he introduced himself to his foes with a simple "Get ready for an ONSLAUGHT!", but was eventually defeated by the Autobots.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

When Shockwave went missing while trying to transport the Dark Spark back to Kaon, Onslaught and the Combaticons were dispatched to track him down. Vortex found the missing scientist along with a new recruit. Taking the info in stride, Onslaught quickly took charge, issuing orders to Swindle to escort Shockwave and his precious cargo while the other Combaticons covered their flanks. Swindle attempted to complain, but Onslaught cut him off by reminding him who was in command. Just as Swindle and Shockwave reached the Gates of Kaon, the Autobots under the command of Jazz launched a desperate assault in order to prevent Megatron from getting his hands on the artifact. Onslaught took cover while discussing options with Shockwave and the others, with a shell landing dangerously close by. When Blast-Off's suggestion that he simply fly the Dark Spark in was belayed by Shockwave's warnings of its volatility, Onslaught concluded that the only option was to push through. While coordinating the defense, Onslaught ordered Shockwave to stay put and tasked Swindle with seeing he made it in one piece. As they drew closer, Onslaught personally defended the Gates and came under fire from an Autobot Titan. Once Swindle destroyed the Titan, Onslaught praised him for a job well done. At that moment, Vortex and Blast Off also arrived and Onslaught quickly gave the order to combine into Bruticus. The combiner quickly ravaged the Autobot ranks until seizing Cliffjumper as a hostage and forcing the Autobots to stand down.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Onslaught joined the Combaticons in the closing battles of the Great War. He and Brawl helped Starscream ambush Optimus Prime under one of the Warp Cannons, and dragged him before Megatron. After Megatron was mashed into the ground by Metroplex, he along with the rest of the Combaticons fell under Starscream's command. They began a mission to assault an Autobot tanker, loaded with Energon the Autobots had managed to steal from the Decepticons. Onslaught's plan, which he had to keep reminding Starscream was his, called for the team to split up, as Swindle eliminated enemy scouts, Blast Off and Vortex would clear a path for Brawl to arrive on a transport and destroy the supports to the bridge the tanker was headed for, diverting it into an ambush led by Starscream. However Starscream bungled the plan by continuing the air assault despite the heavy anti-air guns, and Onslaught decided to continue on despite Starscream's retreat order. Once the tanker's anti-air guns disabled, the Combaticons merged into Bruticus so they could smash through the rest of the defenses surrounding the bridge. They disassembled to take the bridge itself, but the tanker was so badly damaged, they could do little more than attempt to guide its crash landing. Following the crash, Onslaught was arrested alongside his teammates by Starscream's henchmen, despite his protests that destroying half of the Energon inside was better than letting the Autobots have all of it. Onslaught was later released alongside everyone else who opposed Starscream after Megatron was resurrected by Soundwave. He offered to lead the Combaticons after the fleeing Starscream, but Megatron had other plans; to recover Trypticon's power core. During the assault, Onslaught combined with the others again to assist their leader. Onslaught was aboard the Nemesis before the Decepticons' assault on the fleeing Ark, and became part of Bruticus as the giant attacked the Ark's engines. Bruticus killed off dozens of Autobots before being taken down by the combined effort of Jazz and Jetfire and was last seen flying off the Ark, the Combaticons' fate unknown.


Video Games

Novel Series


San-Diego Comic-Con

Onslaught-Comic-Con Exclusive.jpg

The first version of Onslaught released was made available as part of a Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive "Decepticon Bruticus" gift set. Like most Hasbro Toy Shop exclusive toys, it was initially sold at the store's booth at San Diego Comic-Con and made available at the store's website a few days later. Onslaught's alternate mode is a four-wheeled Cybertronian "Missile Carrier" truck, with the main color being a dark, dull shade of ocher, with some painted highlights in a muted shade of green. Although the general vibe of the set is game-accurate colors, Onslaught is actually substantially less accurate as an individual, sacrificing his own colors to better serve as Bruticus's head and torso. His twin-barreled cannon can be attached to two small pegs on top of the vehicle mode, completing his "missile carrier" mode. In addition to his robot and vehicle modes, Onslaught can also combine with his fellow Combaticons into Bruticus, serving as the gestalt torso. Bruticus's head is permanently attached to Onslaught's body. The most obtrusive indicators of Onslaught's combiner capability are the two pegs for attaching the Combaticons that form the gestalt arms, which are placed on the outsides of the front wheels, making them stick out rather prominently in vehicle mode. Onslaught's twin-barreled cannon can either be attached to Bruticus's back (although as the result of a design flaw, two small tabs that are very prone to showing stress marks, and eventually breaking, are used to attach the cannon more securely), mimicking the cannon barrels on Generation 1 Onslaught's back, which were also characteristic elements of Generation 1 Bruticus's design, or can be combined with the other Combaticons' weapons to form Bruticus's Sonic Cannon. A redeco of Onslaught in more "flashy" (and, in his case, somewhat more game-accurate) colors was available as an individually-released mass retail toy (see below), whereas a redeco in Generation 2 colors (as the Generation 1 Onslaught character) was released as part of a shared exclusive Decepticon Bruticus gift set. The sculpt was also retooled into Impactor.

Transformers: Generations


A redeco of Onslaught from the Decepticon Bruticus gift set was available individually alongside his fellow Combaticons as part of the second wave of the Fall of Cybertron-themed 2012-onwards Deluxe Class Generations assortment. Overall, these versions of the Combaticons replace the game-accurate, Generation 1-inspired decos with more "flashy" colors apparently homaging the color scheme of Bruticus Maximus. Onslaught, however, is an exception to this: Although his colors are brighter and more vivid, the colors themselves are more game-accurate, replacing the dull shade of ocher with dark blue as the main color. Aside from the colors, mass retail Onslaught is identical to the version from the Decepticon Bruticus gift set.


  • At one point, Exodus refers to Onslaught as a Constructicon, but this seems likely to be an error as the Combaticon name is used later.
  • Onslaught is usable in both the Autobot and Decepticon versions of the War for Cybertron games for the DS. Used only for multiplayer, bonus missions and Arena mode in the Autobot version and used in Multiplayer, Arena mode, and campaign in the Decepticon version.
  • A glitch causes Onslaught (or rather Leader class characters using his "Tactical Rig" model) to be immune to the Scout's Mark target ability in War for Cybertron's competitive multiplayer while in robot mode, but it works when in vehicle mode.}}