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Marvel U.S. > Issue #75
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Marvel UK > Issue #319–322
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Unicron drops by for a light lunch.


With Unicron looming over the planet Cybertron, the assembled Transformers flee in a blind panic. The dark god rips into the planet's surface, sampling its metal (and Brainstorm) and declaring it "succulent".

Primus — still possessing the form of Emirate Xaaron — urges Prime and Scorponok to calm their warriors and unite them in battle against the Chaos-Bringer, but even the two leaders are overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of their foe. Primus himself initiates an attack on Unicron — but the dark god sees through what is essentially a ruse, and destroys Xaaron.

Galvatron blasts Unicron at full power; while it does virtually no damage, it does what Galvatron had hoped — inspires the Transformers to stand and fight. Soon a planet-wide battle is raging; many Transformers are killed in the fighting, most notably Scorponok, who makes a final stand to live up to his legacy as a Decepticon warrior. The Neo-Knights also attempt to engage, but their powers are no match for Unicron, and Circuit Breaker remains catatonic, despite G.B. Blackrock's attempts to revive her.

Reinforcements arrive in the form of the Ark, which is filled with Autobots reactivated by the Nucleon retrieved by Grimlock. Grimlock has the ship sideswipe Unicron, damaging it and forcing them to abandon it in flight.

As Prime struggles to keep his Powermaster bond from coming apart, the tainted Creation Matrix suddenly arrives at Cybertron, with the possessed Thunderwing at its core. The Matrix confronts its old foe, Unicron. But with its virtuous nature stripped away, the Matrix no longer has any advantage over Unicron, who unleashes a power burst that tears Thunderwing limb from limb and devastates the surface of Cybertron. As the blast passes, Prime spots the Matrix.

Tiring of the battle, Unicron reverts to his planet mode and prepares to devour Cybertron entirely. But as he begins, he is blasted by the revived Circuit Breaker, who pours every bit of her power at him in an insane rage. The distraction gives Prime enough time to reach the Matrix. His mind free from doubt, he reclaims it, purges it of darkness, and plunges it — and himself — into Unicron's maw. Overloaded with "terrible, wonderful life", Unicron explodes while the survivors on Cybertron's surface look on in awe.

Some while after the battle, Battletrap and Runabout are walking somewhere on Cybertron. Runabout goes to investigate some movement in the shadows. He is promptly snatched underground by a clawed hand and, as observed by a hidden Hi-Q, devoured.


Script: Simon Furman
Pencils: Geoff Senior
Inks: Geoff Senior
Colors: Nelson Yomtov
Lettering: Rick Parker
Editor: Rob Tokar, Tom DeFalco

  • Originally published: February, 1991

Major characters[]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others


  • There are, of course, the errors of scale typically associated with the supposedly planet-sized Unicron.
  • Among hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of Transformers... Circuit Breaker's the only being on the planet who can manipulate electricity?

Items of note[]

  • Those apparently killed in this issue include Brainstorm, Xaaron, Cloudburst, Highbrow, Finback, Misfire, Hardhead, Bomb-Burst, Joyride, Waverider, Scorponok, Thunderwing, Mindwipe, and Runabout.
It's "apparently" because Joyride shows up alive and well in Generation 2. Quake, who was with Joyride and Waverider when they were blasted, is not shown getting hit — and is fine just a couple of issues later.
  • The next issue's opening page would reveal several more deceased Transformers: Apeface, Sureshot, Hosehead, and Runamuck (who nevertheless appeared in Generation 2 long enough to die again.) Prime's gruesome fate would be revealed as well, as he was still within Unicron during the explosion.
  • Most of the surviving Transformers, including Soundwave, Prowl, Wheeljack, Blaster, Bumblebee and Jazz show up in the Action Masters line. While most never transform after this issue, Prowl clearly retains his ability to do so.
  • Cloudburst is shown in his Pretender shell, which was confiscated in "Surrender", meaning either he retrieved it during the attack on the Decepticon base or Primus brought it along.
  • Transformers Universe profiles for Fangry and Squeezeplay are found after the main story.


  • The grand battle with Unicron concludes a storyline that began way back in Issue #60.
  • Grimlock's reinforcements were fueled with Nucleon in the previous issue.


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Specifics: UK covers
  • U.S. cover: Unicron devouring Cybertron by Geoff Senior
  • UK issue 319 cover: recolored version of U.S. cover by Robin Bouttell
  • UK issue 320 cover: Unicron destroying Xaaron by Stewart Johnson
  • UK issue 321 cover: Optimus Prime and the defeated Scorponok by Stewart Johnson
  • UK issue 322 cover: Prime entering Unicron with the Matrix by Stewart Johnson



323 cover


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