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This article is about the Generation One subgroup. For the Energon subgroup, see Omnicon.

The Omnibots are an Autobot subgroup in the Generation One continuity family.

Omni wasn't that good a game. Or car for that matter.

The Omnibots are a trio of reinforcements sent from planet Cybertron to assist the Autobots on planet Earth. They each have the ability to unleash a special, powerful weapon while in vehicle mode.

Their team consists of:

Japanese name: Double Changer


Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers manga

They strike action poses all the time.

The Omnibots appeared out of nowhere one day to embarrassingly hand Predaking, Bruticus, Menasor and Devastator their collective asses, and were then never seen again.

Dreamwave comics continuity

The Omnibots were defeated by the rampaging Menasor, unleashed on Iacon by Shockwave. War and Peace


The M&Ms Quartz WATCH

The Omnibots were available as a mail-in promotion, billed as "Reinforcements from Cybertron!" for the Autobots. Each was available for 4 Robot Points and $5.00 USD and came with instructions, decals, and some weapon attachments. No tech specs were included with these figures, as they were so new that they hadn't even had the chance to be tested before shipping off to Earth.

The toys were a set of Diaclone car models unused in the first run of the Transformers figures, and which kept their Diaclone colors and paints as opposed to the rest of the Autobot lineup. They are considered by some to be the first "Triple Changers" due to their "third" modes, in which panels folded out to reveal or allow attachment of weapons and accessories.


  • Although they never appeared in any published form outside of their mail-order insert, let alone the series itself, the Omnibots did have full tech specs and Transformers Universe bios in the series bible for the Marvel comics.

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