The Omnicons have a big Yukon adventure.


At the Ocean City Command Hub, Optimus Prime becomes frustrated with the four Omnicons' attempts to mine energon in a city, so Hot Shot takes the Omnicons to the Yukon, away from human civilization.

In the Yukon, Kicker and Ironhide await the arrival of Base Unit 1. Hot Shot and the Omnicons arrive and promptly make a mess of the situation, pushing Hot Shot to tell the Omnicons angrily to get out.

An hour later, Kicker and Hot Shot are trailing the Omnicons, who, for once, actually took Hot Shot at his word. As the Omnicons wander into the town of Abyss, an array of satellite dishes emerges from the ground around them. Skyblast quickly generates his energon lance, but his attack triggers an electric pulse that knocks out the Omnicons, leaving them defenseless against Snow Cat.

Ten minutes later, Arcee awakens to overhear Scorponok and Snow Cat discussing plans to leech from the Autobots' energon grid. After the conversation ends, Snowcat mentions to Arcee that he intends to reprogram the Omnicons to fight for him.

As Arcee's vision fades into a dark void, she and the other Omnicons find themselves lost. Over-Run appears to berate the four of them with flashbacks. The Omnicons ask him what they should do, and he responds, "You think I'm actually here? This is your collective consciousness... You figure it out!" and disappears. Somehow this inspires the Omnicons to break free of Snow Cat's harnesses and escape, but as they attempt to engage Snow Cat, he retreats into the snowy Yukon wilderness. Though the Omnicons try to follow, they quickly realize that Snow Cat has the advantage.

Five minutes later, Strongarm, Arcee, and Signal Flare pretend to give themselves up. When Snow Cat approaches, they cleverly detonate an underground pocket of natural gas, overturning their opponent. Skyblast then swoops down and drops Snow Cat right in front of Hot Shot.

Eight days later, at Ocean City, Optimus Prime finishes up a conversation with Hot Shot and steps into a space bridge portal to Cybertron, but instead finds himself inside Unicron—and face to face with the disembodied head of Megatron!

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Items of note

  • Ocean City, a setting in the Energon segment of the Dreamwave Summer Special, has no presence in the Multiplicity arc. However, a similar city appeared in the Cybertron cartoon.
  • Op 4, Optimus Prime's submarine drone, is visible outside of Ocean City.
  • It is never revealed whether or not Snow Cat is a reformatted Cyclonus or if he's a new character entirely.
  • On the final page, when Optimus meets Megatron, a figure looking very similar to Scourge is visible in the background.
  • Retailers also had the opportunity to buy one incentive cover version of this issue for every 25 regular-cover copies they ordered. There was also a Dynamic Forces exclusive foil cover variant, limited to 100 pieces.
  • The Wavelengths page contains an article from the desk of David Cheung.
  • Instead of reader mail, the issue contains a page of reader-submitted artwork.

Covers (2)

DW Energon 25 alt

Unicron collects Transformers, too.

  • Regular cover: The Omnicons vs Snowcat, art by Joe Ng.
  • Incentive cover: Prime and Megatron vs Unicron, art by Pat Lee.


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