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Megatron begins to activate Unicron, and Omega Supreme joins the Autobots to try and stop him.

Japanese title: Ancient Sage - Omega Supreme


Deep within Cybertron, Dr. Jones is shocked to find himself in the chamber of Omega Supreme, the legendary guardian of energon. Omega activates.

A second later, on Planet Cybertron, Rad and Dr. Jones contact Optimus Prime about Omega.

Wing Saber flies through the void in space and the asteroid storm within, to find the hulking remains of Unicron, regenerating by absorbing energy from the void. He reports this to the Autobots. Prime responds by requesting more energon towers from Dr. Jones.

Megatron demands that his troops bring more energon to continue refueling Unicron. The Autobots prepare to move out to stop the revival.

Alpha Q prepares to protect his planets by re-energizing them with energon.

As the Miranda 2 lifts off, Optimus fills the others in on Omega Supreme's history: eons ago, he fought Unicron. Kicker hopes that he might know how to beat him now, but Rodimus is pessimistic: waiting for Omega might give Megatron the extra time he needs.

One of Alpha Q's planets suddenly explodes, and Scorponok leads a horde of Terrorcons in to gather energon from the fragments. The other Decepticons note that Shockblast isn't with them -- turns out he's still lurking within Unicron. The Miranda arrives and attacks. Lots of lasers fly around without hitting anyone. Scorponok takes the Terrorcons into retreat; many escape despite the Autobots' efforts. The Autobots pursue, all the way back to Unicron's body, as the Terrorcons unload the energon.

Within, Shockblast's lurking is discovered by Megatron, but he bluffs through it. Megatron needs only a few more moments to revive Unicron. Optimus goes hunting for him.

Megatron starts moving Unicron's hand to crush the Autobots, and they retreat. Under heavy fire, the Autobots suddenly observe a glowing light which defeats the Terrorcons. It's Omega Supreme! Starscream and Scorponok try their hand, but are defeated. Omega and Optimus go to back up the other Autobots.

On the Miranda 2, the humans detect the incoming energon towers, being guided in by the reformatted Inferno, now calling himself Roadblock. The (7 or so) Autobots are trapped by the (3??) Decepticons, but retreat with the arrival of the energon towers. The hundreds of towers are sent hurtling at Unicron by Omega Supreme, attaching themselves to his abdomen and causing explosions.

The entire monster growls, glows, and moves, and Megatron gloats that Unicron can't be defeated that easily. He wants Unicron's head back, and so the energon orb will be his. The Autobots must stop him.


Original airdate: 3 September 2004 (Japan); 9 November 2004 (North America)

Written by: ???

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Featured characters

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"Oh man! This is impossible. I can hardly see through this asteroid shower. How could this be?!"

Wing Saber. Giant BRICK robot dancing!

Rad: "Optimus. This is Rad, on Planet Cybertron. Come in! Repeat, this is Rad on Planet Cybertron. Come in, Optimus!"
Dr. Jones: "So, are you having any luck trying to get through to the big guy?
Rad: "No. But I'll keep trying until I reach him, Dr. Jones. We have to tell Optimus the news about Omega Supreme."
Dr. Jones: "Yes, this is big news, Rad."
Optimus Prime: "Cybertron, come in!"
Dr. Jones: "Huh?"
Rad: "Uh?"
Optimus Prime: "This is Optimus Prime... We've detected your transmission. Come in, Rad!"
Rad: "Hey, it's Optimus!"
Optimus Prime: "We'd better hurry so we don't lose the connection."
Dr. Jones: "I agree with Optimus.       ...       Okay, Rad, see if you're able to compress the signal."
Optimus Prime: "What are your exact transmission coordinates, Rad?"
Dr. Jones: "We're broadcasting from Planet Cybertron!"

Energon, featuring the most witty repartee in all of Transformers.

"Eons ago he fought Unicron while searching out Energon."
"Eons ago?"
"It was light-years before we even existed!"

Optimus Prime obliges Kicker's request for a more exact timeframe in a passive-aggressive manner, proceeding to use a measure of distance as a measure of time...

"Oh wow. He's so cool!"

Kicker observes Omega Supreme. Maybe I should buy his toy!

"We've got to stop Megatron from reviving Unicron."
"And we've gotta hurry. We're running out of time. But the question is, how? It's like almost impossible!"

Optimus Prime and Kicker

Other Notes

Lost in translation

Most of the problems with this episode are native to the original production; not all that much is lost in the dub:

  • The opening conversation with Rad and Dr. Jones, quoted above, is yet another example of Energon's incoherent dub scripting. The Super Link version is the same in content but written so it makes sense.
  • Wing Saber and the others are concerned about Unicron absorbing "the dark matter", rather than energon.
  • The dub omits that Alpha Q is sending energon to some of the planets that are not yet matured.
  • A plot point from Super Link is that the exploded planet likely contains the last of the energon. The dub omits this.
  • Unicron's corny growls are a dub addition; in Super Link, he's silent.

Pain Count

  • "Uh?": 10
  • Stock footage: 3
  • "Let's do it!": 2

Super Link:

  • I'm your opponent: 2

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Scenes within Unicron are yet again lit to the point of being almost totally black.
  • This is yet another episode whose clarity suffers from a lack of introductory shots, to explain what the void and the energon orb are.
  • When Ironhide states they aren't putting a dent in Unicron's armor and again when disengaging powerlink with Cliffjumper, he speaks with Cliffjumper's voice.

Continuity errors

  • The last episode ended with Dr. Jones ecstatically babbling out loud about the Omega Supreme chamber. This episode starts with him walking into the chamber and abruptly going "Where am I?"
  • As with the earlier episode "Protection", we never do find out just how the Decepticons made a whole planet explode.


  • For all the enormous fuss over Omega Supreme's arrival and significance, including Omega himself solemnly declaring "IT IS TIME", he really doesn't do much in this episode.
  • Given the pronunciation of his name in the Japanese version, it's not hard to guess where the name "Omega Spreem" came from.


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