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Omega Supreme is an Autobot from War for Cybertron continuity family.

Omega Supreme

Omega Supreme is a titanic Autobot who transforms into an enormous spacecraft. He functions both as the Guardian of the Core of Cybertron and the Omega Key, which opens the passage to the Core.



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Omega Supreme is awakened by Megatron removing the plasma energy chamber from Teletraan I to convert energon to dark energon. He's alt form is an entire floor of Teletraan I. He is attacked by Starscream and the seekers (Skywarp, Thundercracker etc.) and is nearly downed when he rises and continues to fight.

War for Cybertron


Omega Supreme in combat

Omega Supreme was awakened after Megatron defeated Zeta Prime in Iacon. Megatron wanted to obtain the Omega Key from Zeta Prime in order to access Cybertron's core and corrupt it with Dark Energon, but upon the defeat of the Autobot leader, Zeta Prime reveals that the device he holds, which Megatron presumed was the Omega Key, is merely a summoning device for the real Omega Key. Much to the chagrin of Megatron and the other Decepticons, the Omega Key turns out to be Omega Supreme himself.

Omega Supreme fought Megatron and his Decepticons head-on, but eventually was defeated after the Decepticons managed to disable the defense turrets mounted on the Autobot Guardian's massive body. Megatron then used some of the Dark Energon to corrupt the body of Omega Supreme, forcing him to open the core to Decepticon attack.

Optimus Prime, named the new leader of the Autobots after the defeat of Zeta Prime, later found Omega Supreme, damaged, defeated, and physically corrupted by Dark Energon. Through the use of uncorrupted Energon, Optimus and the Autobots were able to purge much of Omega Supreme's body of the corruption, and he yet again opened the passage to Cybertron's core. The Autobots raced into the passage, as Optimus attempted to reach the core and prevent Megatron's corruption from taking hold. Omega stayed still until Ratchet finished healing him.


  • His alt-mode seems to be modeled on the Autobot dropships as seen in the backgrounds of the game.
  • His various weapons include: Tractor beam, missile-launchers on his left arm and his back, turrets, a laser cannon on his right arm and his alt-mode, homing rockets and deploying various drones.
  • The sheer amount of weaponry that Omega Supreme has makes him dangerous to attack from any direction so use caution when engaging him.
  • Omega appears in Fall of Cybertron, but only in stone models of his head. They are seen in the mission Metroplex Heeds the Call and the Escalation map; Ancients.
    • He is mentioned in some of the Audio Logs in FOC. It is said that he eventually succumbed to the Dark Energon poisoning that he received at the hands of Megatron and passed into stasis.
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