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Omega Supreme is an Autobot in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Omega Supreme is one of the Guardians of Cybertron who serves under the command of Omega Sentinel and is a powerful Autobot protector. He believes that unyielding resolve has no conqueror and will not hesitate to engage even the strongest foe. He is composed of Omega Train, Omega Battleship, and a small robot named Omega that transforms into a larger head for their combined robot mode. His two vehicular components also have the ability to transform into the mighty Omega Crusher and Omega Force Gun weapon platforms respectively.


Animated continuity


Voice actor: Scott McNeil (US), Kenta Miyake (Japan)

Omega Supreme is an ancient Cybertronian who single-handedly battled and defeated Unicron way back in the distant past of Cybertron. Subsequent to this, he spent millions of years in stasis below the surface of the planet. He was awakened when Primus guided Doctor Jones to his location, and embued him with the Spark of Combination. This allowed Omega Supreme to join the Autobots' struggle against the Decepticons and Unicron, in which he would combine with Optimus Prime to form the powerful Optimus Supreme.

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Omega Supreme's larger head turns into a smaller robot. It is unknown if the smaller robot is Omega Supreme and the large form merely boosts his size and power, or if "Omega Supreme" specifically refers to the union of all three, though the combined Omega Train and Omega Battleship have the ability to form the robot Omega Grand without him. How many "Omega"'s can be in one set?



  • Omega Supreme (Supreme, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SC-22
EnergonOmegaSupreme toy

Homage: Appreciated

Energon Omega Supreme is nominally composed of two major components, the Omega Train - a train engine with a large construction arm on its caboose - and the Omega Battleship - a multi-gunned space battleship. Both components can link together in vehicle mode to form the Battle Train, and can be reconfigured into ground based weapon emplacements. Additionally, the two parts Powerlinx combine together, along with the Omega Headmaster component form the robot Omega Supreme, also known as Omega Grand.
Energon OptimusSupreme

Whites: whiter. Brights: brighter. Accessories: Cumbersome.

In this mode, Omega Supreme vaguely looks like his Generation 1 namesake. He features an extending claw gimmick on his left arm, along with electronic lights and sounds in his right arm, with both gimmicks accessible in all modes and combinations.
He can combine with Energon Optimus Prime to form (Omega) Optimus Supreme, with Optimus sitting inside Omega Supreme's chest cavity. The Omega head component, capable of transforming into its own robot mode, can be stored in Omega Supreme's right shoulder while in the Optimus Supreme configuration. This configuration also allows the attachment of Optimus Prime's "Prime Force" drone limb teams as auxilary weapons.
The main difference between the US and Japanese releases is the latter version used silver paint on his thighs and biceps, to give more uniformity to the colourscheme.
This mold was redecoed into Omega Sentinel.


  • Omega Supreme (Battle Masters multipack, 2006)
Attacktix EnOmegaSupreme

"I am sick and tired of all these jokes about my giant hand. The first such incident occurred in 1956, when..."

Attacktix ID number: TF24
Faction: N/A
Class: Battle Master
Special: Recruit - 6/26 (23%) success ratio
Point Cost: 80
Base Speed: 10
Attack Type: Tosser (the good kind)
Omega Supreme comes in a pack the first series Crumplezone figure. His right arm features a powerful scooping melee attack based on his main toy's claw gimmick, which hurl pieces impressive distances (try flinging an opposing piece into a crowd of 'em!).
At 80 points, Omega Supreme is one of the most expensive figures in all Attacktix. His Recruit special power lets you put any Autobot piece into play from your back-ups. Like all Battle Masters figures Omega Supreme is not tournament legal.
This piece is best taken out with a striker attack, particularly the likes of Scorponok, or Ransack. However a point-blank shot to his chest (putting the missile right against him) by a even a Decepticlone should topple Omega Supreme every time. Yes he can be defeated by the Crumplezone figure that's packed with him, though it's difficult to do (aim near the right knee).
At long range Omega Supreme is meant to be knocked down by hitting both the targets on his knees, unlocking the joints so he falls over backwards thanks to the weight of his upper body. Unfortunately he is so well balanced that he simply flops back into a prone position that is even more difficult to shoot down from a distance.
Omega lacks any kind of allegiance marker, preventing you from calling him into play from your graveyard or back-ups. You have to start with this guy, and once he's down, he's down for the game.


  • According to Aaron Archer at the BotCon 2005 Hasbro panel, Energon Omega Supreme was originally going to be part rocket like the Generation 1 toy, but it was decided that a battleship was "cooler".
  • Also according to Archer, the main toy's body has that little pop-up head because he never liked how if you lost the Headmaster figure for the old Generation 1 toys, then your robot had no head at all. At Least this way, the big robot has something.

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