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Omega Supreme is an Autobot in the Animated continuity family.

"Deus ex machina? I wouldn't want to be presumptuous."

The last line of defense for the Autobots, Omega Supreme was literally built for heroic sacrifice. Grimly aware of the heavy combat toll his friends must have suffered for him to even be activated in the first place, Omega Supreme does not hesitate to unleash his colossal firepower and risk his own life and safety on their behalf.

In fact, he did perish during the Great War, after which the Autobots used his dead body as a spaceship to ferry a maintenance crew around. But he got better.

"I am programmed to protect, and sacrifice if necessary."
―Omega Supreme [["A Bridge Too Close, Part II"| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

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Voice actor: Kevin Michael Richardson (English), Gerald Paradies (German)
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Why wear a Che Guevara t-shirt when you can ride around in his taxidermized corpse?

Omega Supreme was a major player in the Great War, helping to drive the Decepticons off Cybertron, but at the cost of his own spark, much to the distress of his friend Ratchet. Placed in a modified stasis in the hope he could one day be revived, he became simply a small ship in the Autobot space bridge repair fleet. This ship, equipped with a rudimentary AI, was never seen to transform, and in fact its true nature was rarely addressed. A Bridge Too Close, Part II

Its crew, operating in a remote sector of Autobot-controlled space, stumbled upon the lost, legendary AllSpark and was almost immediately attacked by the Decepticon flagship. Massively outgunned, the Autobots survived only by escaping through a space bridge portal, whereupon their ship crashed on Earth. Transform and Roll Out!

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Not a proper burial, per se.

Note: For detailed information about the ship and its activities on Earth, see Teletran-1.

Decades after the crash, the Autobots were reactivated, and their battle with the Decepticons revived with them. When Blurr alerted Optimus Prime's crew to the fact that Megatron was on the verge of constructing a working space bridge to Cybertron, Optimus ordered Ratchet and Sari to attempt to revive Omega Supreme. A Bridge Too Close, Part I

Through "open spark surgery", using four AllSpark fragments and making heavy use of the Key, Ratchet finally managed to revive his old friend. Omega was initially delerious and confused, telling Ratchet that he was surrounded by Decepticons and didn't think he would make it - presumably the circumstances of his demise. He soon got his bearings, but he was still slow and unsure after being offline for two million stellar cycles, and he needed heavy prompting from Ratchet to move. When he finally did get himself airborne, he was shocked and happy at his return to life, but he was at a loss as to how he got on a world other than Cybertron.

His reverie was quickly interrupted by an attack from several Decepticons. Following further hefty prompting from Ratchet and power boosts from his magnetics and the Key, he was able to transform and strike back. He declared that he was Omega Supreme and made short work of the Decepticons.

When he entered Megatron's base, he found the space bridge in overdrive, threatening to pull in "the whole state of Michigan" and transport it to some random co-ordinates. Ejecting Sari and Ratchet over Ratchet's vocal protests, he absorbed the transwarp energy and was sucked into the malfunctioning portal, which then fully self-destructed.

His ultimate fate is unknown. Blurr and two Starscream clones had been sucked into the space bridge first, then Megatron and Starscream himself, then finally Omega. Megatron and Starscream were later seen floating through space, but the others seemed to be absent. What became of them all is anyone's guess. A Bridge Too Close, Part II


  • Omega Supreme's off-line status bears some scrutiny. He bravely sacrificed himself in the Great War, apparently being a key part of the Autobot victory. And rather than being honorably lain to rest, his remains were re-tasked for space bridge repair. So the Autobots were flying around in...the corpse of one of Cybertron's greatest heroes. Not even anything awesome or noble like "exploration" or "rescue," he has to be a freakin' utility van! Is that a tad bit ghoulish? Maybe, maybe not. Cybertron has different societal norms when it comes to remains, though recycling the dead has traditionally been more of a Predacon virtue. Also, the fact that Ratchet was on board may have had something to do with Omega's fate, as the two were clearly friends.
  • Also deserving some scrutiny is the obvious (though destructive to literary tension) fact that if the Autobots made a habit of activating him earlier, his whole "self-sacrifice" bit wouldn't be, y'know, necessary.
  • Optimus Prime did attempt to initiate "Emergency Defense Program, Codename: Omega" much earlier, but Teletran-1 was being stingy with the energon and refused the request. Transform and Roll Out!
  • As with most of the characters in the show, Omega Supreme has many details similar to his Generation 1 counterpart, specifically his clear orange face mask, his three-fingered right hand and his massive left-hand blaster.
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