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The name or term Omega Supreme refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Omega Supreme (disambiguation).

Omegatron Supreme, or simply Omega Supreme, is one of the largest Autobots there is. He isn't much for words, preferring his massive frame and equally massive weapons to do the talking for him. Omega is the last line of defense for the Autobots, a titanic guardian robot capable of instilling fear and panic into the sparks of Decepticons that dare face him on the field of battle.

Except Buzzsaw. Kill that little guy, it just makes him angry.

"Omega Supreme: always prepared."
―Omega Supreme [src]



Cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Jack Angel (US), Tesshō Genda, Masashi Ebara (Japan)

Omega was one of the many Autobots who just showed up during the second season. Unlike most, however, he was actually given an origin.

Robo-Smasher and Omega Supreme

Group hug: unappreciated.

Omega Supreme is the last surviving member of the legendary Guardian Robots, the massive neutral defenders of Cybertron. While he was defending the Crystal City, he befriended the Constructicons, the city's creators. However, as it would happen, the Constructicons were attacked by Megatron's Robo-Smasher and converted into Decepticons. The now-evil Constructicons convinced Omega to leave his post to help defend another city, and promised to look after the city in his stead. When he left, they demolished the Crystal City to Omega Supreme's horror. He captured them and tried to change the builders back into Autobots, but the process was irreversible and the treacherous Constructicons lured Omega into an ambush by the Smasher. The Robo-Smasher attacked Omega, but it was destroyed before it could convert him. Omega later recounts, "I lived, but, changed. Since then, I feel only hate for the Constructicons." It is thus possible that Omega's cold, emotionless demeanor -- quite different than he behaved before the destruction of the Crystal City -- is a direct result of the Robo-Smasher's work. However, it may also be that he has merely retreated into himself and become withdrawn because of the pain of betrayal and guilt.


Storytime: informative.

Some time after these events transpired, the Constructicons left Cybertron in a starship for unknown reasons. Omega Supreme pursued them, "for millions of years, across the galaxies", until they finally arrived on Earth and were reunited with Megatron. He got his chance at revenge when the Constructicons started mining an asteroid that turned out to be the egg of an organic creature. Omega left the creature to its own devices, which would have resulted in it devouring San Francisco. However, Optimus Prime convinced Omega to lead the creature back to its asteroid, which would sustain it. Omega lost his chance at revenge, but he did his duty. The Secret of Omega Supreme

In 1985, the Autobots used Omega Supreme to follow the Decepticons back to Cybertron when they intended to use Vector Sigma to create a new group of Decepticon warriors. After failing to stop the Decepticons from creating the Stunticons, the Autobots created a new team of their own to counter the new threat, the Aerialbots. As Omega Supreme escaped Cybertron, he was hit by weapons fire from the Centurion droids, and once he safely disembarked his passengers on Earth, he catastrophically exploded. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1

Omegasupreme astrotrain

Astrotrain: pathetic

Ratchet, Wheeljack and Sparkplug Witwicky connected Omega Supreme's mind to the Ark's life support unit while they set about putting the giant back together. The arrogant Aerialbots, unimpressed with both the Autobots and the humans they protected, refused to help their comrades in defeating the Decepticons until their group leader Silverbolt showed them how Sparkplug was able to disregard his fatigue and continue repairing Omega Supreme simply because of his concern for a friend's well being. Soon afterwards, the Aerialbots were facing defeat as Superion at the hands of the Stunticon combined form, Menasor, when the newly-repaired Omega Supreme suddenly appeared and helped them defeat the combiner and send the Decepticons packing. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2 In season 3, his role as space transport was fulfilled by Sky Lynx. He was last seen in season 3 transporting Autobots to Junkion to investigate the strange behaviour of the Junkions. He got shot down by Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps crashing the Autobots on an asteroid. After being repaired Omega quickly turned the tide of the battle. On arriving on Junkion Omega again battled the Decepticons. He was knocked down by a blast from Galvatron's cannon mode but recovered and battled the Decepticons until Blaster asked him to bring him to altitude to counter the Quintesson signals. The Big Broadcast of 2006. Omega rarely spoke, and then it was usually just two or three words. This is by choice, however, as he can speak normally if prompted.

War For Cybertron Trilogy[]

After Ultra Magnus is killed by Megatron, Optimus presumed that the Alpha Trion Protocols would’ve transmitted to them, the Guardians. He also hopes that now they’ll become involved in the war. Omega Supreme reveals that the Alpha Trion Protocol has not come to them and they have no intentions on interfering in the war. Episode 4

Omega Supreme emerges from beneath the ground at the Spacebridge and takes out the Decepticons, joining forces with the Autobots. He informs Megatron that his actions are his own, not that of the Guardians. He’s doing what’s for the best for Cybertron. Episode 6

His fate following the end of episode 6 of Siege is unknown, since he didn't make an actual appearance in Earthrise just only as a hologram, and in Kingdom he was not among the projections of dead characters created by their sparks, same with the rest of the Guardians.

Marvel Comics continuity[]

Note: Sections in italics are from Marvel UK.
Omega comics

Self-perception: melodramatic.

Omega Supreme was built by the Autobots on Earth in order to guard the Ark while they were away. With Omega completed, the Autobots could leave the base en masse to attack the Decepticons. Megatron immediately took advantage of the situaiton by ordering Skywarp, Starscream, Thundercracker, Frenzy, Rumble, Buzzsaw, and Laserbeak to attack the Ark. Unfortunately, they didn't get the memo about the Autobots' new defense system, and Omega Supreme easily took out all of them except Laserbeak, who managed to escape with a wounded Megatron back to the Decepticons. Command Performances!

Early on in the first Galvatron encounter, the Autobots openly talked about siccing Omega Supreme on the Decepticons. And then never did so, despite it being a smart idea and knowing it was an option. Target 2006


Size: indeterminate.

Though Omega Supreme continued to guard the Ark, he didn't seem to stay quite as huge as he used to be. He could soon fit into the Ark. Funeral for a Friend When Trypticon attacked, he carpeted the entrance to the Ark with sonic scrambler mines, disabling Omega and the other Autobots within; Omega was thus unable to square off against the giant. King of the Hill! Later, Omega Supreme acted as a sort of Master of Ceremonies when Blaster and Grimlock were due to fight it out for Autobot leadership on the moon. He was pretty small. Totaled!


Match: met.

During the Underbase crisis, the narrator seemed to think it was bad news when Buzzsaw cannon-blasted Omega Supreme - and Omega actually seemed to be getting knocked over. He didn't live long enough to be embarrassed, as shortly after the Underbase-powered Starscream killed him. Dark Star Pieces of him were seen in Ratchet's repair bay, but he was never shown to be functional again. Back from the Dead!

Dreamwave comics continuity[]


Anime rip off: Not appreciated.

Some time after the departure of the Ark, Omega Supreme and Jetfire were sent out to go find them. They ultimately ended up buried under Antarctica on Earth. Millions of years later, Jetfire remotely reactivated Omega Supreme in an attempt to defeat Sunstorm. Though Omega Supreme was initially successful, Sunstorm managed to obscure his vision. When Omega Supreme retracted his visor in order to see, Sunstorm blasted him right in the face with a burst of solar radiation, instantly knocking him off line. The Omega Effect He soon recovered, but Sunstorm had escaped. Omega later helped the Autobots in building Autobot City. The Route of All Evil

IDW comics continuity[]

OmegaSupreme SpotlightPrime

Privacy: Requested. Discharge: Imminent.

Omega Supreme is largely a non-participant in the war between the Autobots and Decepticons. Predating the notion of factions and having survived two Primes, he remains in seclusion in a specially-shielded artificial asteroid within the Muta-Gaath Nebula. Though nominally allied with the Autobots, he remains outside of the conflict for fear of escalating it due to the firepower he commands. Instead, he exists as a resource to Primes in times of doubt. However, he did participate in the Autobot/Decepticon battle to stop Thunderwing, alongside Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Trypticon. Stormbringer issue 1

Omega Supreme is one of the few living Transformers to remember the first Ark. Believing that the Transformer race should exercise a slow inner growth through intellectual contemplation, he frequently clashed with the expansionist Nova Prime, who felt Cybertron's destiny lay in the conquest of other worlds. After the Ark's departure and Nova Prime's disappearance, Omega Supreme discovered a horrific creation of theirs: Monstructor. He sealed the gestalt in a dimensionally-displaced prison to prevent it from devastating Cybertron and escalating the burgeoning conflict. Centuries later, Optimus Prime came to him for advice. While the two were talking, Monstructor — somehow freed from captivity — attacked. Omega Supreme told Optimus Prime the truth about himself, Nova Prime, and Monstructor. Though Optimus Prime succeeded in defeating the gestalt, he condemned Omega Supreme for attempting to play god by simply locking them away.

As he was defeated very easily by a single gestalt, this version of Omega is either considerably weaker than others, or the gestalts are considerably stronger in this continuity (Omega seems to believe the latter). Spotlight: Optimus Prime

Along with the other Autobot outposts, Omega Supreme's hidden base was attacked by a Decepticon Army, but "I AM OMEGA SUPREME." Enough said. He received the distress call of Hot Rod when the Trion crashed, and a mysteriously larger Omega Supreme than had been previously seen (He probably felt so embarrassed getting beaten by Monstructor that he installed a home asteroid gym) arrived in the nick of time to drive off the Swarm. Who needs RAID when you can have OMEGA SUPREME? Omega ferried the Autobot team to Earth in time to face the divided Decepticon forces. Omega Supreme dropped into the fight, carrying the Devestator away from the city. Their fight continued on Ellis Island with Devestator decrying that he could not be defeated. However, "I AM OMEGA SUPREME!" Enough said. All Hail Megatron

After the battle for New York, Omega Supreme no longer had enough power to leave the Earth and went into hiding like the rest of the Autobots. He was very cleverly hidden as an advanced rocket and tank hiding in an open canyon. Obviously concealment is not one of his supreme talents. He refused to assist Hot Rod and his faction of Autobots in their escape from Earth. Apparently, that extended to not helping when they were attacked by a Decepticon group. Transformers Ongoing issue 02

Someone(read: Bumblebee) realized that maybe he needed a little help hiding and had him move into a tiny cave where he could barely move. He may have been cramped and unhappy but still "I AM Omega... oh forget it." Transformers Bumblebee issue 02


Generation One[]

  • Omega Supreme (1985, 2008)
    • Accessories: 2 small shields, 2 medium shields, 2 large shields, 4 armour halves (A, B, C, D), 4 ankle half (E, F, G, H), 2 feet, backpack, 4 tracks (J, K, L, M)
G1OmegaSupreme toy

Little yellow clips: misplaced.

Omega Supreme transforms into three individual components simultaneously, which are a Mechabot-1, rocket and tank. Not unlike the Seekers, whose toys involve minimal actual transformation, and more "pull all the bits off and put them back on in different ways," Omega Supreme involves next to no actual manipulation of his parts, "transforming" instead by being disassembled into his component pieces, which are then put back together in a different configuration. This toy is a resemblance to Omegatron in the Grandstand Convertors toy-line.
Omega's distinctive forearms (his left a large cannon, his right a large three-fingered claw) disconnect from his arms at the elbow and plug together end-on-end to form the rocket. His legs are comprised of quite a few independent parts — the outer casing of each one is a "shell" made up of two pieces held together by three sliding yellow clips, concealing two further "shell" pieces which clip around his leg proper, and are held together by his foot. All of these parts are removed and reassembled to form the "core" of the rocket base, which is completed with the addition of Omega's backpack and feet as a gantry for the rocket to stand astride, and his wings (made up of six individual pieces themselves, which can be assembled in various configurations) as a roughly elliptical track that surrounds the whole affair. This leaves Omega's torso, which then undergoes some actual transformation to become a tank that rests on the track. The torso features a battery-operated motor which propels the tank around the track as its turret spins and flashes with orange light, or allows Omega to walk (very slowly) forward in robot mode. This motor is extremely susceptible to failure. Unlike the cartoon version, Omega doesn't have a face.
Omega Supreme was one of several toys licensed by Hasbro from manufacturers other than Takara — specifically, from Toy Box, an origin he shares with Sky Lynx. As a consequence, Omega Supreme was never released in Japan under the Transformers brand during the original 1980s run.
However, in January 2008, TakaraTomy announced that Omega Supreme would be a part of their Transformers Encore Generation One reissue line in June. True to their word, June 2008 marked his first-ever release in Japan. The new release was slightly modified to have a face in the tank turret which becomes his head. The remold of the toy was redeco as Gadep and released by E-Hobby.
  • Omega Spreem (Action Master Elite, 1991)
    • Accessories: Gun/treads
G1OmegaSpreem toy

Identity: specious. Colors: abrasive.

As an Action Master Elite, Omega Spreem is one of the few figures in the Action Master line that can actually transform to some extent, in this case transforming into a Cybertronian tank, though the 'transformation' itself merely consists of him bending over. A button on back of the tank turret, when pressed, spins the front half of the turret. In robot mode, he carries the front of his tank as a treaded gun.
Omega Spreem, as with the other Action Master Elites, was only released in Europe and Australasia.


  • Autobot Snow Globe (2007)
Ark Globe

Appearance: cameo. Residuals: minimal.

Omega Supreme appears as part of the snow globe's base.
  • Omega Supreme Statue (2008)
Omega statue

Pose: Dreamwave. Knees: buckling.

Omega Supreme was released as a statue in 2008 by Diamond Select Toys. He was sculpted by Mark Wong of Art Asylum and limited to 1,000 pieces. He's in scale with G1 toys.


  • Originally, Omega Supreme was going to be named Fortress Maximus, due to Hasbro wanting to use the name on something.
  • Omega Supreme's name could be translated as "Last of the Best"; given his role as the "last line of defense" and the last surviving Guardian, this is appropriate. This also makes him a counterpart to Optimus Prime whose name means first of the best.
  • Omega Supreme can seemingly launch his rocket into space, leaving the remaining parts behind at his launch base, and then transform fully back to robot mode even though a good number of his body parts are separated from the rocket by a good planetary diameter or two (if not several light years). Indeed, sometimes his rocket mode is seen to be inexplicably landing on his base mode which is already waiting at his destination, leading some to speculate that Omega (rather implausibly) has duplicate body parts on some other planets, "just in case". Some fanon alternatively holds that in cases such as these Omega's non-rocket parts actually use size-changing technology to shrink down and travel as cargo inside his rocket mode, which are then disgorged and enlarged before landing. Another theory is that the base is transported to Subspace, as some believe happens with Optimus Prime's trailer.
  • According to the letter page of Marvel UK issue #285, External Forces!, Omega is tougher than a "block of triple-strength Durabylium Steel."
  • Omega Spreem (the name of Omega Supreme's Action Master Elite form) is actually one possible transliteration of the Katakana (i.e. Japanese) version of "Omega Supreme". Thus it is probably a typo resulting from the name "Omega Supreme" going from English to Japanese, and then back to English again. Well.

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