Rotor Force is a subgroup from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

The Rotor Force is a cross-factional sub-group of Transformers, so called because of their powerful firing rotor-weapon assemblies. Each toy has a wind-up "engine" that, when activated, spins the detachable "rotor" disc at high speeds, sending the disc flying to some pretty impressive heights. Perfect for giving the cats something to chase.

Autobot Rotor Force

Decepticon Rotor Force


Marvel Generation 2 comic continuity

The entire Rotor Force was built on the Decepticon Warworld by Bludgeon as part of a new generation of warriors.

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(Note: This origin does not hold true for the UK Generation 2 comic, as Ransack appears as part of Bludgeon's crew in the attack meant to draw out Prime to steal the Matrix... which was repeated later in the series when the comic just reprinted US stories... it's a big headache.)
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