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Omega Sentinel is an Autobot in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Colors: Patriotic.

Omega Sentinel is the commander of the legendary Guardians of Cybertron. He is stoic (to the point of seeming emotionless), serious, committed, and logically minded (though he's not adverse to solving a problem with simple brute force if it seems the simplest route). He is greatly respected by his troops on the whole, but still they often feel he is rather stuffy, over-technical, and boring personally. The very traits that sometimes make him a less than charismatic companion, however, are the ones he believes will serve the Autobots best in their ultimate goals. He is composed of a "battle train", a warship, and a small robot that transforms into a larger head for their combined robot mode.

Omega Sentinel's head turns into a smaller robot. It is unknown if the smaller robot is Omega Sentinel and the large form merely boosts his size and power, or if "Omega Sentinel" specifically refers to the union of all three pieces, though the combined battle train and warship have a head without him.


Energon cartoon

Omega Sentinel does not appear in the cartoon. However, Omega Supreme, one of Omega Sentinel's Guardians of Cybertron, appears as an ancient robot who once single-handedly defeated Unicron. (Speaks rather well of the unit as a whole, that does.) In the scene where Omega Supreme is revived, a number of other robot forms are visible behind him. It is possible that these are Omega Sentinel and/or the other Guardians of Cybertron.



  • Omega Sentinel (Supreme, 2005)
Energon OmegaSentinel toy

Interestingly enough, this isn't the most expensive army-builder toy in Transformers.

A redeco of the Energon Omega Supreme toy, Omega Sentinel splits into a "battle train" and an ocean/space-faring warship. His claw-arm has a spring-activated "punching" gimmick in both modes, plus his battleship arm has light and sound electronics. In robot mode, he can combine with Energon Optimus Prime, and has numerous mounting points for Optimus' battle drones. These can also be used to attach Energon Wing Saber in his armor-parts form.
Sentinel's robot mode head detaches to become an individual robot that can be placed in the control cab of the crane portion of the "battle train" or a conning tower for the battleship. The neck piece that the head unit attaches to can be raised up slightly to reveal a set of unpainted optics, giving the robot body a head of sorts even without the head-robot attached.


  • Galactic Showdown (Multi-pack, 2006)
Attacktix ID number: SVT01
Attacktix OmegaSentinel

The actual piece's base is gold-colored, by the way.

Omega Sentinel is a partial retooling of the Omega Supreme Attacktix piece; instead of a melee-style claw-arm, Sentinel's right arm has a spring-loaded four-missile "gatling" feature. It is worth noting that this claw is modeled after the Generation One Omega Supreme's claw-arm rather than the Energon version. A whopping 70-point "Mega"-class piece, which Special Power "Rally" lets you return any other defeated Autobot piece into play.
Omega was only available in the "Galactic Showdown" set with unique gold-base variants of Super Optimus Prime, Megatron, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and the AT-RT (which also has a "gatling missile" attack feature).


  • Sentinel's blue color scheme was chosen as homage to the Guardian Robots of the Generation One cartoon, who were blue recolors (and rather Deryized restylings) of the original Omega Supreme. These Guardian Robots were referred to as "Omega Sentinels" in the Dreamwave Comics. In fact, original plans stated by Hasbro were for the Omega Sentinels to be an army and play a major role in the cartoon, but like most ideas from Hasbro and Takara's toy developers, the cartoon makers never even heard it.
  • The head-unit's robot mode sculpt is modeled after "Omega Spreem", the Action Master Elite incarnation of Omega Supreme.

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