The Omega Lock is a piece of cosmic technology found in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Eons ago, the lifeforce of Primus was divided into the four Cyber Planet Keys and scattered across the galaxy. The Omega Lock is the device that the Keys join with to reawaken Primus's power.


Animated continuityEdit


The black hole known as the Unicron Singularity was getting close to sucking up Cybertron. After a failed attempt to close it, the four Cyber Planet keys seemed to be a way to stop the hole from consuming the universe. So began a quest to find the Omega Lock, and the keys to unlock it. In the search, some possible places were a Mexican museum and a rock formation.

Prime cartoonEdit

The Omega Lock is a device created by the Thirteen Primes for the purpose of restoring Cybertron should it be ruined by war. The four objects required to activate the Omega Lock are the Omega Keys, which Alpha Trion hid, three on Earth and one inside Smokescreen, to keep them out of Decepticon hands.

When Megatron managed to activate the Omega Lock, he decided to use it on Earth. Through use of his space bridge, the Omega Beam targeted outside Jasper, Nevada, threatening to cyberform Earth into a new world for Megatron to rule, at the cost of all organic life in the process. Unwilling to let that happen, Optimus Prime destroyed the Lock with the Star Saber, but not before the beam had erected the fortress of Darkmount.

After discovering that cybernucleic acid (CNA) combined with Synthetic Energon could create cybermatter, Megatron began an effort to rebuild the Omega Lock, attaching the massive device to the belly of the Nemesis. On Shockwave's advice, the Decepticons began stealing Earth technologies to assist in the reconstruction. However, he judged that the synth-en formula was incomplete, so Soundwave kidnapped Ratchet, who was coerced into completing the formula.

After Megatron's seeming demise at the hands of Bumblebee, the Omega Lock and Nemesis fell under Autobot control, which they used to restore Cybertron, firing the cybermatter at the planet's core, awakening Primus and enabling the planet to support life once more.


The Omega Lock only appeared in toy form as an accessory that came with the Cybertron Primus toy. The Omega lock can hold the Cyber Planet Keys that come with the toys in the four slots on it and is needed to transform Primus. When placed firmly in its socket, a red LED shines from the center of it.

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