This article is about the Decepticon Micromaster. For the unreleased G2 Go-Bot, see Greasepit (G2).

Greasepit is a Decepticon Micromaster from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Greasepit is the word.

Greasepit has the power to surprise. In his case, the surprise comes to a hapless Autobot or Earth motorist who attempts to refuel at his small gas station. All will seem well at first as the poor sap purchases the "Super Gasoline Z-1" so proudly advertised, and pays the holographic hippie burnout at the counter. A few miles later, he'll grind to a halt, his tank siphoned bone-dry, and his circuit-scrambled gauge still pegged at "FULL".

Some do complain, but Greasepit has a counter-argument. His transforming gas station is fitted with incendiary-launching railguns, sonic blasters, and an ion cannon, so he generally wins such debates, so long as he isn't required to actually fire these big guns. It takes a lot of stolen gasoline to pay for a single railgun shot.

French-Canadian name: Lubrico


Dreamwave comics continuity

Greasepit lay dying of fuel-thirst outside Decepticon headquarters. Blitzwing and Octane taunted and abused him, drinking frosty glasses of energon as they watched him die. He was rescued by Barricade and his Race Track Patrol, who vowed to tell Shockwave about the incident. Destined For Nothing Greasepit survived, and later showed up at an underground Micromaster bar in Little Iacon, where he witnessed an altercation between the Race Track Patrol and the Hot Rod Patrol. The Gray Race


Generation 1

  • Greasepit (Micromaster Station, 1989)
Greasepit is a redeco of Mudslinger, turning into a monster pickup truck. He was only available with a gas station base which turns into a battle station. Like most larger Micromaster toys, it came with extra ramps to connect it to other bases.
This entire set was released in Japan — without modification — as the Autobot Glasspit.

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