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The name or term Oil Slick refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Oil Slick (disambiguation).

Oil Slick's fighting style is based on vehicular combat—meaning he tries to destroy the Autobots while they're still in vehicle mode, knowing that if they're smashed up on the outside, they're smashed up on the inside. Beyond this, Oil Slick is a talented chemist specializing in weaponized compounds. He is, in his own words, "slagging good" though at times too eager in trying out new concoctions. Among his arsenal are a dizzying array of chemical weapons that will weaken his opponents both physically and mentally—magnifying his prey's personal fears to dissolve their will while his acids dissolve their bodies—at which point Oil Slick is ready to trash them. His robot mode features a retractable dome to protect his pretty face from what he unleashes.

In addition to his vehicular combat abilities, Oil Slick is skilled in Circuit-Su, having trained with Prowl.

"...We Decepticons know the means always justify the ends. Even if that means sacrificing a few expendable troops to my cyber-oxidant in order to achieve victory!"
―Oil Slick on Decepticon philosophy[["The Arrival issue 3"| [src]]]


Transformers Animated Oil Slick motorbike.jpg


Transformers Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Phil LaMarr (English), Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese)
Note: Events from IDW Publishing comics are in italics

During the Great Wars, Oil Slick led an assault on the Hydrax Plateau, using his new "Cosmic Rust" cyber-oxidant chemical weapon on Autobot and Decepticon alike. However, he hadn't adjusted for wind shifts, and ended up getting a dose of it himself.

Severely weakened, he was found by the Autobot medic Ratchet, who was looking for survivors of the attack. Ratchet's conscience wouldn't let him leave a life that could be saved, even that of a Decepticon. After trading some verbal barbs with Ratchet and appealing to his scientific nature, Oil Slick convinced the Autobot to use his repair tools with the chemicals Slick had stored away to create a batch of antidote. Under Oil Slick's instructions, Ratchet successfully created a batch of the cure... and as soon as it was applied, Oil Slick immediately hit Ratchet with a dose of Cosmic Rust and stole the remaining antidote. Gloating, Oil Slick revealed that the chemical weapon was his doing all along, and that the lives of the Decepticons who also fell to it were meaningless to him.

His overconfidence got the better of him, though, as he failed to notice that Ratchet had used his magnetism ability to steal the antidote back as Oil Slick drove away... enough to cure Ratchet and still have some left over for the Autobot scientists to analyze and replicate, nullifying the threat of Cosmic Rust. 'Bots of Science

Following Megatron's disappearance, Oil Slick made the foolish mistake of sharing the idea that perhaps Megatron was dead to Lugnut... and was given a proper throttling for it. A Few Loose Strands

Yeah, my old face had a big nose, so I just stole Lockdown's.

He was sabotaging Rodimus's group on the asteroid, trying to get through a space bridge as part of Team Chaar led by Strika, and also including Blackout, Spittor, and Cyclonus. He infected Rodimus with Cosmic Rust. (Rodimus Prime: "You'll have to get past me first, Decepticreaps!" Oil Slick: "You say that like it's a difficult thing, Autobot.") TransWarped

Along with some members in Team Chaar, he was attacking Earth in the virtual world made by Soundwave. (God knows how Soundwave knows about Oil Slick). Human Error, Part 2


Transformers Animated

The secret shame of Mr. Freeze and Cy-Kill.

  • Oil Slick (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Chain-weapon canister, storage canister
Oil Slick transforms into a low-riding motorcycle with a friggin' goat skull and barrels strapped on either side in the back. It's actually a four-wheel motorcycle with wheels paired side-by-side in front and back. One of the barrels is a canister with a flip top lid. It presumably contains rare chemical liquids. Hence, it can be opened to discharge chemical liquids out onto the road.
Oil Slick has an official "vehicle attack mode" which is a waypoint in transformation. He would lean over his wrist and ankle wheels in this mode.
In robot mode, Oil Slick can keep his barrels on ankles or hold them by pegs on his palms. Another barrel splits open into two halves to become a hand-held flail weapon connected by a short, white plastic chain, as opposed to the longer, real metal one seen in the promotional photos. The flail barrel can have the ends pop off the staves for more attack options.
Instead of gold, the Decepticon insignia on his chest is in black. His thumbs are on ball joints while his finger claws are on a hinge for each hand. Thanks to the resilient plastic materials and hinges used for his fingers, he is the first and only Transformer who can intertwine his fingers... in a menacing way, of course.
  • Toxic Oil Slick (Deluxe, 2010?)
An olive green, black and gray version of Oil Slick. This version is cartoon-accurate.

Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


Oil Slick

  • At BotCon 2008, it was revealed that Oil Slick was an original Eric Siebenaler design that was never intended to be in the show. Upon finding out about it, the Animated cartoon crew said they would have worked him in had they been told about it. As such, Oil Slick appears in the third season, and he was given a highlight story in The Arrival #3. His cartoon model was designed by Irineo Maramba.[1]
  • Oil Slick's odd four-wheel motorcycle design was inspired by the Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle.
  • Most characters in Transformers Animated have no nose at all. However, he does have a HUGE one.
  • Although Lockdown is responsible for the current state of Ratchet's broken forehead chevron, Oil Slick actually did it first, courtesy of a wicked roundhouse kick. Apparently Ratchet gave up after repairing it once.
  • Out of all of Team Chaar, except for Blackout, Oil Slick is the only character who has an action figure modeled after him so far.


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