The Ogygia was an ancient Cybertronian ship that brought a group of colonists from Cybertron to Velocitron during the Golden Age.


Transformers: Exiles

Mainspring and Clocker, components of Nexus Prime, were known to be among the ship's occupants, but were noted for being different from their comrades. Megatron suspected that Hightail had not been part of the Ogygia's compliment. What became of the ship after it arrived on Velocitron is unknown, but presumably it either departed or was eventually rendered inoperable given that the Velocitronians had no known means of leaving the planet.

Background Information

  • The Ogygia is based on the vessel of the same name from Transformers: Cybertron, which was also the first series to feature Velocitron. In that series it's counterpart was one of four ships that took Cybertronian colonists to other planets, all of which were named for lost continents in Earth mythology; the others were Atlantis, Hyperborea, and Lemuria.
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