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Optimus Primal, Megatron, and Grimlock join forces to combat the forces of Unicron and long-winded speeches!

Script: Simon Furman

Music and sound effects: Vince DiCola
Date of Performance: August 2, 2003


Act 1: Grimlock finds himself transported away from ancient Cybertron to a mysterious location. He soon finds himself engaged in first verbal and then physical sparring with Armada Megatron, who has likewise been teleported to this mysterious location. Their battle is interrupted by the arrival of Optimus Primal, who bores them both with talk of alternate dimensions and of Unicron's ultimate plans, and explains that they are within Unicron himself. As they gaze into a deep pit and Primal continues to exposit, the floor drops out from beneath them, and they plunge into the belly of the beast...

Act 2: The trio find themselves in a steaming cauldron, and head for a small island in the distance. They are greeted by Reptilion and Striker, who inform them that all who enter are destined to fight and die, their Sparks consumed by Unicron. Megatron and Grimlock attack, leaving Primal free to press onwards. As soon as he's out of sight, they take their exits as well.

Act 3: Primal sneaks into the arena, where numerous Transformers are held captive. As he watches, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker are brought out and forced to do battle. Primal prepares to attack, but is discovered by Striker. The Dinobot is about to blast Primal when Grimlock and Megatron (who were unable to find their way out) bash him from behind. Reptilion attacks as well, but is knocked out by their combined strength. But more Generals attack, the combat in the arena begins, Glen starts looking at his watch... to be continued!


Items of Note

  • This live-action script reading took place Saturday night at OTFCC 2003. Neither script nor program guide give it a formal title; thus the name comes from the footer of the original script.
  • Striker and Reptilion were portrayed by OTFCC attendees who won a voice acting competition earlier in the day.
  • Like the previous live-action performance, the story is extremely tongue-in-cheek. The characters glare at Vince when he starts playing the Imperial March, say hi to writer Simon Furman, and doze off while Primal gives one of his grand speeches.
  • Silliness aside, the story leads directly into the second issue of the Universe comic book.
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