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And somewhere in the world, a Unicron exists.

Rhinox built a machine to create a pile of new characters!

Transformers Universe > OTFCC 2004 Script Reading
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Script: Simon Furman

Music and sound effects: Vince DiCola
Date of Performance: July 31, 2004


Rhinox has built a device to deflect Unicron's attempts to pull victims from other dimensions. The Autobots deflect two such attempts, but are only partially successful: instead of being transported to Unicron, the victims end up on a frozen planetoid.

Rattrap, Silverbolt and Waspinator are sent to help the victims, but Unicron sends Reptilion, Sunstorm, Ruination and Perceptor after them as well.

As a side effect of Rhinox's device, a vortex opens in space and sucks in Autobot stellar freighter OTFCC, piloted by Bumblebee, Tracks and Cosmos, from the past. Sunstorm attacks the Maximal ship, but they are saved by being transported to the Autobot shuttle.

After shooting down Sunstorm, the Autobots and Maximals travel to the planetoid, where they save the victims from the Decepticons. Two groups of Autobots have been stranded there, each from a different parallel universe: Landfill, Side Burn and Prowl, from the Robots in Disguise timeline; and Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Prowl and Ironhide, hailing from a universe both unknown and undersized.

The various groups fight off the Decepticons, and the Autobot ship is sent back to its own time.


  • How many unknown characters can you really cram into a 20-minute voice play??

Items of Note

  • This live-action script reading took place Saturday night at OTFCC 2004.
  • Prime, Magnus, Prowl and Ironhide are based on their Universe Spy Changer incarnations.
  • Sunstorm and Perceptor are referred to by other characters, but have no dialogue. Ironhide, Landfill and Ultra Magnus appear only in the art for the story, but are not specifically mentioned anywhere in the script.
  • As usual with such convention performances, the characters frequently break the fourth wall. For example, Reptilion plugs the Ultimate Guide in dialogue, while Rattrap plugs Transformers Universe #1/2, which was never actually released. Oops.
  • Despite its tongue-in-cheek nature, the story is still part of the Universe storyline; in fact, chronologically, it is the last finished portion of the story, as 3H lost the Transformers license before the last issues of the Universe comic could be completed.
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