OTFCC 2004 was the Official Transformers Collectors Club Convention in 2004, run by 3H Enterprises. It was held in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, from July 31 to August 1.


Exclusive merchandise included Dreamwave Productions "20th Anniversary Mega-Litho" poster, Palisade Toys 6" Ultra Magnus statue and Devil's Due Press G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers Volume II Preview Edition.

Convention-exclusive toys

  • Universe Megazarak - A purple, light blue, red and black repaint of Armada Megatron with no electronics and one of the pins in the hinge of the capture-minicons-thing on his leg missing. Surprisingly, nobody seemed to complain too much about the lack of electronics, which was odd.
  • Universe Sentinel Maximus - A blue and red repaint of Armada Overload. This toy was never made in time for the show, only to arrive through the mail to pre-registrants months later. Some who pre-ordered it ended up never receiving this toy at all.


The Convention Guide had a five-page teaser story, "Shell Game", featuring the exclusive toy character Megazarak and Ultra Trion. Written by Simon Furman, with art by Andrew Froedge, colors by Joe Givens, and letters by Simon Bowland.


Hasbro employees

Voice actors

Comics and art

  • Bob Budiansky -- Editor of the first four issues of the Marvel Comic, writer of the next 50 or so. Writer of bios, creator of mythos. Scrounge sprung fully formed from his very cranium. 'Nuff said.
  • Simon Furman -- The guy who wrote the other half of the Marvel Comics. Writer of other bios, creator of other mythos. 'Nuff said.
  • Andrew Wildman -- Artist for several issues of the Marvel Comic.
  • Guido Guidi -- Freelance illustrator for various companies handling Transformers licensed work; some box art as well.



The special event of the weekend was "DEATH BY CHOCOLATE", a normal murder-mystery dinner, instead of the advertised Transformers-themed murder mystery "Who shot Optimus Prime". Attendees of the event received posters signed by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker. Bob Budiansky also showed up at the convention and gave an introduction to the beginnings of Transformers.

Panels included:

  • G1 Creators Retrospective, with Budiansky, Furman and Wildman.
  • MSTF: The Musical
  • Hasbro Development Team
  • Dreamwave's Future Plans
  • Devil's Due's Future Plans
  • Furman, Hallit, Khanna and Guidi discuss Wreckers and Universe comic.
  • Pat Lee Teaches You How to Draw Like Pat Lee
  • Painting Workshop with Tony Beard
  • Voice Actor Panel
  • Aspiring Voice Actor Contest - A Tribute to Crappy Scott McNeil Impressions
  • Live-Action Script Reading - A Simon Furman script featuring guest voice actors and winners of the Aspiring Voice Actor Contest.
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