Nucleon shock gauntlets are weapons from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Nucleon shock gauntlets are illegal for a good reason. Once they're magno-clamped to a mech's knuckles, his fists become deadly weapons, as his strength and punching power are immensely magnified. After prolonged use, however, they can become highly unstable.

They are presumably powered by nucleon.

"They're outlawed by every weapons treaty in the civilized universe! DIBS!"
Swindle on nucleon shock gauntlets, "Force of Habit"


Cartoon continuity


Swindle found a pair of nucleon shock gauntlets in an abandoned arsenal on the planet of Combatron. After testing them on his brother Hardtop, he wore them into battle with a group of Autobots, only to have them stolen by Blurr and Armorhide. After the rest of his comrades were captured, Armorhide wielded the shock gauntlets against Brushguard's Decepticlone army. With the gauntlets enhanced by Armorhide's Cyber Key, he made short work of a number of drones, but the gauntlets soon overloaded and exploded. Force of Habit

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