One of the more powerful weapons on Cybertron, the Missile Turret (also called Nucleon Shock Cannon) is exactly what it sounds like: a turret that fires missiles. Desperate fighters can tear the turret from its base and carry it around, whereupon its ammo becomes (very) limited. Turrets feature a lock-on mechanism equivalent to the Thermo Rocket Launcher.


Transformers: War for Cybertron

Missile Turrets were used during the Great War, although not as extensively as the Ion Displacer turrets. After Omega Supreme was activated, Megatron and his men captured a missile turret emplacement and used it to shoot down the giant Autobot

Transformers: Prime

Using the recently acquired Forge of Solus Prime, Megatron attempted to create a new superweapon. He soon realized without the power of a Prime, he could not activate the Forge, ending up with just a smashed lump of metal. Knock Out mused that the end results didn't exactly stack up to a Fortress-Maximus Grade Nucleon Shock Cannon.

Background Information

  • Nucleon was a powerful but dangerous substance introduced in one of the Transformers comic series.
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