Agent Novo is a MECH covert surveillance operative. He is knowledgeable enough to recognize a mind-transfer device and has all the guile and cunning of a MECH soldier.
200px-Titan4.9 Novo checks scanner

So THATS what they look like without their masks!


Novo was stationed in Zhejiang Province in China. He was drawn into a scene of a battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, where he found the neuron refractor. As he reports back to Silas, he was interrupted by the arrival of Bulkhead and Bumblebee, but hid in the refractor when the two Autobots took it back to base. Novo then downloaded the device's technical specifications before taking Miko hostage and forcing the Autobots to GroundBridge him back to China.

After he was picked up by MECH forces, Silas introduced him the results of Project Mechanoid. Using the duplicate neuron refractor MECH scientists created, Silas had Novo's mind transferred into a mechanoid body MECH built. The process worked but his mind was drastically changed by it. Considering himself to be far greater than both human and Cybertronian, Novo rebelled against Silas and rescued Miko from her cell. After returning her to the Autobots, Novo declined their offer to help him in destroying the MECH base nearby. He escaped the destruction after the base exploded.
200px-Titan4.9 Novo under fire

Iron Man really needs to go on a diet!

His fate was currently unknown after that.


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