The Novaroids and Great Novaroids are Decepticon drone warriors from the Return of Convoy portion of Generation One continuity family.

Avoid the Novaroid.

The Novaroid and Great Novaroid army is made up of mindless warrior drones, typically deployed for space combat, created by Dark Nova. They fight alongside the Galaman infantry and form the bulk of Dark Nova's Decepticon military forces.


The Battlestars

The term "great" is used very loosely with these guys.

The Novaroid army, conjured up by Dark Nova, plagued the Autobot forces during just about every space battle they were engaged in. Eventually, Dark Nova upgraded them into befanged cyclopean Great Novaroids.

However, once Dark Nova was destroyed along with Star Giant, the Novaroid forces were never heard from again.

Teletraan Go! Go! comics

It's always tentacles.

A Novaroid threatened Teletraan 15, but was quickly dispatched by Micromaster Hot Rod.

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