The Nova Suspension Bridge is a bridge (duh) in the Generation One continuity family.

"Oh snap!"

The Nova Suspension Bridge was a perfectly wonderful piece of architecture that would have brought much new traffic and business to the city. Unfortunately, the Autobot Sideswipe crashed its opening ceremony and tore the bridge apart with hundreds of witnesses, including the media, watching.

The City Council tried Sideswipe in absentia, and condemned him to death.[1] Deadly Paradise

The Council


"I had it made at Kinkos!"

The Council (presumably City Council) is the governing body responsible for the Nova Suspension Bridge. There are both male and female Councilors.

The destruction had been all over the news, and with little doubt of the culprit there was no real doubt of the outcome. The Council demanded that Optimus Prime permanently deactivate Sideswipe, and then broke for lunch.

Councilor Crabtree

Councilor Crabtree was an eyewitness to the Bridge's destruction, and he spoke first, laying out the events point by point, and all the evidence of Sideswipe's guilt.

Clearly believing that Powerpoint is for suckers, Counciler Crabtree had a 14' tall cardboard standee of the culprit constructed so that he could gesture sweepingly at it while pounding the table in indignation. "With a visual aid this powerful, can there be any doubt of his guilt?"


  1. It was actually Sideswipe's evil clone. Seriously! This happens all the time.
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