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Nosecone's natural slowness of thought and action is often taken for laziness, but this is a misperception. Nosecone is a perfectionist, valuing precision over speed, and will take whatever time is needed to complete his objective as completely and competently as possible. His results speak for themselves -- he's not the quickest bot on the block, but he'll do the job right.

He can combine with the other Technobots to form Computron.

Italian name: Argobot
French name (Canada): Néconique
Hungarian name: Csőorr



Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Nosecone was part of Fortress Maximus' group of Autobots on Cybertron. When Fortress Maximus decided to leave the war and head to Nebulos, Nosecone and the other Technobots agreed to follow him on his quest for peace. Ring of Hate However, the Decepticons followed the Autobots to Nebulos and brought the war with them. Broken Glass

In the Nebulos resort city of Splendora, Nosecone and the Technobots fought Abominus as the combined Computron. Though Abominus was defeated and routed, Splendora lay in ruins. Love and Steel The Autobots and Decepticons ultimately left Nebulos for Earth.

After Starscream was empowered by his short exposure to the Underbase, he obliterated all of the Technobots, including Nosecone, in Buenos Aires. Dark Star

Marvel UK future timelines

When Ultra Magnus responded to a garbled distress signal on Cybertron, he brought back-up in the form of Eject, Nosecone and the rest of the Technobots. Surprisingly enough, the Autobots found themselves fighting alongside their Decepticon nemeses against the Quintessons. Space Pirates!

In an alternate future of 2510, the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons concluded, and an Autobot Civil War began. During a heated discussion over whether Ultra Magnus or Springer should succeed Rodimus Prime as Autobot leader now that he was stepping down, the Autobots came to blows and rashly opened fire, leading to several deaths. Nosecone and the Technobots joined up with Ultra Magnus against Springer and his Wreckers, and so new battle lines were drawn. Peace

Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: David Workman (US), ? (Japan)

Nosecone was the first of the Technobots to be created by the temporarily super-intelligent Grimlock. He was built using parts from within Unicron's head, specifically for the purpose of tunneling through the reinforced walls within the chaos-bringer. Grimlock's New Brain

Less than a week later, he and the other Technobots were sent to Earth to learn how to interact with humans, taught by Marissa Faireborn. While there, they encountered the unscrupulous trader Dirk Manus and his allies, the Quintessons and Terrorcons. Money Is Everything

IDW comics continuity

Nosecone will always walk you home after a long night of Energon exposure.

Nosecone and the other Technobots crewed the Autobot vessel Calabi-Yau, under the command of Jetfire. After landing on Cybertron, Scattershot, Lightspeed and Strafe accompanied Jetfire on a reconnaissance mission and were captured by Bludgeon's group of Decepticons. Nosecone and Afterburner, having taken the Calabi-Yau back into orbit, were fired on by missiles, barely getting off an SOS. Stormbringer, Part 1

The two crash-landed back on Cybertron after escaping the doomed ship in an emergency pod. As if the toxic environment of the planet wasn't enough, they were attacked almost immediately by Centurion droids. Stormbringer, Part 2

With Afterburner knocked out, Nosecone survived just long enough to see the Wreckers charge in to the rescue. He was evacuated by Whirl to a safer location, and then revived by Topspin. The clearly still-hurting Nosecone wanted to accompany the Wreckers as they invaded Bludgeon's base to rescue the others, but was told by Topspin to "leave it to the professionals". Stormbringer, Part 3


Generation One

  • Nosecone (Technobot, 1987)
Team ID number: TK2
Japanese ID number: C-87
Nosecone transforms into a Cybertronic drill-tank. He has a pair of extra missiles that attach to his vehicle mode (though you can leave them off and give him a more low-riding vehicle form). As a "Scramble City" style combiner, he can form any limb to any compatible super robot combination, but his nominal placement is as the left leg of Computron.
  • Computron (Multi-pack, 1987)
Japanese ID number: C-91
All five Technobots were available both as individuals, and in a big complete "gift set".


  • Every household in America has at least one Nosecone toy somewhere. Check your couch cushions.

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