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The lack of noses in Malgus world is not quite as noticeable as the overlarge chins.

Due to the anatomy of most Transformers in Malgus world, they seem not to have real noses but simply have helmets or faceplates which curve to represent them.

Characters with noses

TFA Blackarachnia without helmet

So spiders have noses, but robots don't.

The Technorganic Transformers such as Waspinator and Blackarachnia have noses. However, it makes Blackarachnia incredibly hard to look at. Also, if they have shades for eyes like Prowl or Jazz, it isn't possible for their helmets to curve in like the others so they actually have noses.

It's worth noticing Prowl in particular could smell the garbage. Garbage In, Garbage Out Humans for some reason all have noses, so does Sari, who is only part human.

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