The Noisemaze Mass-Production Versions are agents of Planet X in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Cum on feel the Noize! Girls, rock yer boyz!

The grunts of the massive Planet X armies, the Noisemaze Mass-Production Version soldiers swarm other worlds by the thousands, subjugating the populace and preparing the planets for conquest and consumption. It is unknown if they are merely similarly-colored individuals, or mindless drone armies like the Laserbeak-style drones that accompanied them into battle.

Note: "Noisemaze" is the Japanese name for Cybertron Sideways.


Cybertron cartoon



Eons ago, the armies of Planet X moved across the cosmos, consuming world after world. However, that march stopped when they reached Gigantion the Giant Planet. The mass armies were decimated in the war, and seemingly whatever was left was incinerated in the explosion that destroyed Planet X itself.

While exploring the lower levels of Gigantion, Lori, Override and Wing Saber discovered an ancient holographic recording that showed the original invasion of Gigantion by the mass-produced Planet X warriors.


Galaxy Force

  • Noizemaze Mass-Production Version (DVD pack-in, 2006)
Available only with the thirteenth, final volume of the Galaxy Force DVD series in Japan, the Mass-Production Version is a redeco of Cybertron Sideways. It transforms into an alien spacefighter with Cyber Planet Key-activated pop-out blades and faction-sigil-switching built into its battle shield. The toy comes with a Planet X style Cyber Planet Key, which inexplicably has Sideways' Hasbro key code stamped on the back. (This product was manufactured in Hasbro's factories while Takara was going through a merger with Tomy.) [citation needed]
Despite being a "mass numbers" character in the fiction like the Scrapmetal, the Noisemaze Mass-Production Version's price due to being packaged with a DVD (Amazon Japan listed it at 7644 yen, roughly $66 US at the time of release before shipping) makes it largely unfeasible for army-building.
This mold was also used to make Universe Ratbat.


  • The toy is not an exact match for the show-model's color layout, but all things considered, close enough. It is also based on a swapping of an earlier Hasbro color chart and uses the Hasbro mold with the trimmed horns, rather the Takara mold. Soundblaster also used the Hasbro mold with the larger tapedoor.
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