Noise is an Autobot Mini-Cassette from The Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.
G1 Noise boxart

I'm not this guy, dang it!

Noise is one of the Autobot Cassettebots. A "forest investigation" bot, he is their most violent member (worse than Ramhorn? Yikes), and his fangs and claws are the strongest out of all of them. Noise idolizes his fellow dinosaur, Grimlock.

As a member of the W Cassettebot sub-sub-group, he can combine with his partner Graphy to form the robot Decibel.


The Headmasters

  • Noise (W Cassettebot, 1987)
  • Japanese ID number: C-122
  • Accessories: 2 double-barreled cannons (left & right)
Headmasters Noise toy

Contrary to this image, he doesn't have two tails. They're supposed to snap together to form a single tail.

Noise is a mini-cassette that transforms into what appears to be a blue Allosaurus, although the vertical projections on his feet (which look a little like slashing "raptor" claws) and rigid tail are arguments that he may be some type of dromaeosaur. But you would be wise not to suggest in front of him that owing to his size, he'd be a Bambiraptor. In tape mode, he fits into the chest compartment of Blaster or Soundwave (and their retooled reincarnations). Two silver guns plug into the faux cassette tape holes by his arms.
Noise combines with Graphy to form the top half of the humanoid(-ish) robot Decibel. Noise' cannons combine with Graphy's gun-pods become over-shoulder cannons for Decibel.


  • As one of the vanishingly few toys unique to the Headmasters toy line and something of a tail-ender within the line, Noise and the other three "dino-cassettes" command ridiculous sums on the secondary market. Their actual rarity is questionable, though; similar "exclusive holy grails" Stepper, Artfire, Twincast and Soundblaster were uncommon, but not vanishingly rare, yet still commanded top dollar due to overseas perception (until they got reissued, at any rate). As there appear to be no plans to reproduce these cassettes, their high-price status is unlikely to change.
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