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Noble is a highly trained rescue dog, who in reality is Buster, the dog belonging to Captain Duncan of the Coast City fire department.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Rescue Dog"

During an at-sea rescue, Buster was lost at sea. He washed up on Griffin Rock, where he was rescued from the rising tide by the Rescue Bots. Cody Burns dubbed the dog Noble, and when they tried and failed to find Noble's real owner, adopted Noble himself. He entered Noble in the dog show, though he wasn't able to get Noble to do any tricks. It wasn't until Noble spontaneously rescued Mrs. Luskey's dog Poopsie from a blazing tent, that Cody worked out that Noble's trigger word was "rescue". Noble began to help out the rescue team in their work and received a medal, however during a rescue, Graham stumbled on a newspaper revealing Noble's real identity. Noble was dognapped by Priscilla Pynch who kept the dog locked in her car with Wi-Fido on guard, but when the mechanical mutt went haywire, Noble jumped to Pynch's aid and fell from a partially-constructed building. He survived the fall, and was later reunited with Captain Duncan, though he gave Cody a happy goodbye lick before going.

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