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With the Terrorcon armies defeated, Megatron challenges Scorponok to a fight to the death.


In a flashback from during the Great War, Scorponok, Terrorsaur, Predacon, and Wheeljack battles against the Autobots, while Megatron, Starscream, Cyclonus, Demolishor, and Thrust watch from above. Starscream mentions that while his tactics are far more crude and brutal than Megatron's policy of subtlety and stealth, it's certainly a crowd pleaser, and he suggests that Megatron watch his back.

In the present, in the Yukon, Megatron and Scorponok exchange some unfriendly banter before Scorponok takes the first swing, somehow missing Megatron entirely. He transforms into his hyper-mode and blasts Megatron. Satisfied that the smoking crater is all that remains of him, he turns his attention back to the Autobots, sending a transmission to Alpha Quintesson to ask if he should leave a single survivor alive to tell the tale. He finds himself unable to reach him, though, and Megatron, flying up from behind, suggests that either Alpha Quintesson is screening his calls, or the signal's being jammed.

Scorponok, arrogant as ever, insists that the enhanced weaponry given to him by Unicron will make short work of Megatron. Megatron evades his attacks and assaults Scorponok from both sides with the use of the tank-drone. Meanwhile, Ironhide comes to his senses and, seeing the two titans duking it out, realizes that whoever wins will probably come after the Autobots next and looks for a way to protect the base. Scorponok focuses all his fire directly on Megatron, ultimately burying him in an avalanche of snow and rock. As he gloats over the icy tomb, Megatron teleports out to behind Scorponok and impales him through the chest with his sword, killing him.

Before leaving, Megatron briefly introduces himself to Ironhide, who has erected an energy barrier just strong enough to keep the Autobots and the shield generator in and Megatron out. He tells Ironhide that he's impressed, but he really didn't need to go through the trouble; Megatron doesn't want Ironhide dead or even harmed. In fact, he wants him in possession of all his faculties so that he can tell everyone that Megatron is back!

On Cybertron, in the High Halls, Jetfire speaks to the Council of Elders, informing them of Megatron's return, and wondering about what Megatron meant with his "belly of the beast" remark about Optimus Prime. Councilor Avalon ends his transmission to the Council and tells Alpha Quintesson that he is sure Optimus Prime is within Unicron. Though Alpha Quintesson is unable to detect him due to the large areas of Unicron that are still offline, he says that as Unicron powers back up, the hiding places will become fewer and fewer. He tells Avalon that if Unicron's systems haven't already destroyed Optimus Prime, they soon will.

The issue (and, as it happened, the entire series) closes with a full-page image of Optimus Prime, various cracks and holes in his frame crudely patched, hefting an enormous gun and saying, "Ready or not, Unicron, here I come!"

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  • Megatron is BACK!!!!
  • Ready or Not Unicron, HERE I COME!!!!
  • Megatron..... You should've stayed dead!!!

Items of note

  • This was the final issue of the Energon comic series. Events taking place after the issue were revealed in issue solicitations and by the writers at conventions.
  • The story in the Dreamwave Summer Special takes place some time after this issue.
  • The Collectors Club comic makes reference to events that would have happened in the upcoming issues. Some fans have assumed that, by extension, the Cybertron cartoon would have also taken place after the comic.
  • Readers' mail is answered by Matthew Hansen.
  • The Wavelengths page has a short interview with Simon Furman about Energon and contains an article from the desk of Candice Chan. Furman speaks about the final arc of the Energon series, its transition into a Cybertron series (after issue 36) and the More Than Meets The Eye: Energon profiles.

Covers (1)

  • Megatron faces off against Scorponok by Alex Milne