Nitrostreak is a Maximal in the Beast Era portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I have a name and a robot mode, I swear.

Nitrostreak is an elite officer of the Maximal Command Security Force with the badge designation "Unit 1." He is partnered with his good friend "Unit 2", the Maximal who would later become Tigatron. Together they are tasked with guarding Cybertron's greatest and most mysterious artifacts... but not told exactly what those are.


(Note: Nitrostreak was not named in his only fictional appearance. His name was revealed by Fun Publications staff at BotCon 2006.)


Timelines: Dawn of Future's PastEdit


Michael, why don't you answer?

Nitrostreak and Unit 2 sped towards their quarry, a gang of Predacons. After being alerted that not only did they not need to know what the Predacons had stolen, but they were also not allowed to use lethal force, Nitrostreak received a laserblast to the hood thanks to the Predacon who would later be known as Dinobot. He was flipped over, his transformation cog damaged and keeping him stuck in car mode, but he assured Unit 2 he would be okay and that the still-functional officer should go ahead. Dawn of Future's Past

What happened to Nitrostreak afterwards is unknown.


No toy of Nitrostreak was made. However, he is modeled after the Cybertron-series Clocker mold. A hand-painted custom was shown at BotCon 2006, but there're no plans to make him as of now. Though the custom was not shown in robot mode (nor was Nitrostreak's robot mode ever shown in the comic), subsequent art has depicted him with the original Clocker head, not the retooled Cheetor/Tigatron head.

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