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The Nine Great Demon Generals are a group of Decepticons from the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Decepticon Halloween party.

The Nine Great Demon Generals (九大魔将軍 Kyū Dai Mashōgun) are a group of elite warriors gathered together by the mysterious spectral entity Violen Jiger.

The Nine Great Demon Generals are:

Overlord appears to be their de facto field commander. They are all equipped with "Invincible Armored Gear" (無敵の装甲ギア Muteki no Sōkō Gia).[1] What does it do? Who knows.


Zone story pages

Zone cartoon and comic

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With the appearance of the new Emperor of Destruction Violen Jiger and his Nine Great Demon Generals, the war between the Autobots and Decepticons began a new phase.

For unknown reasons, the Generals Overlord, Abominus and Menasor obliterated planet Feminia, nearly killing Victory Saber in the process. After departing, they rejoined the other Generals in an empty area of outer space, where Overlord soon welcomed Violen Jiger's arrival.

Noting the apparent destruction of Victory Saber, Violen Jiger declared his intention to take over the galaxy and create a "Decepticon Zone". In order to do this, he told his Generals to collect "super energy" for him by any means necessary.

To acquire the special energy Energon Z, Overlord, Abominus, Bruticus and Menasor attacked the planet Zone while the Powered Masters were away. After tearing the Energon Z capsule out from Rocket Base, they flew off into space, where General BlackZarak took care of the pursuing Microtransformers in the Galaxy Rocket. The Energon Z capsule was installed in General Trypticon, granting him a powerful new attack called the Energon Z Beam.

Generals Devastator, King Poseidon, Predaking, and Trypticon then attacked Earth, looking for the Zodiac energy. A group of Microtransformers fared badly in trying to stop them, but relief soon came in the form of Sonic Bomber and the new Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

The generals nearly managed to kill the two Powered Masters, but in the end Devastator appeared to die in a lava flow, King Poseidon and Trypticon were killed when Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber transformed into their "Zone Modes" by the power of Zodiac, and Predaking's head was sliced in half. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!


  • The Japanese name for the Nine Great Demon Generals is Kyū Dai Mashōgun, which literally translates to "Nine Great Demonic Warriors". However, there is a pun present in there which doesn't translate into the English language. "Mashō" is the word for "devilish" or "demonic", while "shōgun" is the word for "General", hence how they are considered "generals" over "warriors".
  • In Transformers Generations, BlackZarak's title is given as "Darkness General" (暗黒将軍 Ankoku Shōgun) while Menasor's title is given as "Information General" (情報将軍 Jōhō Shōgun). Just where these alternate titles originated is currently uncertain; "Evil Spirit General" and "Intelligence General" were used in both the manga and story-pages, while the Generals' titles don't seem to come up in the OVA episode.
  • When last seen, BlackZarak was pretty dead. His title of "Evil Spirit General" suggests some sort of unholy resurrection, but how he came back to life is never revealed.
  • A few of Magami Ban's character models for the Nine Generals which were used in the Zone manga and story pages differ considerably from the animation models used in the Zone OVA.
  • Menasor as the Intelligence General is, well, an interesting choice, considering that he is one of the least intelligent combined robots in just about any continuity.


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