Autobotx1010 is a sorry loser transformers fan. As you are reading this he is either editing the wiki or doing something geeky, losing friends each second. He may or may not be an alien. Not even he knows. He is a walking pile of utterly nonsensical nonsense. He claims to come from Planet X, and is apparently a good friend of Sideways.

P.S. He likes to speak in the the third person. With PRONOUNS!

To Do List

1. Catalog PSP exclusive characters.
2. Expand article on that guy.
3. Expand article on that other guy.
4. Create list of those create-a-whatnots altmodes.
5. Prove aliens exist (They Do! THEY DO!!! HE KNOWS!!! HE IS ONE!!!!!!!).

Other Wiki`s I`m Editing

Brickipedia (My page)

The Digimon Wiki (My page) (Help us PLEASE!!!)

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