"I realize it's an inconvenience, but one must do what one must to collect the energon one needs to survive."
―Nightstrike. [src]

Nightstrike is a Vampire Bat like Decepticon Nightstrike is capable of putting his Cybertronian victims into cocoons after using his sonic scream to affect his victims' brains, which makes them have hallucinations of their worst fears. While his victims are in this state, he would drain them of their energon for survival. 


Robots in Disguise

Nightstrike was imprisoned on the prison Alchemor, until it crashed and he was released from his stasis pod. Later, he would invade the Autobots' scrapyard, where he abducted one of Chop Shop's spiders, dragging them off to his cavernous layer. Though they quickly lost both his and his victim's signals, Bumblebee and his team did discover his location. However, he was able to capture them all in short order from Sideswipe, Grimlock, Strongarm, Bumblebee, Fixit, and including the Autobots' human ally, Denny Clay, who was both not affected by Nightstrike's powers and possessed no energon for Nightstrike to feed upon. Undeterred, Nightstrike plunged the rest of his captives into vivid hallucinations based on their worst fears while he prepared to feed on Strongarm first.

Denny managed to convince Nightstrike a rescue party was on its way, allowing his son Russell to free him while Nightstrike "prepared" for any company's arrival. However, the Decepticon returned in short order, causing both humans to run distractions while the other worked to free the Cybertronians. Nightstrike was temporarily blinded with paint, that was thrown by Chop Shop's spider component, then Bumblebee knocked Nightstrike with his Decepticon hunter. The freed Autobots disabled their audio receptors, allowing Grimlock to dispatch Nightstrike by pinning him down. Nightstrike was taken back to the scrapyard where he was placed back in a stasis pod. 


Nightstrike is a serene, swift, fearless, and persistent Decepticon. He was very quick to capture the Autobots and Denny one by one. He seems to be rather inhumane in most situations, as he held no remorse for capturing the Autobots and Denny (who didn't have any Energon for Nightstrike to steal, which was forced to remain in his cocoon), as he stated to Denny that he must collect their Energon so he could survive. He was quite relentless as he chased Russell and Denny from freeing the Autobots without stopping.

Physical Appearance

Nightstrike's appearance is that of a vampire-bat, but with a lion-like face. His wings are large and blue in color, he also have horn-like ears. His Decepticon symbol is on the middle of his chest.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability of flying, and has a sonic howl/screech that would put a Cybertronian in a nightmare-like trance that immobilizes them, usually whenever he does this, he would drain out the Cybertronian's Energon for survival.


Robots in Disguise

Season 1


  • Nightstrike is voiced by Tom Kenny, who voices Starscream, Waspinator and many others in Transformers: Animated. Though he is perhaps best known for voicing the character named SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • He seems to be based on a vampire bat.
  • Like Airachnid (who could still be a parched Energon craving Terrorcon), Nightstrike seems to need Energon however he can, even if it means draining it out of his victims. 
  • He is an anti-villain. 


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