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Nightstick is an Autobot Targetmaster from the Generation One continuity family.
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Nightstick is the Targetmaster partner of Artfire. He transforms into a "space beam gun", the exact effects of which are unknown.

Note: In Japanese continuity, this Nightstick is the ONLY "Nightstick." But in English-language fiction, his comrade Nebulon is also called "Nightstick." Since this Wiki's policy is to default to English-language nomenclature, that can (and will) get confusing. Just be glad that the THIRD Nightstick doesn't exist in Japan.


The Headmasters manga

In an Earth, the Decepticon Targetmasters Slugslinger, Misfire and Triggerhappy set a blazing inferno. Chromedome and Daniel were having trouble controlling the fire when Artfire and Ricochet, accompanied by their partners Nightstick and, uh, Nightstick, showed up to help. Artfire quickly quenched the blaze while his Nightstick helped rescue the people trapped in burning buildings. With the fire under control, the Autobots then set their attentions on the Decepticons and send them into a retreat.


Generation One

  • Artfire (Targetmaster, 1987)
Nightstick is identical to Fracas, Scourge's Targetmaster partner. Nightstick was released with Artfire, a retool of Inferno. This was the only release of Nightstick in Japan; Scourge was never sold as a Targetmaster.


  • As noted above, Nightstick's name is a source of confusion. Here's the story: Cyclonus and Scourge weren't Targetmasters in Japan, but Takara still sold their weapons, partnered with the Autobots Ricochet and Artfire. Takara tried to carry their names over, to varying degrees of success. One was called "Nightstick," but the other was called "Nebulon" (which is how Scourge's on-package bio referred to his partner). On top of that, they were switched: the Nightstick-lookalike was called "Nebulon" and vice-versa. To the Japanese audience, there was no problem, since they had no knowledge of the English-language versions. But, years later, Hasbro would release the Nebulon toy in North America as the Autobot "Nightstick." Which, while technically "corrected," really only makes everyone's heads hurt just a little bit more.
  • But this Nightstick can take solace in the fact that, to this day, he's still the only Nightstick in Japan.

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